Interview with Rugers Overwatch and Top 150 player Gtfooh67



Fri 19th May 2017 - 8:30am

Rutgers Eports has found a way to produce talent despite East Coast barriers and financial difficulties. After expanding into Overwatch during the Fall 2016 Semester, the D1 Overwatch team made a run through the Tespa COllegiate Series riding success to a top 4 finish which included a trip to play in Californa. I speak to DPS player David "Gtfooh67" Koh about his own personal aspirations as well as his goals to improve as a team through Scarlet Classic III, a Rutgers Esports event taking place April 23rd.

Art by steamytomato

How did you come to join the Rutgers Overwatch team?

Gtfooh67: I went with my friend Ray to the first Overwatch club meeting and heard they were doing try outs. I was 3500 sr so I decided that I might be good enough to make the team so I tried out and made it.


Could you run me through the different changes that came from Overwatch Solo queue to playing for a team? I assume this was your first experience with a team?

Gtfooh67: Playing solo queue is definitely different than playing on a team because in a team environment everyone is coordinating and communicating. In solo queue there are games where nobody talks and there are 5 DPS players on the same team.

Could you run me through the schedule you and the team follow as a collegiate team?

Gtfooh67: We try to scrim for around 4-6 hours a week on monday/wednesday nights and before our matches. We are currently in the Tespa Collegiate Spring Series so we play matches biweekly.


Speaking of the Tespa Collegiate Series, you were able to visit Blizzard and play your matches in California due to such a successful run. How did the experience impact you in terms of outlook and motivation?

Gtfooh67: Playing in the Tespa collegiate finals at UCSD was an amazing experience and it reminded me that our hard work had finally paid off.


You guys made it far but were unfortunately knocked out in semi's, what do you guys believe can be improved and how fixable are the issues?

Gtfooh67: Honestly, I believed that we were the strongest team there. Our results from scrims were really good and we worked very well as a team. However, the day of the LAN, we didn't play at all like we did in scrims. I think the nerves and pressure of the stage got to us and if we get over those nerves we can definitely go all the way next year.


The best way to get rid of nerves at Lan is to play games at LAN. Are they any tournaments that yo plan on attending to improve experience such as Scarlet Classic III?

Gtfooh67: Yeah, we are attending the Scarlet Classic III with our current Tespa roster.


Are there any teams that you believe can challenge you guys for 1st place? How will you use this tournament to improve as a team?

Gtfooh67: There's a lot of really good collegiate teams out there right now that could possibly take 1st from us including UT Austin, UC Berkley, UofT (Toronto) and many other solid teams. We are using this tournament to practice with each other on a regular basis so we can improve together.


On a more personal level, how would you use it to improve yourself? What is the dream goal with Overwatch?

Gtfooh67: In terms of improving myself as a player, being on the Rutgers team has taught me about being more of a team player and making plays for the team to succeed. My dream goal in Overwatch would be either to be a pro player or a paid streamer. I love playing games and to be able to play Overwatch for a living would be awesome.


To any teams that may see this, what is your biggest driving point as to why they should give you a chance?

Gtfooh67: I think that the strongest part of our team is that every one of our players has the potential to make insane plays in order to win the game. We are also good at comboing our ults and know when to engage and when to back off and reset.


Do you have any final words?

Gtfooh67: Shoutout to Rutgers Esports for supporting our Overwatch team and to our coordinator Kenny for organizing our scrims and practices.


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