Mastering Brigitte: Proving Yourself with the Lindholm Squire



Sun 2nd Dec 2018 - 10:05pm

With Season 13 in full swing, now is the perfect time to hone your Overwatch skills as you climb the competitive ladder once more. Whether you’re frustrated with consistent losses or just looking to try something new, perhaps swapping over to Brigitte could work out in your favor.

Brigitte is arguably the most unique hero in all of Overwatch, as her main role as a support combines nicely with her off-role as a tank. There’s no set standard for Brigitte, and as a result, she’s able to be played quite flexibly throughout the course of any competitive match. When playing her, your focus doesn’t necessarily need to be devoted to either tanking, supporting, or even dealing damage, as once you get into the thick of things, you’ll have to be able to manage two or three of those at the same time. Whether you’re keeping your allies’ health bars topped off or serving as a menace on the front lines, there will certainly always be something to do while playing Brigitte.

Starting off with her basics, it’s important to establish the identity and foundation of the hero before we get further into the more nuanced tips and tricks behind her gameplay. Brigitte is categorized as a support hero, although her style of play also allows her to serve as a mobile off-tank with a lot of healing mixed in-between. Her relatively high health pool consisting of 200 raw health and 50 armor is an incredible strength of hers. Additionally, when casting her ultimate, Rally, her health pool can increase to a whopping mark of 350 as an additional 100 armor is tacked on. 

Also, we briefly touched on Brigitte’s healing abilities in the deep mix of a teamfight, but it would make sense to explain exactly why any hectic scrum could quickly turn into a strong moment for Brigitte. Inspire, Brigitte’s passive area-of-effect heal, is triggered every time her auto attacks successfully connect with an enemy hero, so when you’re forced to get up close and personal with the opposition, any strike on their forces will heal not only you, but your allies as well. Simply put, any time you deal damage to an opponent, you and your allies will always get health. Brigitte's passive always results in a net positive for her and her team, making the middle of any teamfight exactly where you want to be. When involved in one of these fights, look for abilities like Reinhardt’s Earthshatter and Zarya’s Graviton Surge, as they allow Brigitte to easily land auto attacks on stunned enemies, permitting easy AoE heals in the process.

While every support hero in the game might have their own signature strengths and weaknesses, the defining characteristics that make Brigitte unique in her own right are incredibly exclusive to her identity. One of her biggest strengths is her incredibly beefy health pool, which we’ve touched on before. When her max HP is combined with armor bonuses, she becomes really hard to kill, especially for a support.

When her personal shield is added into the mix, Brigitte turns into a massive thorn in the side of any potential attacker. This tankiness is the major factor that separates Brigitte from the rest of the field of supports, as heroes like Zenyatta, Mercy, Lucio, and the rest of the lot just can’t compare when it comes to the level of durability that Brigitte brings to any team composition.

However, Brigitte’s tankiness and survivability aren’t the only things that go into what makes her a strong hero. In fact, her versatility in nearly any setting is what is truly defining. What makes Brigitte so powerful is her ability to keep her allies topped off in the healing department, while also dishing out serviceable amounts of damage in the process. Once you’re on the front lines, you’ll definitely be a force to be reckoned with, as Brigitte’s self-sustainability makes her already a challenge to topple over, but once you add her ridiculously high damage into the mix, she becomes one of the most frightening supports in all of Overwatch.

Brigitte’s primary weapon, the Rocket Flail, is the unique characteristic that separates her from any other hero in the game. Being the only weapon in the game that can simultaneously dish out DPS and HPS with a single click, Brigitte is able to play the roles of a damage dealer and support at the same time. Additionally, the armor that she can provide to squishy teammates, as well as her already tanky fellow front-liners, makes her an incredibly value pick in any team composition. And although she isn’t necessarily dedicated to a single archetype, her versatility and ability to fill any role as needed is what makes Brigitte one of, if not, the only true flex pick in all of Overwatch.

Now let's look at how Brigitte matches up with other heroes. Mainly, she finds strengths in her ability to lock down slippery heroes like Tracer and D.Va, while struggling against the likes of heroes with deeper range and mobility Sombra and Pharah. However, although she finds difficulties when facing off against serious long-range threats, Brigitte is able to take advantage of heroes with less utility than her. And since Brigitte has one of the highest levels of overall utility in the game, her ability to lay down a beating on heroes in quick bursts is highly advantageous - especially for a support.

Speaking of her supportive tendencies, Brigitte’s ability to heal her teammates and even top off her tanks is what makes her one of the most valuable heroes in all of Overwatch. The fact that her Repair Pack can be applied to a low health hero for a quick burst of healing or to a topped-off teammate for a quick armor steroid is part of what allows Brigitte’s presence to be extremely welcome in any composition. Whether it be a 2/2/2 outlook or a new-wave 3/3 approach, Brigitte’s healing power and armor is always useful. Try to prioritize low health squishies over topped off tanks when using Repair Pack. While it may seem tempting to give that Reinhardt the extra boost to his health bar before he charges in, healing up a friendly flanker like Genji or Tracer might just serve to be the action that puts your team over the edge in a teamfight.

Finally, before we wrap things up, let’s touch on Brigitte’s ability to initiate fights. When it comes to making a splash at the start of a teamfight, Briggite usually isn’t the one to make the first move. Instead, her job is to capitalize on the hard initiation of her teammates through abilities like her ultimate, Rally, and her quick dash, Shield Bash.

The smartest course of action a Brigitte player could take at the start of a fight would be waiting for a friendly Reinhardt to charge in or sitting back and letting D.Va utilize her boosters to get into the mix. Then, using Rally to let the remainder of the team catch up and top off everyone’s health bars should be a highly prioritized move. Once you’re in the thick of things, look for allies to heal up, while capitalizing on your enemies' mistakes. If a gutsy enemy Tracer or Genji gets too close to your personal bubble, Shield Bash them into a stupor while rapidly left-clicking enough times to send your enemy back to their spawn room.

With all of this in mind, it’s obvious that Brigitte is one of the most useful flex picks in the entirety of the Overwatch roster. Her ability to fit snugly into any composition while serving as a major supplier of both HPS and DPS is a much-needed asset, as she synergizes really nicely with nearly every hero in the game. Even the heroes who she may not have as much synergy with are still amplified in her presence.

It’s needless to say that Brigitte is one of the most valuable picks in the game right now, as she can be picked up and mastered by nearly any player in an incredibly short amount of time. She’s quite easy to learn and it’s relatively simple to pick up her most intricate and nuanced strategies. If you’re looking to make some serious strides on the competitive ladder over the course of the next few weeks, perhaps Brigitte could be right for you!