Classifying the Most Popular Rocket League Cars



Wed 3rd Apr 2019 - 6:33pm

Rocket League Cars are the creative, customizable aspect of the game we all know and love. There are about 60 cars in the game currently, each that are customizable with any wheel, hat, boost, trail, decal, flag, and goal explosion. In fact, like any other item, Rocket League cars are now able to have several different painted versions. While it is nice to flaunt your super-expensive white zombas, at the end of the day, how you play in matches with the car is extremely important. In professional Rocket League, the most popular cars include the Octane, Dominus, and Batmobile. Within this article, I will be taking a look at these three cars and classifying each one based on their feelings within matches. 


The Octane is by far the most popular car in Rocket League. Pretty much every single professional player uses the Octane consistently, throughout every single Rocket League Championship Series. It is considered to be the most balanced and most well-rounded, and by many, the most easy to control when dribbling.

Firstly, when considering cars, hitbox is the most important attribute. Each car has a different hitbox, thus the way you hit the ball will be different for every single car. The Octane is recorded to feel more powerful when hitting the ball. While the other popular cars are flatter and may be longer, it's not all about length. The Octane's girth is its most powerful attribute, making it more powerful and easier to dribble the ball. When hitting the ball with the nose of the Octane, it generates more power than any other car.

The infographic above displays the general hitbox of the Octane. When compared to the hitbox of other cars, the height of the Octane hitbox is the most defining factor of the car. A bigger and taller hitbox allows for the Octane to be more proficient in 50/50s. As 50/50s are almost 80% of gameplay, having that slight advantage over a car with a shorter hitbox can be the different on getting a goal or losing a goal. Furthermore, Octane has the smallest turn radius of the four cars mentioned, allowing for quicker turns in dribbling. The turn radius also allows for quicker recovery on defense and clears.

Here is a video from Rocket League Creator "SunlessKhan":

Here is a video from Professional Player David "Miztik" Lawrie describing why he uses the Octane:


The Dominus is considered to be the second most popular car behind the Octane. Many players use the Dominus because it is the most balanced flat car in Rocket League. In general, the Dominus is a plank on wheels. It is one of the longest cars and widest of the four cars aforementioned. These attributes are appealing to those who may enjoy flicks and getting under the ball. In professional play, the Dominus has recently seen a resurgence in use.

The Dominus is popular simply because of its length, width, and flatness. Unlike the Octane or any other non-flat car, the Dominus is an elite car when it comes to flicks. Many argue that flicks with a flat car, especially the Dominus, are more easier and more powerful. Some players cite that airroll shots and kickoffs are more efficient with flat cars. These experiences make complete sense, as the length and flatness of the Dominus make for a simpler hitbox than the Octane. The Dominus fits its rectangular hitbox perfectly– simply put, it's a plank that has a hitbox that fits each part of the car. Because of such, some professional players say that the Dominus makes more sense when using it.

Here is a video from Rocket League Content Creator "Fluump":


The Batmobile is a DLC car introduced into Rocket League. It's riveting design and shape make the car appealing to players who just bought the car from the store for $1.99. But certain professional players, for example, Kyle "Scrub Killa" Robertson, Victor "Fairy Peak!" Locquet, and Francesco "Kuxir97" Cinquemani have rose into prominence because of their brilliant use of the Batmobile. These three extremely well-respected professional players are mainly known for their amazing 1v1 play, which cannot be a coincidence.

The Batmobile has the third longest hitbox and the second widest hitbox (tied with the Backfire). The main reason that players use the Batmobile is because they are cited to have won more 50/50s with the car. This is extremely important for Rocket League matches, especially in lower level ranked games where 50/50s are almost the entire gameplay. In game, the Batmobile turns extremely similarly to the Dominus, in the idea that it is a flat car with a similar turn radius. The turn radius is not as small as the Octane, but its length and width makes up for it. Like the Dominus, flicks are more powerful and efficient with a flat-ish car.

Here is another video from Rocket League Content Creator "Fluump":


Here is a video from Rocket League Content Creator "Sir Timbers". He outlines several of the well-known cars and what kind of car may fit what kind of playstyle. In conclusion, the Octane is the most popular car because of a few reasons: it is the first car you unlock, and it is the most balanced and easy to grasp. The Octane is decent at every aspect of the game, whether that be dribbling or flicks. The Dominus is popular because of its controllability and its fit with its rectangular hitbox. The Batmobile is popular because of its prowess in flicks and 50/50s. In the end, it doesn't matter what car you use, as long as your playstyle fits how you use the car. Good luck in your next Rocket League match!

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