VALORANT 101: Win States - Everything To Help You Win Games



Tue 12th May 2020 - 7:42pm

With VALORANT having launched its ranked mode just over a week ago, now is a great time to get the upper hand against your enemies and get the rank you rightly deserve. While aim and game sense are always going to play a key part in your performance, there are still various other factors to consider, one of which is going to be aware of your win conditions at any given time. Whether this is your first tactical shooter or you’re a veteran in these games, there is something to be learnt from this post. I’ve split up the conditions between attackers and defenders for added clarity.


Detonating the Spike

The important distinction here is ensuring the detonation of the spike. Once the spike has been planted, the spike timer starts which lasts 45 seconds. Regardless of how many players are still alive on either team after the spike explodes, the attackers win. During this time, rather than leaving the site to find the remaining defenders, it’s much more efficient to cover angles near the spike and let the defenders come to you. The more you do this, the better that chances to ensure the successful detonation of the spike.

Eliminating All the Defenders

If you kill the entire defending team before planting the spike, you win the round. It’s that simple! Play your role and if your team gets five kills before they do, you win. Even if the spike is planted and you eliminate the enemy team, you win the round (without having the spike detonate). As you push into the site, you need to be aware that the defenders may be holding certain angles. It's a good idea to place your crosshair where you think they are going be peeking from. While the defenders may know where you're coming from, they won't exactly know when. Use this to your advantage! 


Defusing the Spike

Once the spike has been planted, your only objective is to defuse the spike. It takes 7 seconds to defuse the spike from start to finish, but it’s possible to half-defuse the spike and let someone else defuse the remaining half. There are a lot of nuances when it comes to defusing the spike. However, just like letting the spike detonate, no matter how many players are alive from either team, if the spike is successfully defused, the defenders win that round. 

When you start to defuse the spike, it will alert the enemies through an audio cue. You can immediately stop defusing and try to watch where they are coming from to attack you.
This is known as a “Fake Defusing” and adds complexity to the game through mind games. Good players will know about fake defusing and as such won’t peek at you immediately, which means that you might successfully defuse the spike with enemies lurking. One tip that I would suggest if you’re fake defusing, would be to not immediately ‘run’. By default, you’re always running and that creates footsteps noise. Holding Shift (by default) will make a lot less noise and give you a slightly higher advantage!

Eliminating All the Attackers

If you kill the entire attacking team before they plant the spike, you win the round. However, if the spike has been planted then eliminating the attackers will not win you the round, you will have to defuse the spike. If you fail to defuse the spike (even after eliminating the enemy team), the attackers will win the round. The advantage for the defenders arises from the fact that the attackers need to push sites to plan the spike and subsequently eliminate the defenders. While defending try to hold angles that are either unexpected or those that provide ample covers. The attackers will try to make predictions on where they think you will be, so keep switching up your angles to make it that much harder for them!

Time Running Out

Defenders have an additional win condition, which comes in the form of the round clock. If the clock hits 0 and the spike has not been planted, the defenders will win the round (regardless of how many members of either team are alive). If the spike is midway to being planted (It takes 4 seconds to fully plant the spike) and it’s planted after the round timer runs out, the defenders still win the round. Try to waste the attackers time as much as you can because they're always going to be playing against the clock. Let them make mistakes and then punish them for it!


I hope this short guide has helped you gain a little more insight into the win conditions of VALORANT. As long as you're aware of your exact win conditions at any given time in the match, you're going to make a lot more efficient calls and win that many more games!  If you liked this article, feel free to hit me up on Twitter or just join our #Digscord in order to meet the people behind Dig that make this thing so great, including the players themselves!