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Fri 10th Mar 2017 - 10:34am

Season 7 has brought around quite a few changes to the metagame. With assassins in practically every lane, top lane has been relegated to the role where teams put the tank. With fewer bullies and more passive, farming tanks being put up top, Rumble has been able to rediscover his footing in the lane. He does extremely well against tanks because of his early itemization and consistent damage, so he often leaves the laning phase with a large gold advantage.


 Junkyard Titan (Passive) is Rumble’s resource bar. His basic abilities generate Heat, which goes up to a total of 100. After not using a skill for 2.5 seconds, his Heat will quickly decrease. When you reach 50 Heat, you’ll reach the “Danger Zone” where all of Rumble’s basic abilities will be enhanced. Once you hit 100 Heat, Rumble Overheats, silencing himself for 6 seconds. Your Heat will slowly go down to zero and you can’t use any skills, but your basic attacks will do a large amount of AP damage.

 Flamespitter (Q) is Rumble’s main damaging ability. For 3 seconds, you shoot out a cone of flames in front of you. Using Flamespitter in the Danger Zone will greatly increase its damage. You’re able to move, auto attack, and use any other skills during the duration of the skill. Spamming Flamespitter off cooldown will slowly increase your Heat, so you can be in the Danger Zone at level 1 with just a point in Q.

 Scrap Shield (W) shields Rumble and gives him a small movement speed bonus. Using it in Danger Zone will give you a 50% boost to your shield. In lane, use this to mitigate any poke and to get favourable trades. With only a 6 second cooldown, you can use it to travel around the map or to keep your Heat up.

 Electro Harpoon (E) is a charge based skill shot. Rumble gains a charge every 5 seconds, but he can only hold two charges at a time. The harpoon deals magic damage and slows enemies for 2 seconds. Using Electro Harpoon in the Danger Zone will increase its damage and slow by 50%. This skill is mostly used for poke, CSing, and slowing down enemies.

 The Equalizer (R) is why Rumble is known as one of the best mid to late game champions in the game. Rumble launches a line of missiles, dealing large amounts of damage per second and slowing any enemies walking over it. Its casting range is insane, allowing you to hit areas that are extremely far from where you’re standing. The Equalizer’s large area of effect can allow you to zone off entire areas, decimate teams going after objectives, and completely cut off certain escape routes. Note that it’s not blocked by Edge of Night or Banshee’s Veil.

Skill Order

Max Flamespitter first, followed by Electro Harpoon, putting points into your ultimate at level 6, 11, and 16. Your Scrap Shield only goes up by 30 each level, so it should be left for last. Flamespitter will allow you to deal the most amount of damage in lane and in a teamfight. Maxing it will also allow you to push your lane much faster. If you’re having a lot of trouble CSing in the early game, feel free to grab an extra point in Electro Harpoon at level 4, but make sure that Flamespitter is maxed first.


As a top laner, Teleport and Flash are practically mandatory. While it is possible to exchange Teleport for Ignite or Exhaust, you lose a lot of your late game map pressure. Teleport will also help you get back to lane faster if you get caught in a bad spot.

Runes & Masteries

Your runes are simply there to help you deal as much damage as possible. Rumble’s ratios are deceptively low, since his Flamespitter and the Equalizer both do multiple ticks of damage, but even a bit of extra AP will help out in the long run. The AP will also help you mitigate damage with your W throughout the game.

Like with his runes, the goal of your masteries is to deal as much damage as possible. Deathfire Touch allows you to do the most damage in a teamfight, while the 12 points in Resolve will help make you as bulky as possible.


At level one, Rumble doesn’t have the best itemization. He doesn’t use any mana, so Doran’s Ring and The Dark Seal are inefficient. The most common first buys are boots, Ruby Crystal, Doran’s Shield, or Amplifying Tome.

For your early game, you want to rush towards a Haunting Guise and complete a Liandry’s Torment as soon as you can. The burn and percentage damage synergizes well with Rumble’s damage over time and helps him deal with tanky front liners. Sorcerer’s Shoes is the preferred boot option, as the magic penetration does stack with your runes and Liandry’s Torment.

Later on, you want to build a Zhonya’s Hourglass as it gives you a decent amount of damage and improves your survivability. If you’re ever in a tight situation, you can hit Flamespitter and then go into Zhonya's. The Flamespitter will still deal damage where you’re facing, but you’ll be invincible throughout the duration. After that, Void Staff is an absolute mandatory buy. You need to be able to shred tanks and the magic penetration helps against squishy targets as well. Against targets building very little magic resist, you’ll be doing near true damage with a completed Void Staff.

For your last two items, you want a Rabadon’s Deathcap plus a survivability item. Usually, this is a Guardian Angel or an Abyssal Scepter. If you’re the only damage threat on the team and you need to carry, consider grabbing a Luden’s Echo for the extra AP and movement speed.

Early Game

At level one, you can keep yourself in the danger zone by spamming Q until minions spawn. This will help you out against a lot of melee matchups. Turn away from the creeps as your Flamespitter is going on so that you don’t push too hard. When the enemy goes up to CS, face towards them so that they start getting hurt by its AoE. If you’re against a lane bully and it’s not safe to Flamespitter them, stay back and try to poke and CS with your Electro Harpoons. With a decent ranged skillshot and a shield at your disposal, you can survive in a lot of hard matchups.

Mid Game

Having both Teleport and your ultimate available makes you a threat everywhere on the map. If you find your team has put itself in a bad spot, you can Teleport to a friendly unit nearby and get ready to send an Equalizer flying. The damage and slow that Equalizer provides lets you turn most fights around. If you keep a keen eye out for potential fights near dragons or turrets, you can easily Teleport in unnoticed and look to zone out an entire choke point.

Late Game

Your job on Rumble later on is much similar to how you played the mid game. Rely on your Teleport to be able to split push and let the enemy team force objectives so that you can come in with an Equalizer and clean up. No matter how bad the game is going, Rumble has the ability to solo carry games if he’s able to land a good Equalizer when the enemy overextends. With a maxed Electro Harpoon slow in the Danger Zone, you can easily catch anybody, even if they're only slightly out of position. Be patient with your ultimates, as one poorly placed one can cost you the game.

If you’re trying to pick up Rumble, do it against champions that are usually build very tanky and can’t punish you very hard. As long as you ward up and protect yourself from jungle ganks, you’ll be able to shut down any tanks that come your way. Once the mid to late game hits, practice pushing out lanes, sieging with your team, and landing perfect Equalizers. Rumble has been known for being a high mechanical top laner because of how difficult it is to CS and how hard it is to land a good ultimate. Good timing, patience, and precision are all required, but above all, he needs practice. Like with any mechanically intensive champion, it can take hundreds of games to master him fully, but given how often Rumble comes back in the meta, your hard effort won’t be wasted.

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