Interview with Exposed Secrets' captain, Funball: "I want to see how good COG Red is when it comes to facing off against EU teams."



Mon 13th Oct 2014 - 6:02pm

Kieran 'Funball' Patidar is the Captain and Hunter for Exposed Secrets the currently first seeded team in Europe who also took first place at the TSM invitational LAN. Funball has been around in Smite competitive since its early beginnings and was playing for various NA teams before Smite had EU servers. Earlier this year he joined Coast gaming's old team in going to the Smite Launch Tournament and is well known by many players as one of the best hunters in the world rivalling players such as Zapman.

Well known for his phenomenal Anhur playing he was also the player that started the current double stacking ADC meta and the one who started the Transcendence build over Heartseeker.


So Funball, who is your favourite player on the Smite competitive scene and why is that?

Funball: My favourite player is probably Allied. Even if they are losing games or winning games, his attitude towards competitive is insane, he’s always trying to get better with the current META gods and trying out new things. (Scylla ADC)


Exposed Secrets is formed of some of the best players in Europe, how did you go about forming the team?

Funball: After getting kicked from the old Team Coast, Shadow and Frostiak and Dazer we’re already looking for an ADC and a solo laner. I joined the team as me and Shadow have been in many other teams and feel like we have synergy already. Before the Smek and Youngbae trade, I Approached Xaliea to be the Solo laner. In the 2nd week of SPL after PainDeViande telling us that it’s best to find another support due to ping, HalfDevil who was previously one of the best supports got picked up.

Funballer in the middle of the old Team Coast next to SK gaming

How has it benefit you having your coach, Dazer, around to help you?

Funball: Dazer actually helps a lot, even though having university and having 1-2 hours spare time, he helps us in game reviewing/picks and bans strategies, new item builds etc. in the previous LAN, he was only writing notes of our games and thus, helping us massively.

Is there a team in NA that you would really like to face if you made it to worlds?

Funball: I want to see how good CoG Red is when it comes to facing off against EU teams. If they are as strong as they sound or if they are over-hyped. Plus I want to see Snoopy again.

Are there any ADC's you'd like to see more of in future that we currently never see?

Funball: It’s not technically an ADC but I would like to play more Chronos, he has potential and has more damage on a tower and any other ADC’s.

Who is your favourite ADC in this current meta and why?

Funball: I don’t really have a favourite ADC but seeing Anhur back in the META gives me tears of joy!

Do you feel you will be able to patch any possible weaknesses in your team before LAN?

Funball: Yes, I think we can work on almost everything there is to for this upcoming LAN and prove ourselves why we should be feared.

Who do you think will make it to worlds from Europe and North America?

Funball: I can't really say anything definite since some teams are better in LAN and others are better online but I think that, in EU, it will be ExpS and TSM. in NA, I think it will be COG Red and Team Dignitas.

We know everyone on your team likes to troll a bit, when it comes to competitive are they serious or do they still try to have a laugh?

Funball: We don’t try to be fully serious as it brings more tension and more unnecessary nervousness, we try to make jokes when the time arrives in game when nothing goes on to release tension.

As one of the best and strongest teams in EU you are ironically not sponsored, do you think you will be soon and can you give us any hints as to who by?

Funball: Can’t really Expose Many Secrets here (HUEHUE) but we have declined many sponsors and just looking for the one that suits our needs.

And finally, is there a duo lane team that you would think would be a challenge to play against in NA or EU?

Funball: After losing to CoG Prime in the Launch tournament in the duo lane, i want to rematch the duo lane and prove myself!

Exposed Secrets after winning the TSM invitational. From the left: Frostiak, Xaliea, ShadowNightmare, Funball, Dazer and HalfDevil

Thanks for giving me time to interview you, do you have any shoutouts or plugs for anyone?

Funball: Shoutouts to Frostiak’s mullet and to Karma for the interview. Exposed Secrets Hype!

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