DIG Heroes through to BlizzCon 2017 playoffs! [VOD]



Mon 30th Oct 2017 - 6:25pm

Four months ago, our European Heroes of the Storm team came second at the HGC Mid-Season Brawl, the second biggest Heroes esports event of the year. Our performance in our victories over both MVP Black and L5 also earned us the title "Korean slayers", as even now, our boys are the only Western team to have defeated a Korean team in 2017.

With BlizzCon 2017 rapidly approaching, we will have to match and improve upon that performance if we are to claim our first world championship title. This week, the dual tournament group stages were played out in Burbank before we move to Anaheim for the main event where the playoffs of the tournament take place.

We kicked off our tournament run with another victory over a Korean team, Tempest, followed by a 2-0 over Americans Roll20 Esports.



Prize money: $1.000.000

Teams: 16
- South Korea: 3
- China: 3
- North America: 3
- Europe: 3
- Oceania: 1
- South East Asia: 1
- Taiwan: 1
- Latin America: 1

Group Stage
- Dual Tournament
- Top2 advance to Playoffs
- Best-of-3


Team Dignitas Heroes

Group Stage - Dual Tournament
Winners Match: [2:0] vs Roll20 Esports
Round 1: [2:1] vs Tempest
Team W L
 Team Dignitas 2 0
 Roll20 Esports 2 1
 Tempest 1 2
 RED Canids 0 2


Game 1 vs. Tempest:

Game 2 vs. Tempest:

Game 3 vs. Tempest:

Game 1 vs. Roll20 Esports:

Game 2 vs. Roll20 Esports:

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  • Mon 6th Nov 2017 - 10:41am

    We kicked off our event run with some other victory over a Korean team, Tempest, observed with the aid of a 2-zero over individuals Roll20 Esports. academic writer uk 

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