Interview with DIG CS:GO Player, hallzerk



Thu 2nd Jul 2020 - 7:54pm

The youngest player in the Dignitas' CS:GO team, Håkon "hallzerk" Fjærli, is finally back playing with the team after their time at FLASHPOINT. Having recently played BLAST Showdown, we reached out to him to know more about the last month and preparations for cs_summit.

Hi hallzerk! After that troubled period where you weren’t able to play with your team due to travel and COVID-19 restraints, you’re finally back together! How does it feel?

hallzerk: It feels great that the team is back, I've been waiting for six weeks to finally play with my team again and it feels good. We just have to start grinding back to where it was before they left to FLASHPOINT.

Last time we talked you said you weren’t doing anything with the team while they were at FLASHPOINT. Do you feel that that might have affected your in-game chemistry?

hallzerk: I wouldn't say if affected our chemistry, but while they were gone that have changed some tactics and how to play some maps, it was kind of new for me since so many things were different so I had to get used to them. It was a bit hard for me at the start, but it's getting better now!

How much new stuff did the team brought to implement after the FLASHPOINT participation?

hallzerk: I feel that they tried to change some stuff so they didn't have the depend on GuardiaN so much since they didn't have communication as good as they wanted. It was a bit hard for me to get into the game again, but after playing with them for a while again, it's finally getting back to how it was before they left.

You’ve recently participated in BLAST Showdown. Tell me your honest thoughts about your participation in the tournament.

hallzerk: I didn't play as good as I should and as I wanted to, I've missed a lot of shots with my AWP and I didn't play very well, in my opinion. I would say I'm very disappointed in myself and I know I can do much better!

And what about the team as a whole?

hallzerk: We've played some good matches and we know we have a lot of stuff to work on, and we found out just as much as we need to work and get back into the groove of things.

During that final series against Vitality, there was a time where it looked you had that under control, especially after that dominant Dust2, which was their pick. What went wrong on Vertigo?

hallzerk: We haven't practiced as much Vertigo after they came back from FLASHPOINT, so we were not comfortable at all on the map. Vitality was, so they more or less just shut us down.

You’ve recently had vENdetta added to the team, as an analyst. How much is he helping you with the matches preparations? What changed since adding him?

hallzerk: He's helping mostly fifflaren, Xizt, and Friberg, going through what the other team is doing, anti-stratting and stuff more tactical in general. Then they just tell us what they did so we can try to get some good reads on the opponents, get some frags... it helps a lot!

What’s next for you and the team?

hallzerk: Our next tournament is cs_summit, which serves as a qualifier for the Major, it's what we've been practicing for after our last tournament, we're trying to fix everything to do our best and qualify!

So, you're feeling confident after BLAST Showdown?

hallzerk: I'm feeling a lot more confident right now, we have talked a lot about the past performances, fixed a lot of stuff and it feels a lot better in practice now, so hopefully it will go much better this time.

Would you like to leave a few words to close the interview?

hallzerk: Thank you for supporting us and don't stop doing it! :D

Don’t forget to check hallzerk’s social media to keep up with him and the team!