How to get PUBG Crates and Keys



Thu 5th Jul 2018 - 5:00pm

Crates and Keys in PUBG are used to get cosmetic items that you can wear in-game or sell on the Steam Market. There currently are twelve Crates in-game, with some coming unlocked and some being locked.

Buying Crates

To buy Crates, you have two options. The first option is to play the game and receive BP after you've finished. You'll get BP from every game mode and the amount of BP is based on your kills, damage dealt to enemy players, and placement.

After having done that, you can buy the Crates from the in-game store and will receive a random crate (Desperado, Biker, Survivor or Wanderer crate) or the specific one being sold in the store at that time.

The BP prices of the Crate are as follows and they reset every week:

• 1st Crate: 700 BP
• 2nd Crate: 1400 BP
• 3rd Crate: 2800 BP
• 4th Crate: 4200 BP
• 5th Crate: 5600 BP
• 6th Crate: 7000 BP

The second option is to buy the Crates with Steam Wallet currency that you can get from either putting money on your Steam Account or selling some items from PUBG (or a different game that has tradeable items that are able to be sold on the Steam Marketplace). The price per crate will vary since the price is always determined by the person who is selling it.

If you have an unlocked Crate, you can simply go to the in-game lobby and open the Crate from your inventory.


Keys are tools to unlock the Crate that the Key is meant for. For example, you can't unlock a Desperado Crate with a Gamescom Invitational Key for example. Keys are not available to purchase with BP.

The "Early Bird" Key is a purchasable item in PUBG that can be used once to open any type of Crate. Other Keys can only be used for their respective Crate.

Like the Crates, you have two options of how you want to purchase your Keys. The first option is to buy Keys from the in-game store with real-life currency, which will currently cost you $2.50 each. The second option is buying the Key from the Steam Market but be wary of varying prices, since it's a real possibility that you overpay on accident.

If you have a Locked Crate and the proper Key to unlock it, you can click on the Crate in your inventory and open it if you so desire.


All of the rewards are cosmetic items/skins to wear in-game and add no in-game benefits. There are different rarities. The more sought-after and rare the item, the more valuable it is on the Steam Marketplace. 

Here is a list of the types of clothing you can get from Crates:

• Jackets
• Headwear (Beanies, Caps, etc.)
• Sunglasses
• Masks
• Hoodies
• Gloves
• Trousers (Trackpants, Shorts, etc.)
• Skirts
• Shoes (Sneakers, Boots, etc.)
• Shirts (T-Shirts, Tank-Tops, etc.)

Each item has a rarity, listed below from rarest to least rare.


The chance of getting a very rare item is around 0.10% and goes up to 4.50% when you're talking about an item at the Green tier as stated by PUBG Corp. in a recent Steam Community Blog Post.

Crate Contents

Below are a series of images showing the contents of each crate.

All items inside of the Desperado Crate:

All items inside of the Wanderer Crate:

pubg crates wanderer

All items inside of the Survivor Crate:

All items inside of the Biker Crate:

All items inside of the Raider Crate:

All items inside of the Triumph Crate:

All items inside of the Equinox Crate:

All items inside of the Militia Crate:

All items inside of the Aviator Crate:

All items inside of the Gamescom Invitational Crate (only available through the Steam Market):


All items inside of the Fever Crate:

You can also grab items from the in-game store now, including Shroud's Ghosted Crate and Dr Disrespect's Speed and Momentum Crate for $9.99 each, with a guaranteed chance of getting the two weapon skins that are available. Both Crates contain a Kar98k skin. The Ghosted Crate also contains an AKM skin and the Speed and Momentum Crate comes with an M416 skin. You'll see more of these unique Crates come into the game over the next couple of years. Make sure that you are able to get them when released if something interesting fits your tastes!

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