Interview with DIG CSGO Fe captain, Emuhleet



Thu 11th Jan 2018 - 10:08pm

At the conclusion of the year and the end of the player break, we had an opportunity to catch up with Emmalee 'EMUHLEET' Garrido, the IGL/Team Captain of the Team Dignitas CSGO female roster. In the article, she talks about her year in review, her future goals (personal and professional), and how she juggles her real life responsibilities with her CSGO responsibilities. 

With the new Dust 2 being reintroduced into the map pool, what map would you like to see be removed/reworked and why?

Emuhleet: I am excited to try out the new Dust 2. I have been getting a feel for it already in pugs and 10 mans. I definitely NEED to see Cobblestone removed and revamped. I think there are so many things on the map that need changing and updating.

What can Valve do to increase the hype surrounding CSGO events?

Emuhleet: I definitely think Valve needs to get more involved into the tournaments other than just the major. I also think that CS is really lacking an organized type of season. Right now there are way too many tournaments going on. For example, I really like that DreamHack announced all of its future events for 2018 and I think all tournaments need to do that to avoid collision between 2 events. There were too many times last year where there were two to three events in ONE weekend which I think ruins the potential viewership. 

I also think that Valve should consider a different approach to how gambling skins could be better monitored and be more popular again. When this was going on, so many more people were interested in watching CS which really grew the viewership and engaged/interested the viewers. In traditional sports, a lot of the time you will see people that are watching the game because they have some type of bet going on such as during the Super Bowl. Most of these people are not too interested in the sport because they maybe don't fully understand it, but at least it gives them something to relate to and cheer on!

As the year comes to a close, what was/is a) the lowest part of the year b) favorite part of the year and c) your goals for next year?

Emuhleet: I think the lowest part of the year was our last season of ESEA. Even though we had tons of scrim wins on our record, during match time we just couldn't seem to catch the W, thus being our worst season ever. However, we were able to talk with our Coach, XP3, on how to start taking a different approach in our practices, and got some insights from ODEE, which both helped us to finally get our groove back making us more than ready for the upcoming season!

I think my favorite part of the year was IEM Katowice. I just remember being so excited to finally announce that we are a part of Team Dignitas at that event and was so excited to make Dignitas proud. Although we only got 2nd, I am more than ready to take on next year's Katowice.

My goals for next year is to get as many championships as we can. We are sick of getting 2nd place, and getting 1st Place at Gamer Festival in Macau was only a little taste of the cake. We want that full cake.  I also want to compete in as many local tournaments as we can to really put our foot in the door that we can compete against top tier teams, male or female.

How do you plan on achieving the goals you set above?

Emuhleet: I might consider working less at my nursing job so I can fully commit to these goals. Sometimes I am late to practice or can't start practice early because of my job or being stuck in extremely bad LA traffic. I really want to commit to the goals I mentioned above, and if we can take our practices to the next level by starting even earlier then that might be what we need.

If that isn't an option, then I think taking practices with a different approach, almost a boot camp style approach, will help us prepare. And also just competing in literally every online event, qualifier, and tournament that we can!

Mountain Dew made a “Doing it my way” video in which you mentioned that you are a nurse. What was the hardest part of juggling your responsibilities while still maintaining a dedication to both?

Emuhleet: I think the hardest part of working full time and gaming was trying to stay energetic during practices. I was only getting 3-4 hours of sleep when I work because I had Dignitas practice AND WESG practice afterwards, so I was forced to stay up until midnight even though I had to leave for work at 4 am the next day. (My choice of-course). So, after working an eight hour shift, driving home two to three hours in traffic, I found it really hard some days to be energetic and on top of my calls and gameplay. I was able to find ways to stay energetic by either drinking some small amounts of caffeine and doing some jumping jacks in between games.

What advice would you give people who aim to become professional players, especially if they have complicated, winding paths such as yours?

Emuhleet: My advice is that if you are passionate about playing and competing, then don't give up no matter how hard the path may seem. If you truly work hard enough, you will get what you desire in the end. If I would've gave up when I doubted myself, I wouldn't be where I am today.

What do you think your future holds, both in CSGO and outside of CSGO (School, Personal, Professional)?

Emuhleet: A lot of my nurse co-workers are trying to encourage me to go back to school to get my Bachelors in Nursing; however, I don't see myself doing that any time soon. I think right now especially, eSports is in its prime and I want to be there the whole way to see how far I can take my career in gaming. Personally, I need to find some relaxation time for myself every now and then. I have been having wrist problems and massive migraines lately, so I think it's important every now and then to take a step back and relax and then get back to grinding instead of grinding non-stop.  Professionally, I plan on playing professionally as long as I can... I love what I do and I've never been happier. I always am so excited for my continued future with Team Dignitas and the Sixers!

What are some important parts of your daily lifestyle as a professional CSGO player that you feel others should know about?

Emuhleet: I am never okay with slacking off. Six days a week, I will at least deathmatch for an hour or two, and watch one to two demos a week. I also take time to do the "boring" stuff that everyone wants to skip, such as going into a server alone and practicing pop flashes, perfecting smokes, and trying out new things that I would see in a demo. I make sure that I have a big healthy breakfast (egg whites, meats & veggies) because later in the day it's hard to find time to cook a proper meal (this is where protein shakes come in handy). I also make time to go to the gym at least 5 days a week because if I feel good, I know it will make me play better.

Are there any underrated or under discussed aspects of your life/practice routine that affect your CSGO performance? (nutrition, exercise, listening to music, etc.)

Emuhleet: I try my best to utilize every hour of the day. When I don't have work then I need to get at least 8 hours of sleep to catch up on the days I only got 4. I try to find time to meal prep so I can snack real quick & watch a demo at the same time. Listening to music is key before practice. Not only do I need to have the right beat to really "feel" my deathmatch, I also need to get me in a hyped mood to get ready for practice since I am so exhausted... and it works!

What is the hardest aspect of being a professional CSGO player for you?

Emuhleet: Probably the lack of time there is in a day. I rarely get to spend time with my family & friends outside of CSGO.

You’ve had multiple teammates during your CSGO career. As you know, there are often a lot of emotions and personalities in a team. As the IGL and leader of the team, how do you manage your team both in game and outside the game?

Emuhleet: In-game, I try to keep being as professional of a leader as I can, because if I slack off and goof around then my team will too. So, setting a good example is key as a leader. Outside of the game, I really become my goofy self and try my best to have a good time with my teammates. Having a good time with my teammates outside of the game not only built our chemistry inside the game, but it also created friendships with my teammates to the point where I consider them family now.

I feel like it’s important to have someone you can strive to be, both in CSGO and real life. Who are your role models in CSGO? Who are your role models outside of CSGO?

Emuhleet: My role model in CSGO is Xp3. He continues to work hard every day no matter what, and is always playing or studying new aspects of the game. Also, anytime I seem to be down or having a tough time, he immediately picks me back up, puts me in a server, and goes over something in CSGO that becomes extremely helpful. If I didn't have him to look up to and to pick me up when things were tough, I don't know where I would be today. My parents are definitely my role models outside of CSGO; they came from England a little over 30 years ago to America, a country they had never been to before. To me, that shows fearlessness and I really love that about them. They are also workaholics, always wanting to do their best at work and setting a good example for everyone around them.

Finally, what are you most thankful for in your CSGO career so far?

Emuhleet: So much, honestly. I'm so thankful for David (Xp3) and my teammates for trusting me and sticking by my side for 4 years! I told them that if we stuck together and work hard, we will get what we deserve. And now look at us! I NEVER in my wildest dreams thought we would get signed by such a respectable organization like Team Dignitas, and be a part of the Philadelphia 76ers! Just such a dream come true, and I can't wait to see how far we can go with this family.

Any last minute shoutouts you wish to make?

Emuhleet: Thank you to everyone who stuck around and actually read this interview, you are the real MVPs! And to everyone who supports my team... I strongly believe 2018 will be our year and were so excited to try and make everyone proud. Thank you to all of our sponsors for having faith in our squad! #ICANDigIT.

I would like to thank Emuhleet for her time and well thought out answers. Make sure to follow all her requisite social media to stay updated: 

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