Tips and Tricks for the Landing Phase in PUBG



Mon 8th Jan 2018 - 9:43pm

Every game of PUBG that you play, whether it's on Miramar or on Erangel, you'll always have to choose a place to land and depending on the spot where you land to compete with it against other players. In this guide, we'll go through multiple tips and tricks that will allow you to land faster, gain more control over your parachute and what's best to do in different situations. Let's dive right in.

Choosing a Place to Land and Adapting to the Flight Route

The very first part of the landing phase is the easiest to master.

When you're deciding for a place to land and you know that you'll be contested when you've landed there, the key is to be one of the first that touches the ground. There are multiple different tricks when jumping out of the plane that can help you a lot:

• Use a marker where you want to land and consider the angle at which the plane crosses the desired looting spot the first and the closest for you to land.
• The plane's flight route heavily determines where everyone lands. Go further away from the plane's flight route to meet fewer enemy players but beware that high-loot spots (for example, School) will always have other players that go there regardless where the flight route is.
• The start of the flight route that the plane has is more populated than the end of it. Take that into account and determine whether you want to play against enemy players when you're looting or you don't. and are two very good sites. Make your own flight route and see what's good for you on the interactive map.

Example of a flight path shown above indicated by the white-striped line. The blue zone around it indicates the space on the map that you can go to without parachuting pre-emptively or finding a car. The red zone indicates the border that's out of reach for just falling at a velocity of 126km/h. Image courtesy of

What to Do When You're Falling

When you've decided where you want to land and you jumped out of the plane, there are multiple scenarios that can unfold.

The first scenario is a looting spot that's far away from your flight route. Keep a velocity of 126km/h if you have determined that it's in a range where you can reach it without opening your parachute pre-emptively.

The second scenario is that you have decided to go to a popular looting spot that's very far away from the flight route that the plane has. You should drop near as many roads as possible to get to a vehicle. It will transport you to your destination faster than the parachute can. (If you go to a less popular area, parachuting is fine but will leave you with less time to loot.)

The third and last scenario is a drop that's directly on the flight path or very close to it at the very least. Make sure you keep a velocity of 234km/h and parachute in front of the place that you want to land at since the parachute will force you forward.


The final part of the landing phase is parachuting. Depending on which scenario you have in each game, the importance of this phase differs. Please note that the parachutes have changed a lot in the PUBG 1.0 Patch making them more realistic and the velocity having much more of an impact when you open your parachute.

Parachuting is pretty straight-forward but it does have some tricks that you can apply while parachuting.

• When you're landing on a hill, try to land on the same angle that the hill has to prevent you from going through the animation of a long fall.
• Don't land on small surfaces, for example, a terrace of a building or a tree. The parachute is very bugged and will fling you in a random direction, potentially dealing a lot of damage to you.
• If you want to travel further with the parachute, tap W with intervals of half a second between them to boost yourself forward.
• You can block other people by hitting them with your parachute. This is very hard to pull-off and can result in you or the enemy glitching out. Be warned.
• Landing on the high ground allows you to find a weapon earlier but remember not to land on top of roofs where there is no loot since this will slow you down a lot.

Overall Tips

I'll be providing you with two more tips that you should be mindful of when you're in the landing phase.

Always look around you when you're falling and especially when you're parachuting since it's always a third-person perspective even when you're playing the first-person perspective and allows you to really pinpoint the enemies and kill them early on before they kill you.

If you're playing with others, let them know so they can land at the same speed and always communicate where you're going to land sparing any confusion later on when you're looting.


The landing phase is not the most important phase, but it can really be game changing if you land earlier than your opponents. It can give you an advantage by giving you more time to find a better weapon than your opponent. Don't spend too much attention to this phase once you mastered it since this phase should just be a standard routine that you go through every game. I wish you the best of luck trying out all of these tips and tricks and hopefully having a better game because of them.

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