DIG Heroes HGC Mid-Season Brawl Runners Up



Sun 18th Jun 2017 - 2:14am

This March, our European Heroes of the Storm team claimed title of Best of the West by winning the HGC Western Clash in Katowice, Poland. Now the time has come to compete among the best teams in the world at the HGC Mid-Season Brawl. Teams from South Korea, China, North America, Europe, as well as the minor regions Oceania, Latin America, Taiwan, and South East Asia, are clashing in Sweden this week. $250.000 as well as bragging rights to call themselves the best team in the world until BlizzCon later this year are on the line.

The group stage is played out Saturday, June 10th, through Wednesday, June 14th. The top two teams of both groups proceed to the winner bracket of playoffs, while third and fourth enter the second phase at the lower bracket.



Prize money: $250.000

Teams: 12
- South Korea: 2
- China: 2
- North America: 2
- Europe: 2
- Oceania: 1
- South East Asia: 1
- Taiwan: 1
- Latin America: 1

Group Stage
- Round Robin
- Top2 advance to Winner Bracket
- 3rd/4th move to Loser Bracket
- Best-of-2

- Double Elimination
- Best-of-5 (Grand Final: Bo7)

Team Dignitas Heroes

Playoffs - Double Elimination
Grand Final: [3:4] vs Fnatic
Cons. Final: [3:2] vs L5
WB Final: [2:3] vs Fnatic
WB Semi: [3:1] vs MVP Black
Group Stage - Round Robin
Tie Breaker: [1:0] vs L5
Match 5: [2:0] vs RED Canids
Match 4: [1:1] vs Tempo Storm
Match 3: [2:0] vs Soul Torturers
Match 2: [2:0] vs L5
Match 1: [0:2] vs eStar Gaming
Team M W D L P
 eStar Gaming 5 3 2 0 11
 Team Dignitas 5 3 1 1 10
 L5 5 3 1 1 10
 Tempo Storm 5 1 2 2 5
 Soul Torturers 5 1 2 2 5
 RED Canids 5 0 0 5 0

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  • Mon 19th Jun 2017 - 5:14am

    Every team is organized in this event so well and there is lots of excitement I found. Every year this competition is held for the brilliant boys. This is one of my favorite events with custom essays reviews but this time European team wins this competition.

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