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Sun 22nd Dec 2013 - 3:27pm

People rage - that is something you can not avoid. People make mistakes - something you also can not avoid. People flame. This list could go on forever, but I will stop there. You can not please everyone and people will unavoidably get mad at you. What you can do though, is to try and communicate with people and deal with them. This article shows you how.

The four types of people

Now, when you start playing Ranked games, this is the point where you need to learn to interact with people. The tension usually starts growing the nearer you get to *put League here*, Division I, since this is the point where people are ready to rise to the next level. This is why I want to present to you the four types of people you will run into when you play League and how to interact with them.

1) "The bomb"

Bouncing bomb

This is the guy that has the mechanical skill level, but either doesn't use it properly or is really frustrated all the time. And this is why I call him "the bomb". He is usually a mid laner or top laner and can not really play any role that is not the role he mains. This is why this type of gamers is unwanted and yet they are the most typical type of gamers you see in League.

How to deal with: This category represents most people in the LoL community, sadly. There are people in Silver that play well but rage a lot - same with Bronze. This type of gamer is the most difficult to handle but the best way: Try to let him get the role he desires. Usually he or she is quite good at the job and if not, is able to carry you in late game. If he underperforms it is usually because of the pressure built around him or constant raging he gets.

Don't be this type of gamer. There are and always will be "bombs", but you don't want to be one of them. I can guarantee you that you are not going to carry yourself out of your ELO if you don't change your habits.

2) "The rational"


You like to play with this type of gamer. He usually gives you the role you want, treats you well the whole game and makes your team perform better by spreading the positive mindset. But why aren't these type of gamers in Diamond? Simply said their performance is much based on their rational, wise, and clear thinking. This means that they are the opposite of "the bombs". The "rational" ones usually don't give up and keep going, keep smiling but they don't know how to carry their team to victory.

How to deal with: Show your appreciation towards them. These guys still have bad days and they are really easily rising up out of them. Try to make this guy perform better by giving clear, short, and informative tips. They usually listen to them and take it as a great advice.

This guy is what everyone wants to be, what everyone wants to see and still you see these guys in about one game out of ten. This is what you want to be if you are "a bomb". You then have high mechanical skills and a high amount of patience and diplomacy.

3) "The fearless"

This is the type of gamer who wants to try something new. These guys are unintentionally starting a cycle of flame and it will usually keep going throughout the game. But why are these guys good for your team? Because they usually like to play something that is not in the meta but can work easily.

This usually leads to the point where the enemies underestimate your Galio support or whatever he decided to pick. Then you win the game by accident. But the reason these guys aren't in Diamond and are playing with you instead? They are being raged at for everything they do. And these guys are usually mixed up with trolls which leads to a bad mindset for your team.

How to deal with: Do not rage at them. They are not necessarily going to troll, but raging at them will quickly turn their mood into "not giving a damn". This is not good if you want to win. The reason I picked Revive for the picture is that even though you try to put him down, he will rise up more and more dedicated to "not give a damn" despite having the chance of starting to troll. In League, that is not always what you should be achieving.

If you are this type of gamer, I really suggest you try to form a playstyle for ranked games. Sure we all like to have fun, but in ranked games you are not having fun. Ranked is the place to get better, grind ladder and  to enjoy the competive side of League, not the place to test new things.

4) "The mix"

No one hates these guys. These are the mixed ones. They are a combination of high mechanical skill and settling game style. These guys don't take long to reach the highest level of gameplay and they don't rage for nothing. They understand this is a game, you can't always win.

How to deal with: There is nothing to deal with. Just try to be like this guy. He trains his mechanical and verbal skills within League and he is really hard to piss off, since he uses the mute button a lot.


Summary of this article: League is a lot more than just achieving great gameplay. In lower ELOs, there are some people that are hard to deal with, but if you even try, someday you will get where you belong.

Thanks for reading, good luck with Ranked!

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  • Fri 3rd Jan 2014 - 2:00am
    Well let's all be honest you cannot be calm or anything when your teammates go afk out of frustration or sometimes persuade them to play they will always be stuck in the same elo and make skilled people stay there too. In the future maybe, MAYBE punishing system will work for these guys so normal players or higher skilled players could be rise much more.
  • Tue 24th Dec 2013 - 1:41am
    Thanks for the comments guys =) I really think that flawless communication where nobody is raging is the ideal headpoint, and if you are the reason that is not happening, then you are the reason you are not rising higher in your bracket. I admit it as an ADC main that sometimes it is hard to even try and carry a flaming, blaming, and raging team that is doing really poorly, but you just got to get up from the bad games twice as motivated to keep going on!
  • Mon 23rd Dec 2013 - 2:24pm
    Great work buddy! :D
  • Sun 22nd Dec 2013 - 10:04pm
    i think the best rage experience ive ever had was at a time when my team was losing pretty severely in terms of kills but only slightly behind in gold. a teammate was getting pretty mad and giving our jungler grief. out of no where the top laner who hadnt spoken for the entirety of the game said: "dont worry. we got this. it is going to work out". the angry guy just chilled and we won. it was beautiful.
  • Sun 22nd Dec 2013 - 7:04pm
    Great article. I think that the "fearless" is usually someone who fights rage with more rage so that's why you have to stay calm. However, this doesn't happen a lot in low elo, they just rage at the guy if someone goes "a bit wrong" even if wasn't involved in it. Anyways, good job. Keep it up!
  • Sun 22nd Dec 2013 - 3:28pm
    Honestly i get very emotional in this game, but raging is not an option. Raging can put your team in jeopardy and i want the best so our team can win.

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