CarKeyyyz's Thoughts on Call of Duty



Fri 4th Jan 2019 - 6:57pm

Back in December, the top teams in the eSports world gathered together in Vegas for the Call of Duty World League (CWL). Arguably one of the biggest events in the gaming world, many watched and were inspired to reach that level of competition.

Carson "Carkeyyyz" Keys is one of the many grinding to reach that mountaintop, and we spoke to him to get his thoughts and mindset en route to pro gaming.

What made you get into the competitive gaming scene?

Carkeyyyz: It was of great interest to me to live my dream that sort of manner, especially since I’ve always had a drive to do gaming full time as a pro gamer, rather than streamer. I've always had much more thrill, and it drove me more and more because there’s never a dull moment for me in competitive gaming.

What’s your favorite CoD game of all time?

Carkeyyyz: Bo2 (Black Ops 2) was my favorite because it’s where I started my competitive roots. I think that’s where a huge connection to the game comes from, but the weapons had a great balance and the maps were amazing. It was just an all around amazing game that I have absolutely zero complaints for, and it had the best League Play out of any other CoD to this day.

If you could choose any pro team to add you to their roster, who would it be and why?

Carkeyyyz: For me, it would definitely be OpTic Gaming. Since I have first entered the scene, I’ve looked up to Hecz and Scumpii and dreamed to be on the greatest org in CoD History. Scumpii is my all time favorite player, and I would love to follow in his footsteps and succeed as he does everyday.

You’re only 20 years old, which means you have a lot of gaming left to do. What do you hope to accomplish before you hang up the controller as a player?

Carkeyyyz: I definitely want to compete on a high caliber team for a number of years until my name is known around the community as an amazing player. I also want to win tournaments left and right like any other pro would love to do.

What’s been a achievement you’re proud?

Carkeyyyz: I almost quit about 2 years back because I didn’t have the drive, and no one believed in me which made me not believe in myself. However, I’m working 4x as hard as I ever have before to succeed in what I love doing. Not giving up is the biggest achievement I can accomplish for myself (and of course a COD Champs Ring!).

Call of Duty has made some enormous changes with each new entry for example Blackout being introduced. If you were given the reins, what’s something you’d add or remove for next year’s game?

Carkeyyyz: I think the only think in my head currently is add a “toughness” perk like BO2 had, or remove the stim shot healing and go back to normal regen health.

Speaking of Blackout, how do you feel about the game mode and what Treyarch has done with it?

Carkeyyyz: I am absolutely in love with Blackout, and am happy with the direction they’ve taken it. I hope they keep improving it and that it comes to CoD games down the road.

Do you think CoD will manage to make Blackout big enough for it to be its own competitive entity like Multiplayer?

Carkeyyyz: I think so. I could compare the scene to Fortnite, PUBG, and H1Z1 KOTK. I can tell already everyone loves the game mode, and there’s already so many wager matches and tournaments held on it. I can’t wait for it to get to the competitive state.

Do you think Treyarch should implement a League Play or a Ranked system for Blackout?

Carkeyyyz: I think they should as it would definitely help with getting the competitive side of Blackout started. It would almost act like “scrims”, and I think would be a huge hit for the CoD community.

What do you think has made CoD so successful in the eSports scene?

Carkeyyyz: I think the teams, the fans, and the amazing games COD has been producing. Obviously without the fans eSports wouldn’t exist. The drive/talent of every player in the making is just all around a huge hit for the community, and they want to see it go further!

Is there anything else you’d like to say to conclude the interview?

Carkeyyyz: Thank you for this opportunity, and thanks for having me!


Having recently won a Checkmate Gaming 1v1 Blackout tourney, Carkeyyyz is making strong moves to get the ball rolling wit his career. We would like to thank Carkeyyyz for participating in this interview, and wish him success in his future endeavors!