Get to know: Milk - new CSGO Female addition



Sun 12th Nov 2017 - 9:03pm

Kiara "Milk" Makua has had a few stints in competitive, most notably her stand in performance at IEM:Katowice with Counter Logic Gaming Red. Now joining Team Dignitas, it will be her first time on a starting roster.

In this interview, we speak to her about joining Team Dignitas, what she is most excited for, and how her addition will help better the Counter Strike roster. 

Tell us how you landed onto Team Dignitas and how the decision was made to add you to the roster?

Milk: I was asked to try out for Team Dignitas and scrimmed with the ladies a few times and then the decision was made to make me a 5th and I was so ecstatic and grateful!

Talk to me about your start in CSGO and how that all led to doing it as a profession?

Milk: I started playing a different version of Counter-Strike in 2009 and in December of 2014 I reverted to CSGO. I wasn't very competitive until recently when I played in a competitive environment and I loved it and that's where I decided that I have a lot of passion for this specific video game and I see how video games is growing and you can actually make a career out of it, and decided to take it to the next level of competing against other players!

You attended your first big tournament at IEM Katowice as a stand-in for CLG Red, what was it like playing in a team environment like that at an offline tournament?

Milk: Even though I felt super unprepared going into the event, I still had a lot of fun, and it was an interesting experience.

In that tournament, you were actually eliminated by Team Dignitas in a 3-game series. How has your perception of the team changed now that you have gotten to know them more as teammates.

Milk: I liked them before the event, especially GooseBreeder. She's been my friend for quite a while now, and now that they're my teammates I absolutely love them. They're genuine, funny and very nice and you can feel the love from them. I'm very excited to start this journey with them.

In the short time you have had with the team, how would you describe each of your teammates?

Milk: With the short time I've had spent with all of them so far... Emuhlee is very bright and encouraging, amusing and a great leader, GooseBreeder is a sweet genuine individual that is hilarious and can make anyone smile or laugh at any given time, rain is very straightforward in a good way and has great qualities that I adore and she's so cute! Lastly artStar! Lynnie is literally such a silly person and she makes me laugh with all her side jokes and references, very sweet and kind.

You will assume the role of support on the team. What have you been doing to improve at the position?

Milk: I'm getting used to my role on Team Dignitas and I strive to perfect my position! I play a lot of re-take servers on my free time, Demo watching my positions on selected maps, and get tons of advice from friends who play CSGO as well!

Are there any supports in the Counter-Strike scene that you have been watching as inspiration?

Milk: I watch many CSGO demos of professional CSGO teams and I don't always pinpoint individual players to watch but I like to watch everyone play and how they play the game.

Talk to me about what you will bring to this team and what your plan is now that you are on Team Dignitas?

Milk: I plan to bring a lot of positive vibes and a great attitude every day to practice, scrims and matches and give my 100% each time into the game. I plan to work on myself to get better every day and put in the time to improve if I'm struggling with anything.

Any final words to the Team Dignitas community?

Milk: My final words is I'm very excited to be a part of Team Dignitas and can't wait to finally meet everyone.


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