How to install the Japanese Voice Pack for your LoL client



Mon 18th Jan 2016 - 7:20am

It comes as no surprise that many League of Legends players are also big fans of Japanese films, manga and anime, so to hear that Riot was to finally bring out a Japan server was of big excitement to the community. Delays have been frustrating – especially for the Japanese fan base – but finally we have the first signs of project progress: the revealing of Japanese champion and voice over audio files.

This release has led to a large number of threads appearing on sites like Reddit, and League’s own forums, discussing where to get the audio files from and how to install them, but with these forums taking a lot of these guides down we thought it our civic duty to help fans out.

For other languages: The website allows you to download a client that simply allows you to change your voices and announcements. If you want ANY other language than Japanese then go for this. However, as Japan’s server hasn’t officially launched yet, you’re going to have to do things the longer way for now.

Sorry Amumu - gotta be patient!

1. Installing Japanese in-game voice packs

To install the files on PC or Mac you need to first download them, which you can do safely from these links:

In-game Voice Overs:

You will also need the program Wooxy, available for free here:

For Wooxy to work and install your audio correctly you will need to unzip the downloaded files. First we will unzip the file which you can download above. Once unzipped, you are looking for the .bnk files and .wpk files. They are located in a folder titled ‘managedfiles’.

Once this is done you will need to go to Wooxy and begin the installation process. First we need to show Wooxy where the .bnk and .wpk files are located on our system.

- To select them you need to click the SKINS button, then IMPORT SKINS. This might sound odd but it is correct
- A prompt will appear asking you to add files, so click the files mentioned earlier.
- Once these are all chosen Wooxy will make one new master file, and then it will install said file to your League of Legends client.

2. Japanese voice pack for champion select

The Champion Select Lobby will not change to Japanese after using Wooxy, but all champion voices and in-game announcements will. Champion select requires a bit of additional tinkering, but don’t worry, it’s quite easy. Head to your LoL folder (usually located in "C:\Riot Games\League of Legends") and from there follow this path:


The x.xx will be the folder with the newest date, which is your current League of Legends client version.

Now follow these steps:

- Find your current locale folder, for example German players would see de_DE as folder.
- Make a backup of it by renaming the folder to anything else.
- Go to the Japanese folder. Copy the files and paste them into a new folder with the original name (de_DE for German players again).

The LoL client will use the new files thinking them part of the original folder. If this is not Bluff Achieved then you may need to tweak the file names within the folder, rather than just the folder title.

You can follow a handy video for the whole process too, created by the Redditer Bogan666 who created this installation guide:

3. Mac Installation (not tested by us, please be careful when following these steps):

Macs differ from PCs in many ways, but in this case the pathing for files and folders is an issue. The route for your Mac folders should look something like this:

/Applications/League of

The earlier mentioned has an uninstall process. It’s recommended that Mac users install this AND make a backup of the files that are to be replaced, so that this software can revert you to your original state.

For guidance on the installation you can follow this video from Redditer vkbluestar, who is to be credited for figuring out the correct process for Macs:

Region Codes:

Below are the regional codes for each area’s game clients, to help with identifying the folders you’ll need to be editing.

North America –
Europe –
Oceania –
Mac –
Brazil –
Korea –
Mac PBE –

Once again, credit to the Reddit users Bogan666, for the initial guide structure, and for users ya_breath and vkbluestar who provided text and video guidance for those users on Macs.

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