Interview with Reddit Community Manager and pro Apex player Br00D



Mon 16th Mar 2020 - 6:02pm

Apex Legends is getting into the flow of Season 4. With the change of season, we got some new map changes, weapon balancing, and a new legend by the name of Revenant for fans to mess around with. Season 4 also marks a year since the popular battle royale launched onto the scene. We spoke to Reddit Community Manager and Apex Legend professional Brad "Br00d" Peck on his journey for the past year, his thoughts on the new changes, and what Respawn Entertainment can do to keep building up Apex competitively.


Tell us how you got into competitive gaming scene. Also how do you manage to blend the grind with being a mod in Reddit?

Br00d: I got into competitive gaming when Halo 3 launched back in 2007. Attending a few MLG events, I fell in love with the scene. It’s incredible to see how far things have come since back then and how much the scene has grown. Since then I’ve competed in Destiny, Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex tournaments.

Blending time with competitive gaming and a full-time job is incredibly hard. I’ve had to make sacrifices in other areas of my life to put in the time to be successful in both.

Which character do you main, and what about that character has made you attached to it?

Br00d: I’ve been more of a swiss-army knife when playing Apex. I feel I can play any character at a high-level. With that said, I’ve mained Wraith for the majority of competitive tournaments. Wraith's abilities can make-or-break a team's rotations, and I feel that I can help dictate a good position for our team, putting us in a spot to win a game.

Season 4 has brought us a new legend, Revenant. Where do you think Revenant stands in the current meta for pubs/ranked?

Br00d: Revenant has potential just like every legend. Not that the excitement has resided, it’s apparent that Revenant is not in the meta. I’d classify Revenant as a Tier 2 character. Fun to play, but if you want to have the best chance to win don’t play them (for now). There’s definitely potential if buffed carefully.

A lot of weapon changes were introduced with the launch of Season 4 including the new Sniper class, removing the Turbocharger, and switching the L-STAR for the Devotion. What are your thoughts on some of these changes? Are they surprising, confusing or both?

Br00d: The best change of the above mentioned was the change to the sniper class. Having its own ammo economy makes it a little harder to “abuse”. You have to be more strategic about picking up too much sniper ammo which could be utilized for more nades, healing items, etc.

The L-STAR, I’m torn on. It definitely should not have been a crate weapon. However, getting shot at in close-quarters feels like fireworks are being shot at your face. That’s more related to an issue that most pro players have had gripes with since the launch of Apex; muzzle-flash. 

What are your thoughts on the changes Respawn Entertainment on the new changes Ranked Series 3 is bringing to the table with the season splits and Apex Predator being reserved for the top 500 players?

Br00d: Every season, I believe Respawn has made positive changes. It’s great to see them learn from past moves and build on it. Obviously, most gamers want instant gratification, but I’m happy with the progress. The season split is going to keep players more engaged through the season. The addition of Masters versus Top 500 will also keep players grinding for longer and gives it more meaning.


Valentines Day is bringing back duos for a limited time. Should Respawn just keep these limited time modes in the game or does the constant swapping of modes work better in your opinion?

Br00d: I could talk about duos ALL DAY. Duos has been my favorite mode in every battle-royale... scratch that... every FPS game I’ve ever played. Duos in H1Z1, Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex are so much fun. The smaller the teams, the more ability players have for: a) different legends, b) fending off 3rd parties, c) movement around the map. From everything I’ve experienced, duos is hands down the best game mode for a BR. Would love to see a company really double-down on that.

We’ve officially reached the one year mark since the release of Apex Legends. It’s been quite the journey for you as a competitor in this scene. Looking back what’s one thing you appreciate the most about this journey?

Br00d: The thing I appreciate the most is how welcoming the community has been. The high majority of players in the scene have been so welcoming. Everybody just wants to see this game succeed because we see its raw potential. I’ve made so many incredible friends just through this past year, and those friendships are what will last throughout my gaming career and potentially life.

What does Apex Legends need to do to continue to grow in the gaming scene?

Br00d: In general, I’d like to see Apex keep content fresh by rotating limited-time modes every weekend. Once people are done with work and school it’d be great to gear up for the limited time mode of the weekend.

Esports, they are taking steps in the right direction. Obviously bigger $$ pools will attract 3rd parties, orgs, and companies to get more involved. Having more tournaments (ex. Twitch Rivals) will keep people playing and watching.

Anything you’d like to conclude this interview with?  

Br00d: Appreciate the interview. The last thing I’d like to say is that I hope I can make a positive impact on the younger generation of gamers out there. I think a lot of young gamers look up to people that can be a bit more toxic and negative. I want to bring a more positive influence and change to gaming culture, whether that be in competition or in general. You can catch me on Twitter/Instagram @br00dgames and on


We want to thank Br00d for taking the time to do this interview and wish him the best of luck going forward!