CSGO Tips: Taking Over Bombsites On Overpass



Mon 25th Sep 2017 - 7:18pm

Welcome to another analysis of a bombsite take used by Team Dignitas. This time we will take a look at the pistol round execute on Overpass's A site, which I will teach you step by step. First, we will take a look at the structure of the article, so that you may not be lost in the stream of information this will provide you with:

-The Execute
-Visual Example
-What You Need
-Visual Grenade Guide

Well then, let's get right into it!

The Execute

The actual execute will take place with Short and Long A control already established and Connector cleared out, to make sure that you will not be disturbed by a lurking CT. You will see how Team Dignitas got quick Short and Long A control in the video example below. When you have firm control over said positions you should place two people at Long, one entry and one support player. The other three players will assemble at Short and in Toilets, not giving the CTs one inch from the control you've established. The bomb should ideally be carried by the Short entry.

(Purple = Entry, Yellow = Support, Green = Lurk)

You will set up for your smokes, one smoke between SWAT and Boxes, one at Stairs.

Be careful with the SWAT smoke, since that one is prone to leaving a gap, due to the actual width and thickness of smokes being slightly random and the room to cover being so big. This is the reason why Team Dignitas choose to throw two smokes into that position, one thrown by the Long support and one by the Long entry.

It is important that the lurk will throw the Stairs smoke since the support on Short is going to run into A with the entry and will try to clear it out as fast as possible to grant a quick and favourable bomb plant. He will need the $650 for his kevlar, just like the entry.

Before rushing out, the Long entry will molotov Truck from Long, then the entries will quickly try to advance towards the Bombsite, accompanied by flashes from their support on Long or their lurk on Short, allowing them to take favourable duels against most-likely blind enemies. The actual flashes will be shown in the utility video and you will see them in the video that summarises this bombsite take. You do not need to throw them as they are shown, but it is highly encouraged since they are really good flashes that will not blind your teammates.

The Short entry and support will peek the player potentially standing around Truck at the same time, allowing them to heighten the chances of winning the fight followed by the Short entry trying to plant the bomb quickly, while the Short support will advance to a more aggressive position, like the deep corner behind Truck. The Long entry and support will try to guard the bomb planter by peeking the sides of the Boxes sporadically. After the bomb has been planted, the team will take fights together and help each other out or rush back to short with one player and place one player back at Long while two will stay on the spot, trying to hold off the retake with the help of the players outside of the bombsite. The Lurk will make sure that no one can leave the Connector unharmed which will keep the players on and around the bombsite safe from flanks.

The Execute Summarised in a Video

(The roles are: AcilioN lurk, rubino long entry, cromen long support, loWel short entry, jkaem short support)

What you need

You will need three smokes, ideally four flashes and a molotov. They will be distributed as follows:

Entry Long: Smoke, molotov
Support Long: Smoke, two flashes
Entry Short: Kevlar/Pistol
Support Short: Kevlar/Pistol
Lurk: Smoke, two flashes

Feel free to get creative if you have an idea to do this differently, but you should keep the Short players free of utility since they will need the kevlar to brace against the contact with the CTs or the pistol to take advantage of a stronger weapon when they rush out of Toilets and Short.

You will also need control of Short and Long, as well as a clean Connector in order to not to get surprised during your set-up. Team Dignitas dealt with this by sending three through the connector, one waiting in front of Short at the end of the T-Connector and one jumpspotting Long, waiting for his teammates to gain Short control by pinching from Connector and Fountain and then entering Long through the Toilets. This is a fast and relatively risk-free way of taking control of Short and Long while clearing out Connector.

This approach will also keep the CTs on the B-Bombsite since you could easily rotate back through the open Connector, which they have no control of.

The Grenades

I hope you enjoyed this analysis of how Team Dignitas executes A on Overpass in the pistol round and that you learned something. Be sure to follow our team the next few weeks in order to catch more executes!