Interview with Perilous Rift.Nutri: "The biggest contender to compete with the LCS teams would be Dignitas UK"



Sun 3rd Nov 2013 - 8:40pm

I sat down to talk with Perilous Rift.Nutri after his teams recent participation in the MCM London Comic-Con Invitational Tournament and their commanding performance. Nutri also shared his views on the state of the UK eSports scene and his view on how teams can progress to the higher levels of competition.


Tell me a little about you Nutri.

Nutri: I'm 17 years old and currently I'm studying photography, with gaming taking up most of my time outside of that. I currently play for Perilous Rift, a team formed under Perilous Gaming.


How'd you come to be playing under the Perilous Gaming tag?

Nutri: I was previously playing under Karnage eSports for the insomnia49 festival. After placing 5th we decided to split up and head our separate ways. I stayed active in the UK scene and was approached by Perilous. Things started off slow but we managed to build a roster that we felt happy to compete with.


How did you gather your fellow teammates, through scouting in soloq for talent?

Nutri: It was mostly through knowing who was around, asking friends in they knew any solid players. Generally speaking we were only looking to take on relatively high Diamond I players with 40 League points or more, unless we knew who they were. Eventually through asking around we approached bksnitch and Atheroangle and talked them into trying out for us.


You recently participated in the MCM Comic-Con Invitational and placed second in the tournament, after proceeding through the loser's brackets - eventually losing to the champions Team Dignitas LoL UK in the Grand Finals. Was this your first tournament together as a team and are you happy with your cohesion so far?

Nutri: As a team I think we performed very well, especially considering it was our first time playing on a stage and in front of a crowd. It was very hard to communicate in this environment but I feel we handled it well. I think our loss vs Dignitas UK was due to a lack of experience as a team and let our nerves get to us. It took Dignitas UK 30 minutes to end the game with a comfortable victory for them.


You've been around the amateur UK scene for a while now, how'd you compare the UK teams to say, LCS teams? Are there any you think would able to compete at that level?

Nutri: Well obviously the biggest contender to compete with LCS teams would be Dignitas UK. But aside from that I think a big step is UK teams actually getting into the challenger scene, as that is the stepping stone to getting on par with the LCS teams. That is one of our main goals right now and I can't say if we're going to make it, but it's the biggest factor and should be the main goal for any UK team that wants to be relevant in the European scene.


How'd you feel about the growth of the eSports scene in the UK, do you think it's on par with other countries or lagging behind?

Nutri: The eSports scene in the UK is definitely growing faster than I expected. With €11,000 being awarded at MCM Comic-Con and i50 coming up soon with a potential similar prize pool, it's safe to say that the UK eSports scene is growing. In terms of attitude I'm not so sure, the amount of spectators present at Comic-Con was a good sign however.


What particular champion or strategy do you think is underrated right now?

Nutri: Right now I think Xerath is a really underrated pick in competitive play. As most assassins are currently being banned and with him being a good pick into Zed, he's definitely a champion to look out for.


What makes Xerath a good champion to use against our Lord and Master Zed?

Nutri: Zed doesn't really have that much sustain so you can generally whittle him down every time he comes to lane. That and with Barrier he can never really all-in you, so as long as you don't succumb to ganks he can't kill you. With some good play, you can out-trade and even kill him in skirmishes/all-in scenarios.


What are you hoping to achieve in the future?

Nutri: We hope to make it into the challenger scene for Season 4 and beyond, as well as continue to place highly at UK LANs like i50 and EPIK.


Thanks for the insight into the UK amateur League scene Nutri, got any shoutouts or thanks to give?

Nutri: Shoutout to Perilous and Boundlessnetworks. #teamrippy