Pathfinder the Robot, a Team's Scout



Sat 9th Mar 2019 - 5:21pm

Apex Legends has two different "Support" Legends currently in the game. We've already covered Lifeline in a guide, so now it's Pathfinder's turn. Pathfinder is a fast-moving scout robot that has its own unique niches. What makes him great is that he can be played by an individual and not be dependent on his teammates. Pathfinder has recently come up as a hot topic in the Apex Legends community due to his broken hitboxes and while this is true, we'll try to focus on his qualities. Let's jump right into the guide!


Insider Knowledge (Passive Ability)

Pathfinder’s first ability that we’ll go over is his passive, Insider Knowledge. This ability allows him to use the Survey Beacons all over the map. If Pathfinder interacts with a Survey Beacon, it will reveal the exact location of where the next circle will land to all members of your squad. It’s very useful for setting up near chokepoints, as you’ll be able to ambush an opposing team when they have to run into the ring.

Make sure to use this ability just when the next ring has been revealed to everyone, you’ll get the more intel compared to other teams which allows you to actually see the ring that comes after the one you need to get to at that exact moment.

Shown above is the icon that'll appear throughout your match. These pinpoint where a Survey Beacon is located and can only be interacted with by Pathfinder.

Survey Beacons are visible on the minimap but also in your general FOV wherever you’re looking when playing the game. Your teammates can ping these with one scroll-click if they spot one for you.

Grappling Hook (Tactical Ability, Q Key)

The Grappling Hook is what defines Pathfinder and makes him stand out the most compared to all the other legends. Grappling Hook is best used vertically. This means that it’s optimal to scale high walls instead of going faster by aiming your Q horizontally.

You’ll be able to swiftly move across the map by trying to use it as a swing and catapult yourself forward. You should keep in mind that you need some altitude to play with to effectively use your grappling hook in this manner. Avoid hitting any surfaces because this will cancel your Grappling Hook and cause you to awkwardly fall from the air. Try to cancel the Grappling Hook at your own will (by pressing Q again after activating the Grappling Hook) and take control of your own gameplay.

Zipline Gun (Ultimate Ability, Z Key)

Pathfinder’s Ultimate ability allows him to create a Zipline at his position. This Zipline will remain on the map throughout the game but can also be used by enemies. Zipline Gun is a tool that will allow you to be creative when it comes to your own positioning. Places that were unreachable at first become tactical camping spots. I wouldn’t recommend using the Zipline Gun as an offensive tool though. While you’ll be able to switch weapons and shoot while you’re utilizing the Zipline, you’ll become a very vulnerable target at the same time.

Players should also note that if you go on top of the map, you’ll be met by a warning telling you to “Return to the Battle”. The game will continue for 30 seconds but after the timer has run out, you'll be kicked out of the game.

 Pathfinder's Playstyle

Pathfinder is a character that has a well-balanced kit. He's able to play both individually or in a group. Since he's a scout, he can get out of trouble swiftly by optimizing the usage of his Grappling Hook ability.

His playstyle when playing alone is quite easy to understand. Staying around higher altitudes is the safest way to play Pathfinder. Due to his very large hitbox, it's not advised to go head-to-head with an enemy without utilizing the element of surprise. Shotguns and SMGs are the perfect fit for Pathfinder since his Grappling Hook allows him to easily transition into close-quarters combat, combining this weapon setup with a defensive stance towards your enemies is the formula for success when playing solo.

From left to right: R-99 SMG, M600 Spitfire and Peacekeeper. Other weapons that are similar to these optimal killing tools for Pathfinder include the Devotion LMG instead of the M600 Spitfire and EV8-Auto Shotgun instead of the Peacekeeper. This excludes the legendary Mastiff Shotgun found in Care Packages.

A strategy I like to use is hopping onto one of many Balloons spread across the map and going onto a very high cliff that's normally out of bounds. Try to grapple (you only get two tries before the 30-second timer runs out) over a wall and drop on top of an enemy squad. This will require practice and knowledge of the enemies' location.

When you're utilizing Pathfinder in a group, you'll need to use him as your eyes. Pathfinder is almost worthless when it comes to pushing enemies from the front, so always try to flank while your teammates are taking the suppressive fire from the opposing Squad that you're fighting. Grappling Hook will be the perfect tool for unconventional plays when it comes to flanking, you'll be able to scale objects and cut around corners with ease. I would also recommend keeping Pathfinder in between his teammates and try to refrain from revealing his presence too quickly.

Grappling enemy players is definitely something you can do as well but try to avoid focusing your playstyle around the ability outside of your own movement. It's pretty hard to hit and the animation will last a while, this is especially bad when someone is shooting right at you.

Strong/Weak Points

If you're looking to pick up Pathfinder, consider these Pros and Cons listed below.


Agile playstyle

Helps at chokepoints

Advantageous character late-game (due to his passive)


Situational ultimate with risks attached

Extremely large hitboxes for a character that isn't a tank

Outside of intel on the circle, he could be replaced by other Legends


Caustic and Pathfinder

When it comes to Pathfinder, there's not much to combine his abilities with. But Caustic is probably Pathfinder's best partner that's currently in the game. If you find a Survey Beacon and have intel on a late-game circle (preferably around Top 5 to Top 3 squads out of 20), you can set up traps inside compounds. I've played multiple games with a Caustic main where we completely turned the tide thanks to luring enemies into a maze of gas. You'll be able to completely set it up before any other players appear if you have Insider Knowledge (Pathfinder's Passive Ability) on your side.

Some of the best places on the map to use this strategy:

• Bunker

• The Pit

• Artillery

• Water Treatment

• Runoff

• Market


Pathfinder is an unpopular character at this time but there's a high chance that his hitboxes will get fixed among other potential changes. If you still like Pathfinder, he's definitely viable and we hope this guide helped you on your way to becoming the Apex Champion. If you want to see more content about Apex Legends, stay tuned with Dignitas!

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