How to Control Farm and Minion Waves Like a Pro Player



Fri 20th Dec 2019 - 1:38pm

Farming and wave management is a huge part of League of Legends that is easily overlooked by lower elo players. It is very common for players to miss a couple creeps in a wave or push a lane without thinking. In different scenarios, this can result in handing over more CS to the enemy team or placing the wave in a bad spot where it is harder to farm. 


Types of wave freezing 

Perma-Freeze - The player does not attack the minions until the last possible second, while drawing the minions away from the tower so it is easier to farm. One trick to do this without losing to my HP is to walk in and out of the bush to draw aggro then drop it repeatedly. This makes it so you are not constantly taking damage while still not allowing the wave to go under the tower. This is a great way to zone out the enemy from minion XP as well as deny CS and gold to the opponent. 

Freeze - Take the aggro from the 1st wave of minions, then lose aggro as they hit your own minions. When you lose aggro, all six of the enemy creeps will change aggro to your front minion. This makes it so your creeps will die faster due to your minions being individually focused, while your creeps attack a variety of theirs. It is useful to freeze a lane to deny gold and experience to the enemy while putting the wave in a good spot for you to farm.  

Hard Push - This is great in some situations. If you are looking to hard push a lane, nine times out of ten, you are winning hard in your lane. Hard pushes allow you to push the wave under tower so you can look for tower dives. It can also draw the enemy jungler, to you thus taking the pressure off your teammates. If you are already ahead and the enemy jungler does not respond to your hard push, you are just going to snowball even harder. Pushing your wave under the enemy tower also denies CS to your opponent. In lower elo, most players have a difficult time farming under the tower. 

Slow Push - You let the enemy wave push you a little bit, then clear out all the ranged minions, killing the caster minions and leaving the melee minions. This will allow your wave to build up and have a big wave crash into the enemy tower. It is a great way to secure early turret plates or even an early tower dive. Always respect the jungler when freezing or pushing. It is best to have vision or know the location of the enemy jungler, and this is what makes wave management so tricky. It is a great way to grow a big lead and get strong, but if you don't respect the enemy team, you can throw a lane very quickly.  


A lot of players undervalue farming. Missing 20-30 CS in the first 15-20 mins doesn't sound like a big deal, but it a lot of gold you missed out on. This could be the difference between winning lane and losing lane. Each minion wave has a value of at least 355. There are three types of minions: caster, melee, and siege minions. All 3 minion types are worth a different amount with siege minions being worth the most then melee followed by caster minions. Farming under the tower can be very challenging. There is a trick to farming each minion type while under the tower.

Caster Minions - Auto-attack the minion, let the tower hit the minion with one turret shot, then auto attack it. 

Melee Minions - Let the tower hit the minion with two turret shots, then auto attack it. 

Final Tips

  • Keep minions out of your tower range
  • Only last hit
  • Let the enemy push a little so you can start the freeze
  • Thin down the wave if it's crashing hard on you
  • Push wave hard if your jungler is looking to gank
  • Place the wave in a good spot for when you need to recall 
  • Don't miss cannon minions

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