Interview with DIG CS:GO Fe captain, EMUHLEET



Wed 2nd Oct 2019 - 7:01pm

Emmalee "EMUHLEET" Garrido and the rest of the squad just signed with Dignitas again for two years and have been participating in several LANs recently. We reached out to her to know about Fragadelphia 13 and their 2nd place finish at the National Championship Series Major.

Hi Emmalee. So, you suddenly had to use Xp3 in place of rain due to her not being able to attend Fragadelphia 13. How did you feel about the last minute change?

EMUHLEET: I thought it was fine since Xp3 is on with us almost every day anyway, so he's already aware of all the strategies... he made the strategies. So, it was fine because sometimes he plays with other people for us to see other ways of how to play, so it as natural fill-in.

After the first day, you posted on Twitter that you we're looking for an emergency 5th player. Since there is almost no coverage of the tournament, can you tell our readers what happened?

EMUHLEET: Pretty much Theia missed her connection flight, she was stuck on the plane for a few hours and it couldn't take off because there were tornadoes, so safety first, she couldn't take off and had to fly the following day. She was scheduled to arrive at 11am, but the tournament starts at 9am, so she was going to be late, so we had to find an emergency 5th or else the tournament was going to make us play 4v5. So I tweeted it out, since I know a lot of people that are local in Southern California and we were able to find someone literally an hour before we had to play.

So, how many matches did you had to play with a stand-in?

EMUHLEET: I think we played two... it was hard to tell because I honestly can't even remember that day, there were so many issues and delays.


Assuming you already re-watched the demos from your elimination match against ClearVision, what went wrong in your opinion?

EMUHLEET: I definitely we made a lot of mistakes that we normally wouldn't make, it was hard for us because we started the day at 9am, we played one match and then we started that BO3 at 9 or 10pm - mind you that this was on Theia was already there, so she was playing with us with maybe 3 hours of sleep because of the weather issues and delays. Plus, the heat on the venue was very extreme, so it's very difficult because weren't able to play to our best capabilities, obviously with our results. But if you watch the demo, you'll see that most mistakes are either from fatigue, being tired... it's just not how would normally play unfortunately. No excuses for our elimination, we just have to learn from those things and be ready to play in any type of environment. 

Could that tournament run with stand-ins and the result you weren’t expecting have an impact in your morale going forward?

EMUHLEET: No, of course it's not going to impact our morale. It's actually good that we face tournaments like these, because if we're facing a really big tournament in the future, this is something we can gain experience from and be able to learn ways to improve ourselves when we're tired, or fighting the heat... above all its LAN experience, that's what we're going to take out of it.

Going back 2 months, you participated in the National Championship Series Major, in Denver, and surprised a lot of people, being able to pass the group stage undefeated and eventually ending up in second place. Was it a good result in your eyes or were you expecting to win it all?

EMUHLEET: I wouldn't say we are happy with 2nd place, because we want to win, I like to say if you're not first then you're last, so of course we wanted to win the event. We could have... we should have, actually! But it was good to prove a lot of people wrong that were doubting us there, we gained a lot of fans that were watching in the crowd and made a lot of friends too. I think we also gained respect from the teams that were there. Again, it's all learning experience to hopefully secure wins in future tournaments.

Now that ESEA's back, how are things going?

EMUHLEET: Things are going ok so far for ESEA. We're expecting to make Playoffs again and hopefully we're not playing another tournament again. I think we're on a really good start!

What's next for you regarding LAN tournaments?

EMUHLEET: I'm not too sure of any upcoming ones for the rest of the year, but if there's any local tournaments that pop up randomly, I'm sure you can expect us to be there because we just want to play and get that LAN experience, so when another DreamHack or IEM comes around, we'll be prepared.

You just resigned with Dignitas for two years. Do you have any words to your fans about your expectations to those years?

EMUHLEET: Yeah, thanks for supporting us for a very long time on Dignitas, we just feel so connected with everyone here - the staff, the fans, other teams, we're just a big family, so we're very happy that they wanted to be with us for another two years. I think the organization is doing really well on trying to be innovative and some other up-and-coming things that I can't say... but big things are coming from Dignitas and we're happy to be a part of that!

To finish the interview, what do you have to say about the surprise announcement of the future Dignitas CS:GO male team?

EMUHLEET: That was a huge surprise and we're so excited! I can't wait to see who it is, I'm really excited for that!

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