Binding the Meta: A Look at Repeating Champions Across Various Metas



Sat 29th Jun 2019 - 12:00pm

I have returned (sorry for the absence, but an engineering degree is a time-consuming task), and as such we are back with some more analysis of LoL and its champion progression in the pursuit of LP.

In this piece, we are going to look at champions that almost never exit the top tier metas, at most never really dropping down further than a fringe pick. In this article, two champions in each role will be identified.

But why am I doing this? Well playing the meta champs can be one way to easily gain LP from exploiting the power of meta picks, but they can take time to learn. However, if you already know the champions that are likely to reenter the meta (like these picks do) on a frequent basis, then you are a step ahead in your pursuit of LP.

Top Lane: Sion and Gnar

So why are these two picks here in one of the more coin flip lanes when it comes to meta? The answer is simple, they do what they are designed to better than the majority of their counterparts, and while they are not really carries, this is made irrelevant by the sheer fact that they meet their win conditions so effectively. 

Sion does this by being the perfect idea of a tank that will scale into the late game while being able to soak jungle focus. He does this in part from the bonus HP which he gains from his W, Soul Furnace, and the immense level of crowd control in his entire kit.

Gnar is here purely for the fact that he has so many different win conditions whether it be to bully and snowball a lead due to his ranged mini form, become an immensely slippery splitpusher due to the passive on his W, Hyper, or even win a teamfight via his crowd control ultimate, GNAR!!!

Jungle: Sejuani and Lee Sin

Why? Both champions simply meet the basic requirements of being mobile, have solid ganking potential, basic survivability, and an ultimate that facilitates picks and can win teamfights. However, it is noted that one is a bruiser (Lee) and the other is a tank (Sej) and they should be built to match.

Both junglers have the entire ganking potential layered in their kit as a whole, but Lee Sin brings his mobility primarily through his double Q combo (should he hit the first Q, of course), while Sejuani’s mobility comes via her Q, Arctic Assault.

Lee Sin’s survivability comes via his W, Safeguard, while Sej brings it the fact that she is a tank in combination with her passive Fury of the North (which gives bonus resistances).

Both ulti’s here are high impact but in their own way. Lee Sin’s ult specializes in either isolating (and potentially executing) a target or potentially peeling for a carry, while Sejuani’s ultimate is a single target shutdown for 1 second alongside the massive AOE slow to go with it for teamfight presence.

Mid Lane: Orianna and Leblanc

Mid lane has seen many different playstyles become prominent in its area of the map, from the supportive playstyles of Lulu mid to the weird tank styles of Nautilus of seasons past and even now we are seeing a lot of bruisers enter the mid lane with the most recent addition of Camille mid.

But the most common mid lane playstyles throughout LoL’s storied history have been that of the control mage and AP assassin. This has been seen in the very high pick rate of champions such as Syndra (AP assassin) and Malzahar (control mage), the latter of which was used by SSG’s mid laner Crown to win Worlds in Season 7.

So, why Orianna and Leblanc? Well the reason is simple, they are the best control mage and AP assassin overall (albeit LB does currently have a challenge to her throne in the form of the reworked Akali). If you're going to get something new with any budget, you buy the best you can and that, in this case, means picking up the best/most viable champions.

ADC: Ezreal and Sivir

As a support main, it brings me so much pain to put these two on the list as a pair of recommendations as they have certainly been the bane of my existence in solo queue at times the nature of their kits.

So why are these two here? It is no secret that bottom lane carries are squishy and are not guaranteed to have a pocket healer (especially given the non-communicative nature of solo queue). Therefore, having the defensive capabilities alongside good waveclear is the optimal setup on a regular basis to put yourself in a position to carry.

How do these picks do this? Ezreal stays safe via reposition through his E, Arcane Shift, while Sivir does the same via the absorption of key pick spells through her E, Spell Shield. This, with the waveclear potential that both carries have, provides a solid base to carry, which is why these two carries make the recommendation list here.

Ezreal and Sivir are currently S tier in pro play and have never been more than a few patch changes from dominating solo queue (and Ezreal has done this across a few roles now), so these are picks to be respected and added to your pools if you want a solid ADC pool.

Support: Morgana and Braum

Now, put the pitchforks down. It took a lot of consideration to not put Thresh here but, when the chips were down and analyzed, it just seemed that these two picks shone just that little bit brighter.

Morgana is here due to the fact that she offers one of, if not the best, pick supports thanks to her Q, Dark Binding. Additionally, she alone can shut out compositions specializing in single target focus thanks to her E, Black Shield, making her an ideal support to have in your pool as she will likely never leave relevance (thank you Season 4 Vander for presenting this champion role combination way back in season 4).

Braum is here for the fact that he is a tankier support (always a nice thing to have as it allows for better-balanced composition diversity) and the fact that he brings something almost unique and very powerful in the bottom lane: projectile blocking. Since most champions in bot have a ranged attack, the ability to block projectiles is very valuable. Finally, the stunning potential on his passive Concussive Blows wraps up the kit into a package that will likely never be out of meta, hence why pro support players ALWAYS have Braum in their pool.


Well there we have it. Ten champions which are never far from being at the forefront of the meta which means that if you have them in your pool now, you now not only diversify your champion pool (always a good thing) but you may be equipped to abuse likely future OP opportunities in future patches. With that, I wish you the best in your ranked games and GL, HF, and GG.

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