Mid Lane Strategies and Champion Discussion with CLG bigfatlp



Thu 27th Sep 2012 - 7:15pm

Michael 'bigfatlp' Tang from CLG Prime took some time to answer questions about mid lane, items and champions. Some questions are more basic and others are more in depth about champions' playstyle, abilities and skill orders.

Bigfatlp is currently known as one of the best AP mid players in the world and soon we'll see him playing in the Season Two Finals!


At Regionals we saw you try out lane swaps with mid. What was the thinking behind the strategy and what thoughts do you have about swaps in the future?

bigfatlp: Sometimes people don’t rune/mastery/pick/expect properly what’s coming, and will get caught off guard and lose a lot because of it usually.

When is the best time to choose teleport? Best time to use it?

bigfatlp: When you need the extra presence/pressure of course. Splitting, splitting to do an objective, baiting Barons/objectives.


Mid lane usually has some of the highest CS. How has mid lane been affected by faster paced games with objectives and towers being taken earlier?

bigfatlp: Not too much if you get objectives done and get kills/assists. It will do just the same as CS’ing and more. Expect when mid towers go down early the game really changes and spirals hard in many ways.


Deathfire Grasp has been a popular item recently. Why and when should you get it?

bigfatlp: The burst. It helps a lot of champions be able to 100-0 people extremely easily. Get it when you can really, on heroes that already have a lot of burst. The CDR is great also.


How much of mid lane is determined by counters and how much by player skill?

bigfatlp: Counters can always gain people an advantage, but you can always still do alright in the lane and farm decently if you play correctly.


Popular Picks


Ahri has fallen a bit out of favor recently. Why? Is it just because of nerfs?

bigfatlp: The popularity just swaps now and then because of what’s become more popular. Diana, Gragas, Kat are all fairly advantageous vs Ahri.


Do you think we’ll see a resurgence of her in competitive play?

bigfatlp: Sure, whenever the time and opportunities show for any team, I’m sure she’ll be picked.




Morgana has consistently been a popular, safe pick. Why? Does she have a true counter?

bigfatlp: Morgana doesn’t have any true mid AP counters, but a lot of ad/brusers can definitely poop on her.


How can you use her Black Shield the best in team fights?

bigfatlp: Always prioritize yourself.



How strong is Zyra in mid lane? Why?

bigfatlp: She’s pretty good, lots of damage lots of harass. But very immobile.


What’s the best skill order for her?

bigfatlp: R, Q/E either first then W depends on if you wanna harass more in lane get Q first.



Why has Gragas become so popular?

bigfatlp: Because he is safe, strong, pushy, roams easy, and is excellent at team fighting. And can exert kill potential to your lane opponent easily.


How can you use his ultimate most effectively?

bigfatlp: There are many ways to use it, so I don’t like to say which has the most effect, there’s a time for each situation its used for to be most effective.



What makes Orianna a strong mid champion?

bigfatlp: Safe, awesome harass, good lane presence, pushes well, and extremely crazy team fighter if played well.


How do you use her most effectively in a team fight?

bigfatlp: Don’t rush your ultimate, wait for the best time.


Less Popular Picks


With her remake, how viable is she in tournament play?

bigfatlp: Actually, she is more of a popular pick for NA teams now. Most popular in solo queue though. She has a ton of damage, not too much utility. Once she gets resets in a team fight she can really wipe the enemy team out easily.


How do you make the most of her ultimate in team fights?

bigfatlp: Make sure it doesn’t get interrupted easily.



Chauster has repeatedly stated that Xerath is a very strong champion. Why?

bigfatlp: His range, and poke, and also has a stun. Fairly safe mid and can actually pressure a lot of popular mid champs.



Is Swain a viable pick in mid lane? Why or why not.

bigfatlp: Swain is definitely viable, just again no one picks him. His mid lane presence is unreal once he gets rolling and blues fed to him.



Ziggs has good poke, a fairly useful slow and a long range ultimate. Why is he not played more?

bigfatlp: Because he is not as safe and easily made ineffective compared to other champs who can do the same.



There’s been a recent spike in AP Eve mid – why? Is she overpowered as many players have been saying?

bigfatlp: Many of her aspects are fairly overpowered. But in tournament play if people know how to deal with her she is definitely not as viable in some cases.


How can she change your team’s and the enemies play style?

bigfatlp: Everyone has to account for her and watch for her often.


Other Picks:


Assassins like Fizz, LeBlanc, Kassadin haven’t seen much play in tournaments. Why? Do you think they can have a place? If not, does anything need to be changed to make them viable?

bigfatlp: Of course I think they have a place, they are extremely snowballing but sometimes risky to pick. One of the problems is now a days mid is always push push push, and these 3 champions can’t really push anything.



Even with repeated nerfs, are traditional supports like Soraka and Janna viable in mid lane?

bigfatlp: Definitely viable. And very strong too. A lot of common mid ap champs will have absolutely nothing to do to retaliate a mid Soraka/Janna.



Where do you see Diana in competitive play in terms of strength?

bigfatlp: Roam/abilitiy to always farm/initiater/tankymage/assassin/good followuper/big burst damage/awesome at chasing.


What does she add to the team?

bigfatlp: Everything, really… Diana is a really good pick, only thing is no ranged AA.



What are your thoughts on Syndra?

bigfatlp: Unexplored, but definitely has potential with a kit of poke like that, E with Q stun initiate def op.


Thanks so much to bigfatlp for his time!