PUBG Essentials: Movement and Positioning



Sat 2nd Dec 2017 - 1:58pm

Most time on the battlegrounds will be spend moving around the map to go to new looting areas to gear up, getting away from the blue and surviving as long as possible while searching for enemies. This activity is the most time consuming in the whole game but is also one of the most important, since positioning yourself in the right areas from the start and not in the middle of a battle can be very beneficial to your survival. This guide will go through all the parts of movement and positioning to help you be faster in Solo, Duo and Squads. Let's get into the guide.

~ Movement while looting. Looting is very time consuming but there are a few tricks that can make the process a lot faster. First off, when you are looting, always press tab so you can still move in all directions and face the way that you want to go next before you enter the inventory menu.

Running at windows so you can jump through them also makes the process faster since you don't have to leave the building by going all the way back to the exit.

~ Driving around with a vehicle and utilizing it. Driving around with a vehicle may seem simple enough, but be very careful when driving over rough terrain since there's a high chance that if you drive at high speeds you'll flip and have one of the following scenarios play out: you die because of a vehicle explosion or fall damage, you survive but get shot because of bad positioning or you're stranded at a very remote location with not much cover to hide behind. 

If you're going for an airdrop or are stuck in a situation with not a lot of cover, try to use your vehicle (if it's big enough) as cover. Shooting the tires in an even fight can be beneficial since they can't shoot under the vehicle at your legs anymore. When the vehicle is almost broken, move away a little bit so you don't get hit by the explosion and reposition yourself behind the vehicle since it will still block projectiles.

~ Your footsteps aren't always silent. In my experience, most people that chase me don't even pay attention the noise they're making with their footsteps. It's really easy to not be heard by your enemy or at least try to minimize the noise you make.

Crouching and proning reduces the amount of sound you make and also makes you a lower positioned target. Using crouching/proning in combination with holding RMB or aiming down the sight in first person results in you making almost no noise. This is especially useful inside buildings since your footsteps make a lot more noise on those kinds of surfaces.

Jumping as much as possible reduces the sound that you make, but beware the fact that you are actually slowed down by a noticeable margin when you're jumping multiple times after each other.

~ When you're taking fire and how to escape from it with a higher success rate. It has happened to everyone. You're just running to the next zone you need to be in and out of nowhere you take fire when you have no cover around you. The best way to deal with these kind of situations is having unpredictable movement and there are many ways to go about it

Most people use zig-zagging as a strategy by dashing around to the left and right essentially making their movement unpredictable and move less directly to the place they want to run to. You can also jump to try and dodge bullets and spamming the crouch key to switch between a slower pace and a faster pace.

~ Adapting your positioning and movement to the circle. The circle is entirely random and can either be very beneficial for your current position or extremely bad resulting in you having to move over open fields/roads.

When you're forced to move to another position after the fourth zone, decide whether it's worth it to use a vehicle that makes a lot of noise or to just walk there. Walking through the woods may take more time but it's worth it to move around the circle rather than going straight in on an open field. If you have no choice, try to prone through the open field or use the nearest vehicle if there's one available.

When you're in the next circle and you need to find a place to position yourself as safe as possible, there are many solutions that you can use. These include using trees that are very close to the border, hiding in bushes (try to hide as much of your weapon as possible, since most backpacks blend in with the bushes.), proning in grass patches/wheat fields or proning behind very low dirt roads.

~ Securing the top floor of your house when you're being assaulted. This is quite tricky and you need to have a quick response time. Position yourself as centered as possible while you still have a view of the stairs that the enemy needs to climb before they can reach you so you can have the upper hand when shooting at them.

Make sure you can escape through windows or a balcony, and when the enemy throws a grenade through a window or door on your floor you can escape to a different room to minimize the impact that the enemies' grenades have.

~ Objects in-game that impact your movement. There are two kinds of ways to increase your movement speed while running.

The first ones are the booster items that are inside the game known as the Painkillers and the Energy Drink. Consuming them results in you getting a boost that's separated in 4 bars. Every second bar that's filled up gives you extra movement speed that stacks on top of each other.

The second method is lesser known, when you are running with a gun you aren't running as fast as you can because the type of gun is hindering your extra movement speed. When you press X to holster your weapon and run without anything in your hands, you run a lot faster. If you still want to run fast with a weapon in your hands, you'll run faster with an AR, SMG or pistol in your hands rather than a shotgun or a sniper rifle.

Your positioning in game is very important, and faster movement definitely can help you a lot while moving to your position. The key to having a good position in-game is knowing the ropes of movement and positioning, knowing how the map is laid out and gaining experience from previous games. But keep in mind that you don't move away from your teammates when you're in game with them and use bigger objects to hide behind so you don't let your teammates die. I wish you the best of luck in your future games of PUBG.

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