Rocket League: Three Fun Modes to Play for New Rocketeers



Sun 6th Sep 2020 - 4:04pm

Rocket League just never has any dull moments. Just when you think you're playing "just another game", it almost isn't. You just never know what to expect each and every time you step onto the pitch. This includes in its game modes. Even if you play the same one over and over again, the game will still figure out a way to amaze you. From single-player modes to the immensely popular online ones, the amount of content in the game will keep things fresh. For new players though, it has to be slightly overwhelming as to what game modes to start with. Luckily, Rocket League is a game that can make you feel pretty comfortable after a little while. 

And with the rich amount of options at your disposal, it'll make the experience fun for new players right out of the gate. And they keep updating the game with new things to check out. Most of the added features and modes are for a limited time, but there are some that have remained permanent, such as the Hoops game mode. The good thing about Rocket League is that the concept is immensely easy for newer players to understand. Yes, it can be tricky to master, but with a strong training mode, you'll be ready for showtime in no time (yes, I rhymed on purpose). Although you can spend a lot of time in practice modes, it's always good to get to put your abilities to the test. 

So we'll take a look at a few modes that you can play to get started. One of them is probably the first one you'll play, but there are a couple of other options that should be good as well. And with Rocket League being so loose and open, you will be able to showcase every skill in your arsenal. Just remember that, of course, it's all up to you at the end of the day with which game modes you want to play. If you want to start off with the more difficult modes, then feel free. But, if you're feeling a bit uncomfortable starting out, then go ahead and give these three a try and see how things go. 

Make use of Season Mode

One great and underrated way to get some reps in is by playing through Season Mode. This will let you come in and choose from one of the generic team logos, and then type in any name you want for your squad. You'll be assigned two random teammates to battle through a schedule for the championship. 

One makes this good is that, not only are you playing several consecutive games, but it's also a single-player campaign which can be a plus. This is good if you feel like you aren't quite ready for online play. You can take on teams with any difficulty level you like. 

So, if you want to start off on easy, then you can. But, if you want to play it on the hardest mode against CPU opponents, this can be a terrific way to prepare yourself for online competition if you're up for it. You can always tweak the difficulty at any time, so don't worry about being stuck with a setting that you don't want. 

And if you aren't pleased with it, then you can easily restart your season from scratch and go from there. I have to say that, although Season Mode isn't popular nowadays, it's pretty satisfying seeing your team leading the standings, and eventually winning a championship. 

You'll be able to play many games, and I guess you can say it's a decent way to practice playing under pressure too. When playing online, don't be surprised if you find yourself in some heart-pounding matches. There are usually many of those online which is one reason why Rocket League is so great. But go ahead and light it up in Season Mode. Stretch those wheels out, warm-up, and get ready to ball. 

Play in 2-on-2 matches 

The standard online games are 3-on-3 which is also solid for new players. However, there are some great benefits from playing in duel matches. For starters, it doesn't feel as overwhelming from the jump as it is when you have several players on the field at the same time. 

You'll also have more space to move around because of this. This may allow you more room to get creative with your moves and master them as best you can. And of course, you have a teammate you can lean on so in case you can't get to the ball, your teammate will help you out if they're in position. 

And trust me, your teammate will most definitely hunt the ball down because players in Rocket League love to score, pretty much like in any sports game. Whether it's a football, baseball or basketball game, a lot of people love to score. All you need to do is fire up a basketball game to take notice of that but this can certainly be a good thing when you need bailing out. 

There is a one-on-one match option too, but this you can argue is the hardest mode to play because you don't have that teammate backing you up. It's mano-a-mano. It's fun to test this mode early on, but two-on-two has a perfect balance if you just want to start with something. 

Not saying you need to play these games a hundred times or anything, but if you want to dip your toe in the oceans on online Rocket League, then it's a fresh way to start. From there, you can go ahead and jump into some signature three-on-three matches which are a lot of fun. 

After that, then you can graduate to four-on-fours and oh man, let me tell you; those are some wild games. You have other games too including Hoops which require you to utilize your jumping and boosting abilities since you need to get the ball airborne in order to score. 

But going with the doubles matches and then getting into triples is a wise idea if you're feeling a bit overwhelmed. Rocket League is a fast-paced game that comes at you swiftly. It's fun and easy to learn for everyone, but you have many players who are skilled online. Fortunately, you will see a lot of teams who are equal to your skill level at the time so this evens things out a bit. 

Standard Matches

Now that you've gotten your degree from the School of 2-on-2 and Season Modes, it's now time to show them what you got in a standard game. This is, of course, the famous 3-on-3 style format. More than likely, you may have hopped into these games early on online. 

If you played through Season Mode, then you should have a good taste of how things will be played. Certainly playing online is a different animal versus playing in single-player, but you'll be more comfortable with dealing with all of the different cars.

And more than likely, if you decided to come in and play blindly, you probably already got a game or two in standard online matches. But now that you've gained extra experience from playing other modes, you'll be ready to go for plenty of play in Rocket League's signature mode. 

It's a lot of fun to play and is a major reason why it's the most played online mode (that and well, it's the standard mode but still). It has the right amount of balance with the perfect sprinkle of chaos to make for some epic battles so if anything, go in there and just have fun. 

You'll have less field to work with essentially, but you'll have the needed back up kind of liked we talked about earlier. This time though, you have two teammates who can bail you out when needed. And there are ways you can go about it too. 

You can have two players try to score and one stay back in the goal (highly recommended) or you can have two goalies while one player tries to ride solo into enemy territory at an attempt to score. The game plays so freely that you never know what the impromptu strategies might be. 

Now, if you have a couple of friends you play with and you're on mic or chat, then you can certainly strategize more accordingly. That said, the main thing here is to have someone in goal, whether it's you or a teammate. You can choose to have all three play offense but it's much riskier. 

Having the extra teammate is a big reason why the standard mode is so great for new players. It's not overly insane like 4-on-4 but it's also not as intimidating as solo matches (especially when you're playing against a really good player and you have no help).