Interview with CWL player FlogginPS on the Call of Duty grind



Wed 9th Jan 2019 - 5:00pm

The grind in competitive gaming never stops. Every player is working as hard as they can to get their name out there and seen. We sat down with Abyss eSports anchor FlogginPS to talk about Call of Duty, his role on the Abyss eSports team, and the upcoming CWL event in Fort Worth.

You are a competitive player for Abyss eSports and Team Manager for LuxGaming. How do you manage to balance both roles so efficiently?

FlogginPS: My main focus is bettering myself as a player under Abyss along with my team. Lux is a very professional and organized group, never stopping me from becoming better myself. Since their last CoD appearance (CWL Las Vegas Open), their Call of Duty presence has been quiet. Therefore making my spot for team manager very easy to maintain. 

Part of your role for Abyss eSports is “anchor”. Could you describe what exactly that position is and what is expected from you when it’s game time? 

FlogginPS: Anchor is arguably the hardest role to play in such a fast-paced game that is Black Ops 4. An anchor's job on the map is to manipulate and maintain spawn control in Hardpoint. This role is usually filled by someone who mainly uses an assault rifle and can effectively win engagements taken at long range. It is my job to make everyone else’s jobs a little easier by consistently keeping my team spawning as close to the hardpoint as I can while also keeping the enemy team from coming from any and all flank routes.

CoD introduced using Specialists in Black Ops 3 and continued in Infinite Warfare. Do you like the Specialist system and are there any improvements you hope to see if they continue using them in future games? 

FlogginPS: This is a highly debated topic and a very interesting one. If it were completely up to me, however, I would keep specialists out of competitive whilst still keeping them in the public match scene. Personally I enjoyed competitive more in the pre-specialist CoDs. However, from a spectator standpoint, I can totally wrap my head around the reasoning behind specialists. I think as long as they keep the same system and Black Ops 4 specialists will remain more popular to players new and old. This game has done a really good job keeping them balanced and fun.

Since Specialists are back in BO4, which one is your favorite to use in comp matches? 

FlogginPS: My favorite would be Firebreak, but due to gentlemen’s agreements that are set in place I use my second favorite, Battery.

Ranked isn’t in Black Ops 4 yet. Are you excited for it, and do you have any tips for new people who want to try it out? 

FlogginPS: I am extremely excited for ranked play. As long as they keep it remotely close to how Black Ops 2 ranked play worked, there is no way it fails to entertain. One thing I’ve noticed for newer players coming to come is they haven’t quite grasped the meta of the game, a lot of times a newer player will want to give ranked play a shot and won’t know what weapon best suits their playstyle while still using the weapons in meta. Every Call of Duty has some weapons that shine above and simply watching professional gameplay will help you learn the meta. Another tip would be to play in a group. Playing solo is not only hard, but occasionally frustrating. Get some friends together and get to the grind. 

CWL is a huge opportunity for any team/player to participate in. Is participating in the CWL one of your goals? 

FlogginPS: Getting to a CWL event is a goal that my team and I will all get to take part in this upcoming spring at CWL Fort Worth. We have all been waiting for our chance to prove ourselves, and now it’s time. We have been on a long grind, and I feel we can really turn some heads in 2019.

What are you hoping to accomplish in 2019? 

FlogginPS: I have very high expectations for a great run at CWL Fort Worth, so that’s the first on the list. I would also love to get a solid streaming setup and make some moves on Twitch. I have a real passion for this and feel I can inspire others coming from humble beginnings. 

What’s your favorite CoD game of all time? 

FlogginPS: It is and always will be Black Ops 2. Not only is this where my competitive drive began but this Call of Duty was great in every way. Endless fun on that game.

Activision gives you the reins for the next CoD game. What type of CoD game are you making? 

FlogginPS: I’m making it modern day, no specialist and no jet packs. And I’m throwing 20 maps and 15 guns in every category in at launch. And who can forget about a BR mode.

Treyarch has been “supporting” BO4 with a ton of content (camos, guns, outfits). Do you like the Black Market system they’ve set up or do you think they can improve it?

FlogginPS: Once the ball really gets going with content, this Black Market is going to be great. I’d say the best Black Market yet. Fortnite was very successful in selling all of their cosmetic only content and Activision was smart to follow their lead.

Anything you’d like to conclude the interview with?

FlogginPS: Just want everyone to help and reach out to any smaller player and help grow this community as best we can in 2019. Everyone deserves their shot, and anyone can become great. I’m blessed to be on a team with the group of guys I am today, but that didn’t come for free. Never give up, keep grinding, and thank you for the opportunity to speak my mind.

Good luck to FlogginPS and the Abyss eSports team as they compete in the CWL Fort Worth event this upcoming Spring. The grind never stops and with a drive like Floggin's, anything's possible!

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