How to Improve Your Communication in Smite



Sat 2nd Dec 2017 - 11:00am

In Patch 4.16, Smite introduced Vivox, an integrated voice chat for ranked and custom games. This feature has helped change ranked games in Smite, with the ability to talk to your team instantly and give information a lot clearer. With a load of VGS commands to remember in game, not everyone is going to be able to say, “Take this jungle buff” (VSBT) for example. So being able to say this over your mic can give the same effect. With this I will be talking about how to improve your communication with your team using the integrated voice chat.

Be Clear

Make sure you speak clearly. Make sure your calm and don’t stumble over your words. Ranked can be stressful but make sure you can give information to your team. If your Jungler is coming in for a gank and you try saying to them that it’s warded but you're stumbling over your words, they won’t know what you're trying to say and will probably suffer from it. You don’t need to have a good mic just so long as it is set up so you come out clearly and loud enough for you team to hear. Not too loud though.

Remember as Much as Possible

If you’re Rama and the Anhur’s ult is down, say it. If he’s gone off to ward just say that his ult is down. You don’t have to say it as and when it happens, but if you see a rotation coming from your Mid and Jungler just mention it. Using the Rama vs Anhur example, if Anhur has jumped into wave or to apply pressure on you and allies are near, mention it. It could win you the fight. Remembering what has happened recently to you or what you’ve spotted can change the game and telling your team what has happened can help them to get picks and take objectives.

Don’t Tilt

Easier said than done, I know, but it is key in winning games. Tilting can lead to your team tilting as well, so even if you are tilting in a game, don’t show it in chat. Don’t come over the mic and start moaning. Look for some good feedback to give your team. Is it a three-man gank in Solo? Can your team take Gold Fury then? Did the Anubis use his ult? Look for bits of feedback to give your team and help them get you back into the game if your behind, or push on with the game and look for ways to get the win.

Keep Comms Clean

Don’t talk over each other. If someone is talking, don’t interrupt. Knowing who to target in a teamfight can help everyone as they will all focus the same target. If everyone is talking at the same time, no one will know who they're supposed to target. Even in laning phases if the Jungler and Solo are trying to set up an gank and you come over while they’re talking with Janus’ Unstable Vortex is down, they might not hear each other and comms will become a mess.

Hopefully these tips will improve how you communicate with your team and help move up the divisions. 

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