Understanding Championship Points and the Spring Playoffs 2015



Tue 14th Apr 2015 - 7:50am

Playoffs Have Arrived

The NA and EU playoffs have begun! We have already had some amazing matches and crazy upsets. A lot has changed since last year's race to worlds though. This year the spring split playoffs with have a huge impact on qualifying for worlds. No longer is the spring split relegated to being the black sheep of the regular season. Instead it has newfound significance in the form of Championship Points (CPs). Having a point system is nothing new in the world of sports or even in the world of esports for that matter. The Koreans, for example, have been doing this for a long time now with their Circuit Point system in their league (LCK). Let's take a short look at the CP system and how the spring split playoffs with affect worlds in the 2015 season.

Rito Please

The CP system was put in place to even out the competition in the NA LCS and to make sure that competition closely mirrored the international competition. CPs are earned by the best teams in the league throughout the season and used to quality for the World Championship. This makes sure that the teams are performing to the best of their abilities at all points in the season. It also makes sure that new teams just coming into the LCS for the summer split have to work harder than those who qualified for the entire season to reach worlds. Overall the CP system brings the NA and EU LCS in line with the rest of the esports world and ensures a consistent regular season for LCS fans all over the world.

Championship Points and Qualifying for Worlds

The main purpose of Championship Points is to qualify for worlds. The world championship is a huge event put on by Riot each and every year to determine the best League of Legends team in the world. It is the pinnacle of international esports competitions. Qualifying for worlds is a significant honor in its own right. Teams will earn CPs in the spring and summer playoffs that will then be used to determine seeds for worlds. How many points a team earns is based on their place in the standings at the end of each split/playoffs.

Here is now the CPs are awarded:

Place Spring Split Summer Split
1st 90 Auto Qualifies
2nd 70 90
3rd 50 70
4th 30 40
5th/6th 10 20

The team that wins first place in the spring playoffs will receive 90 CPs towards worlds. The second place team will receive 70 CPs. The same pattern continues down the standings until fifth and sixth place teams, which will both receive 10 CPs apiece. These numbers are slightly shifted in the summer split because the first place team auto qualifies for worlds. Whichever team has the most CPs at the end of the summer playoffs will be the second team to qualify for worlds.

One Last Shot at Worlds

The third and final spot at worlds will be decided by a regional qualifier tournament in NA and EU.

This is how the LCS Regional Qualifier is organized:

(Image courtesy of na.lolesports)

The second through fifth place teams (in terms of CPs will face off in a bracketed tournament that is designed to favor those with more CPs. The winner of this tournament will secure the final seed at worlds for their respective region.

Wrapping It All Up

The CP system and qualifying for worlds can be a very confusing system to understand, but there are a few small things to keep in mind as we continue with the spring playoffs. First, the better a team does in the spring playoffs the more CPs will be awarded, and with more CPs comes a higher chance of qualifying for worlds. Second, the team that wins the summer playoffs with auto qualify for worlds. Third, you basically do not need to worry about CPs during the regular season. The upshot is that you should cheer your favorite teams on during the spring playoffs more than ever because how they perform there will have a direct impact on whether or not that team will qualify for worlds.

If you would like more information on the changes made for the 2015 season, please visit lolesports.