Lucky third at Smash Factor 8



Thu 25th Jul 2019 - 10:01pm

This weekend will be a rare occasion for Dignitas Smash player Jose "Lucky" Aldama to compete outside of the US! He has travelled to Puebla in the heart of Mexico to attend Smash Factor 8. Aside from entering the Melee Singles tournament, he will also be teaming up with medz for Melee Doubles.

Lucky's Singles run starts Saturday at 11am PT / 20 CEST. Tune in to the stream below to catch the action live! You can also notified when we play by following the @DIGSmash Twitter account or by grabbing Lucky's fan role on our DIGscord.


Prize money: TBA

Players: 680+

Melee Singles
- Pools: 16 groups, Round Robin, Top4 thru
- Bracket: 64 players, Double Elim.

Melee Doubles
- Pools: 2 groups, Double Elim. Top4 thru
- Bracket: 8 teams, Double Elim.


DIG Lucky - 3rd place

Melee Singles Bracket - Double Elimination
Cons. Final: [2:3] vs Medz
WB Final: [2:3] vs Westballz
WB Semi: [3:0] vs Dream
WB Quarter: [3:0] vs Valdo
WB Round 2: [2:0] vs Dani
WB Round 1: [2:1] vs Bimbo
Melee Singles Pools - Round Robin
Match 7: [2:0] vs Reddbrick
Match 6: [2:0] vs bebul
Match 5: [2:0] vs Murabi2
Match 4: [2:0] vs Roy
Match 3: [2:0] vs Zepe
Match 2: [2:1] vs Yeyo
Match 1: [2:0] vs Teté