World Championship Team Highlight - Royal Club Huang Zu



Wed 11th Sep 2013 - 6:06pm

Royal Club Huang Zu (often shortened to Royal Club) is the top seeded team representing China at worlds. Originally formed in 2012, the team would go through various roster changes before settling on their current lineup. In March 2013 they picked up Wh1t3zz and GoDlike for Mid and Top, adding to their roster of Uzi as the AD Carry, and Lucky in the Jungle.  Their substitute, Rui, would be replacing Tabe as their starting Support player, as Tabe had decided to retire.

Competing in LPL Spring 2013, the competitive League in China, Royal Club had a solid showing but came out with only 5th place(out of 8), with losing records to long time powerhouse teams Invictus Gaming and World Elite. Royal Club decided they needed to change something. The team asked their former Support player Tabe to come out of retirement and rejoin the team, and eventually they convinced him to come back.

With Tabe back on the team and renewed energy, they returned for LPL Summer. The competition was fierce, but Royal Club managed to lock down the 2nd place spot. The top 4 teams moved on to playoffs, where Royal Club showed dominance, eventually beating OMG 3-1 to secure their spot in the World Championship and the number 1 seed from China.



From left to right, let me introduce you to the team.

Lucky and GoDlike, the Jungler and Top Lane, have great teamwork, usually playing tank or utility champions to create a front line with fearsome engages.

Wh1t3zz in the middle (pronounced by English shoutcasters as "whites") is an aggressive AP Mid player, known for his roaming assassins.

Next is Uzi, known for his amazing mechanics and positioning, and thought by some to be the best AD Carry in China, even better than World Elite's WeiXiao.

Tabe is known not only for his impressive mechanical skill, but also his innovation. Tabe practices various unconventional Supports, and his Support Annie is feared by many.

And I'll leave you with some Highlight's from Royal's recent LPL Season.

Will their momentum carry over onto the global stage? Watch out for Royal Club Huang Zu in the League of Legends World Finals!

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