Fierce Fish of the Rift – A 2500 Word Guide to Fizz Mid



Thu 10th Jan 2019 - 9:12pm

Fizz is an AP Champion with immense snowball potential and often goes under the radar in Champion Select. As a result, you will often be able to take Fizz into your games without having the worry of him being consistently banned! Fizz is truly a slippery fish of Summoner’s Rift and mastering him can lead to large amounts of success in your coming games! However, before we get into how to really play Fizz it is important to get a good understanding of his abilities first.



Nimble Fighter is Fizz’s Passive. This ability is very simple as it allows him to walk through units without the worry of being blocked by any of them. This Passive also makes it so that Fizz takes a bit less damage from enemy Basic Attacks.

Fizz’s Q Ability is Urchin Strike. This ability has Fizz dash through an enemy target dealing Magic Damage as well as 100% of your current Attack Damage. This ability also applies all on hit effects. It is important to note that this ability can be dodged by enemies with a Flash or dashing ability. It does not follow enemies like a Warwick Q would.

Fizz’s W Ability, Seastone Trident, has both an active and a passive function. The passive function of this ability makes it so that all of Fizz’s auto attacks bleed the enemy for a short period of time. Activating Seastone Trident empowers Fizz’s next auto-attack and buffs his next on hit attack for a time after that.

If the first attack after activating Seastone Trident kills the target, then the cooldown for the ability is reset, and some mana is refunded. This ability can help Fizz to secure some last-hits on enemy Minions, as it also resets Fizz’s next basic attack.

Also, if you do not recast this ability, then while you are falling you can Flash or even use items like Hextech Protobelt to get a bit more distance before slamming the ground to slow and damage enemies.

Fizz’s R is Chum the Waters. Fizz will throw a fish in a target direction that will attach to the first enemy Champion hit. If this ability does not hit anyone, then the fish lands on the ground where it was cast. After 2 seconds of attaching to a Champion or landing on the ground, a shark will chomp the fish dealing Magic Damage and knocking up, or to the side, all enemies hit in the area the shark attacks.

The AoE of this ability, as well as the Magic Damage dealt, increases depending on the distance the fish has traveled. This means it is often much more effective to try and throw the fish a longer distance to hit your enemies. This ability can be extremely effective in teamfighting situations to disrupt and damage the entire enemy team, if they are close enough together that is.

When it comes to maxing out each ability, you will want to max out your E Ability, or Playful/Trickster first, then your Seastone Trident, and then your Urchin Strike. Now that we know each of Fizz’s abilities, let’s take a quick look at the Summoner Spells that are most effective on him.

Summoner Spells

As everyone might expect, Flash is a must. Flash is simply a Summoner Spell that you will take on every Champion, with the exception of very few from the massive Champion Pool that League of Legends has to offer. So what else will you want other than Flash?

After taking Flash, there are two other option to choose from: Ignite and Teleport. You will almost always want to take Ignite, as this gives you quite a large amount of kill pressure in the Laning Phase of the game and can help you secure a few kills later in the game as well. Teleport is a situational option that you might take into a match where you will have a fair bit of trouble.

If you know that the Champion you are matched against is going to give you a hard time, then you might opt for Teleport, as you already know that you will have little kill pressure to work with throughout the Laning Phase. Teleport can help you get back to Lane so as not to fall far behind your opponent, as well as gives you more opportunity to roam and help out elsewhere as you will not be able to get much done in your Lane.

This is about the only time that you would take Teleport over Ignite and is again a situational option. Ignite is often the better option as it will help you get ahead faster and snowball your leads even harder. Now that we know which Summoner Spells work best with Fizz, there is one more important thing to know before getting into a game with him: Runes.


For the Primary Tree, you will want to take Domination and then Sorcery for your Secondary. For the Keystone you will want Electrocute, as this synergizes best with Fizz’s kit. After using Urchin Strike with your Seastone Trident active you just have to basic attack once and will proc Electrocute. You can then use your Playful/Trickster to escape and you have a really good trade right there.

Next in the Domination Tree, look to take Sudden Impact. You will gain some Magic Penetration off of this Rune after casting either Playful/Trickster or Urchin Strike. This makes it the perfect choice for Fizz, as you will get a lot out of this Rune. After this you will want to take Eyeball Collection. Your goal with Fizz is to snowball really hard and this Rune helps you to do so. The other options are not bad choices, it is just that Eyeball Collection is the best choice. Eyeball Collection will grant you more Adaptive Force each time you get a kill, up to a cap of course, which propels your snowballing potential forward even further.

For the final Rune in the Domination Tree, you will want Ultimate Hunter. If Fizz lands Chum the Waters on an enemy Champion late in the game when he is ahead, it is safe to say that the enemy will not survive the coming attack. The effectiveness of Fizz’s Ultimate Ability is what makes Ultimate Hunter such a great option for Fizz. The cooldown for this ability at Rank 3 is already pretty low, but now it will be even lower when you get ahead. The more you can cast your Ultimate Ability in a game, the better. 

In the Sorcery Tree, you will want to take Gathering Storm and Transcendence. Gathering Storm is useful in helping you snowball further as the game goes on (surely you are noticing a pattern with snowballing by this point) and Transcendence is effective as high CDR is great for Fizz.

For the Rune Stats, look to take +10 Adaptive Force in both the Offense and Flex options, then take the Bonus Health option under the Defense section.

Fizz relies heavily on being able to use his abilities, as his basic attacks are less than stellar, so Transcendence is great for him. Furthermore, overcapping on CDR will grant you more damage with this Rune, which is always great for an Assassin such as Fizz. 

Laning Phase

When going into Lane with Fizz, keep in mind that you are not very strong early on and cannot do much until achieving level 3. If you feel as though you might have trouble securing some last hits on Minions early on, do not be afraid to put a point in your Seastone Trident at level 1. This will help you farm a bit better at level 1 but be sure to not max this ability first. It is important to max out your Playful/Trickster first, as mentioned earlier.

After you finally hit level 3, you can start to look for trades with the opposing Laner. It is best to trade early only when you have Electrocute up, unless you have enough damage to force them out of Lane or maybe even take them down. The best way to trade unscathed is to activate your Seastone Trident, then use Urchin Strike on the enemy Champion then follow this up with a basic attack to proc Electrocute and the use your Playful/Trickster to get away before they have time to trade back.

You should also try not to look for trades without your Playful/Trickster available. If the opponent recognizes that this ability is down for you, then they have to opportunity to deal a lot of damage to you, especially if you are too far pushed up in Lane. Once you start to get some items built up, you can start dealing a large amount of damage. You are an Assassin after all. If you are slaying the opposing Champion in Lane, shove your wave under tower and look for a roaming opportunity or maybe try to deny the enemy Jungle if you are able to duel the enemy Jungler as well. Fizz is able to snowball really well while keeping the enemy team behind by roaming and picking up some kills while doing so.

If there are not really any roaming opportunities available, then try to get some plates off of the enemy team’s Turrets for some sweet, sweet bonus gold. When you start to get even a little bit of an item advantage over the opposing Laner, look to trade with them, and once you hit level 6 with that advantage, look to all-in them. If you have this lead you will almost always be able to secure an easy kill this way, paving the way for the inevitable snowballing fish to carry the game! Now let’s see how the fish fairs in teamfights.


As previously stated, Fizz does rely heavily on his abilities all being up, so if you see a fight breaking out make sure not to waltz on into it without any abilities off of Cooldown, especially your Playful/Trickster. Since Playful/Trickster has potential for a fairly large amount of AoE Magic Damage, it is not a bad idea to try and E into a pool of opponents. If you decide to do this, you can try to use your Urchin Strike to escape the team after you land. Doing so will net a large amount of damage on the team and you dashed through an opponent to get away.

The key to playing Fizz in teamfights is recognizing how and when to use your Playful/Trickster, as this is not only a large chunk of your damage, but it is also your safest way of escaping a bad situation. Yes, you can use your Urchin Strike to get away to an extent, but it is not always the safest option. The best way to figure out how to approach a teamfight is to keep track of what each of the opponents has up. This goes not only for Fizz but for teamfighting in general. If the enemy team does not have many CC abilities available to them at the time, then it would be okay to E offensively into the team, provided you have the damage to back it up. Otherwise, you might want to go in with your Urchin Strike and save Playful/Trickster to dodge some dangerous abilities.

When it comes to using your Chum the Waters ability effectively, always look to target the squishy carries with it. If you hit a squishy target with this ability, then have no fear following it up with your E ability, so long as they do not have a Zhonya’s Hourglass active available to them. Hitting your Ultimate Ability followed by your E ability when you are ahead is practically guaranteed to eliminate a squishy target.

Pretty much aim for anyone but a Tank with your Chum the Waters to get the most out of the ability. Hitting a tank with this ability will often not help out your team much as they are likely to resist a big chunk of the damage the ability would normally deal. Last but not least, let’s look at how we should build Fizz to get the most out of this Champion.


When you first get into your game, your first buy going into Lane can be either a Corrupting Potion, a Dark Seal and a Refillable Potion, or a Doran’s Ring and 2 Health Potions. After testing out all of these a fair amount, I feel as though starting out with the Dark Seal and Refillable Potion is the best option. The Dark Seal grants a decent amount of Ability Power, and you can gain more AP with it by getting Champion Takedowns. Furthermore, you do not have to consistently purchase Health Potions as the Refillable Potion, well, refills after you return to your Fountain. The Corrupting Potion is not a bad start either, but it feels less effective than if you were to start with the Dark Seal. The Corrupting Potion gives you Mana, which is nice, but the damage provided with the Dark Seal is too nice to pass up.

After you get to Lane the first time, you should aim to back with enough gold for a Hextech Revolver on your first back, which is 1050 gold. If you do not have enough for this, no worries, just purchase the components that will build into it. After you get your Hextech Revolver, if you are really ahead you can grab a Sheen to combine the on-hit damage provided by these two items. You can then look to build the Sheen into a Lich Bane if you are really ahead before completing your Hextech Protobelt. If you are not super ahead, just finish the Hextech Protobelt first and then finish the Lich Bane.

Once you have these two items, you can look to build situationally. You will often want to get a Zhonya’s Hourglass third for the extra survivability that this item will grant you. For a fourth item, look for either a Morellonomicon or a Void Staff. Which of the two will depend on how much Magic Resist the enemy team is building or how much healing they have. If they have both, opt for the Morellonomicon before Void Staff, but get the Void Staff as your fifth item. If the enemy team is not building much or any Magic Resist, you can look to grab a Rabadon’s Deathcap as your fifth item instead of the Void Staff or Morellonomicon. When it comes to Boots, you will almost always go for Sorcerer’s Shoes. Building defensive Boots on Fizz is very situational and build them where you see fit.

Hopefully you decide to try the slippery fish Fizz in your coming games. He is a blast to play and even more fun once you really get the hang of him. Good luck in your coming games Summoners and hopefully this guide helps you swim up the Ranked Ladder with Fizz!

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