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Fri 14th Sep 2018 - 10:31am

Garrett "GarrettG" Gordon is a Professional Rocket League player for NRG Esports.  Garrett has been a Professional Rocket League player since 2015 when he started with Foremost and has now been with NRG Esports since January 2017.

You’ve been playing Rocket League from the beginning. What is the appeal of the game to you and do you feel as though you’ll be playing for years to come? 

GarrettG: I'm honestly not quite sure why I like Rocket League so much. I actually hated the game when I first got it, but this was before I knew you could aerial and do other really cool stuff. I think I love this game so much because I naturally picked it up and became good really quick. The last time I willingly took a day break from the game was over two years ago, so I'm still extremely addicted to it. 

You’ve been with NRG almost two years now this coming January. What have you enjoyed most so far about being with them? 

GarrettG: NRG has been great during my two years. They put faith into the scene and have treated me well the entire time I have been on the organization. Really hope to bring a World Championship home for them soon. 

What have been a couple favorite moments that you’ve had so far being with NRG? Any lows? 

GarrettG: As always losing tournaments are the low of competing. After getting last at Season 4, I was in the was the lowest state I have ever been in my entire life. I thought that was where my time as one of the best players in North America ended. However, one thing I have gotten good at over my five seasons is using failures as motivation. The highlight of my career has been Season 5. It was the best I had ever felt as a player and even a person. Even though we didn't win, making the grand finals and having such a great run was one of the best moments of my life. 

You and NRG took 2nd Place in the Season 5 RLCS Finals. What did you guys take away from that experience and are there any areas you guys are working on the most? 

GarrettG: Getting 2nd place at Season 5 has been both the best and worst things to happen to me. I am so proud of how far we went, but I think about how it could be different every day. For the past two years, I have thought about what that moment would be like, lifting the trophy and being a world champion. I literally heard the cheers as I walked off stage when Dignitas lifted the trophy. I think a big thing we learned from that is staying composed throughout a long tournament. I feel like people forget that was our first LAN as a team, and we will keep learning as a team. 

As the RLCS6 Finals approach, what has training and practice been like for you and the guys? 

GarrettG: Training and practice has remained as normal, we usually scrim two teams a day and play on our owns the rest of the day. 

Your pinned tweet on Twitter is “Regardless of what happens, I’m not gonna stop until I get to lift that trophy.”  What would hoisting the RLCS6 trophy mean to you? 

GarrettG: Winning RLCS would mean everything for me. I have been to five RLCS lans and haven't won yet. I think about what it would feel like, what I would say, what I would do right after. I want nothing more than to win RLCS. 

Are there any teams or players you look forward to playing in the upcoming finals? 

GarrettG: I honestly want to play Team Dignitas or Cloud9. If we were ever to win RLCS, I would want it to be a great match. 

During those big matches and those games that come down to the last second, how would you personally describe yourself – calm, cool, and collective? The exact opposite? Somewhere in between? 

GarrettG: During those insanely close matches, I may seem super calm but my heart is beating a million times a second. The more calm I am, the worse I play. The more pressure, the better I play. 

What would you say has been the key to your (and NRG’s) success so far?  Any tips for teams hoping to make it to your level of play someday? 

GarrettG: The biggest thing we have going for ourselves is our motivation. We all want to win and want to grind. We play as much as we can and I think it shows. 

How would you sum up the chemistry that you, Fireburner, and jstn have?  Was there an instant connection or did it take some time to get in the groove of things? 

GarrettG: Jstn coming in after Season 4 was an instant click. It was similar to how we played before, however I felt I could move up a lot more and lead the offense. As Season 6 comes in, I honestly think we are become a team where all three of us share rotation more evenly. It's super important for how the game is shifting and couldn't be happier with our chemistry. 

What would you say is the key difference between a good player and a great player?  Could an “average” player attain the level of play you’re at someday with enough practice or do you feel some people are just born to be Rocket League pro players? 

GarrettG: The difference between a good and great player is honestly their natural ability for the game. Some people just instantly click and improve insanely fast. I think it's possible for an average player to become pro, but to become as good as the pros, you have to play even more than they do. Even the pros are always improving and if you aren't improving even faster, you will never catch up. 

As we wrap up, a couple questions to help your fans get to know you better! 

Is there anything that makes you tick either in-game or in everyday life?  What are NRG GarrettG’s pet peeves? 

GarrettG: Honestly, what makes me tick is Rocket League, haha. 

What are your favorites?

-Food: Crab legs

-Place to vacation: I honestly don’t like vacation.

-Other games you enjoy playing: I am really enjoying Rainbow Six: Siege right now.

Is there anybody you would like to give a shoutout to as we conclude this interview? 

GarrettG: I would like to give a shoutout to the best player in the world, Turbopolsa. 

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