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Valla is from the Diablo universe and represents the Demon Hunter the player is able to control. Since most of Valla's family was murdered and her village destroyed by demons (her sister drowned afterwards, being traumatised by the events as Valla was not able to save her), she became a Demon Hunter in training to seek for vengeance. Her playstyle was converted pretty well to her appearance in the Nexus, making her one of the best Hypercarries in game.

  Hatred - Trait. Basic Attacks grant Valla a stack of Hatred, up to 10. Each Hatred stack increases her Basic Attack damage by 8% and Movement Speed by 1%. Hatred stacks last 6 seconds.
  Hungering Arrow - Q. (60 Mana - 10 seconds cooldown) Valla's Q fires an arrow that deals 140 (+4% per level) damage to the first target hit, then seeks up to 2 additional enemies dealing 80 (+4% per level) damage. Hungering Arrow can hit an enemy multiple times.
  Multishot - W. (75 Mana - 12 seconds cooldown) Multishot deals 165 (+4% per level) damage to enemies in a cone-shaped area in front of Valla.
  Vault - E. (50 Mana - 10 seconds cooldown) With Vault, Valla can dash over a distance in a small radius. Additionally, Valla's next Basic Attack within 2 seconds after vaulting, deals 6% increased damage per Stack of Hatred.
  Strafe - R. (80 Mana - 60 seconds cooldown) Strafe rapidly attacks enemies within 10 range for 60 (+4% per level) damage per hit, prioritizing Heroes over Minions. Valla is able to move and use Vault while strafing. Strafe lasts for 4 seconds.
  Rain of Vengeance - R. (50 Mana - 50 seconds cooldown per charge) Valla launches a wave of Shadow Beasts that deals 250 (+4% per level) damage and stuns enemies in a straight line for 0.5 seconds. Rain of Vengeance stores up to 2 charges.

Valla's basic abilities. 

At first, we will take a look on Valla's different talents while the final builds can be found after this section. 

- Level 1 -

  Monster Hunter - Q. [Reduces the Mana cost of Hungering Arrow by 40 and increases the damage it deals to Minions, Mercenaries and Monsters by 150%.] Monster Hunter is the beginning for Valla's Q build and the main reason why Q build Valla is one of the strongest Heroes on Battlefield of Eternity as she can melt an Immortal in no time. Normally you will see Hungering Arrow builds on maps with high health objectives or in scenarios where big single target burst is needed, like strong rotations or to eliminate a squishy enemy.
  Caltrops - E. [Drop 3 Caltrops while Vaulting. Caltrops do 60 (+4% per level) damage and slow enemies by 25% for 1 second. (Quest) Spend 160 seconds at 10 stacks of Hatred. Reward: Vault cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds] A Vault every 5 seconds does not sound bad at all, the downside is that it takes some time to get there. Additionally, the 3 Caltrops you gain do not have any big impact at all as they can be dodged quite easy, even if you might try to spam them with Death Dealer on level 7. It is damage that is not reliable enough. Both aspects combined, it is a talent that does not give enough value to compete against the other ones on this talent tier and the lack of E-talents throughout Valla's possible talent choices (except for level 7) does not make a viable E focused build possible either.
  Hot Pursuit - Trait. [When at 10 stacks of Hatred, the Movement Speed bonus increases to 20% total and Valla gains 4 Mana per second] While you have to be at 10 stacks for 180 seconds with the Caltrops talent to move faster, you can just pick Hot Pursuit and instantly be faster for the rest of the game while at full Hatred. 20% Movement Speed are a big benefit to kite enemies even better and the additional Mana Regeneration will help with the consumption. Aside from that, stacking Hatred is really important as Valla and therefore this talent is used in Valla's Auto Attack build as well as the Multishot build as you will get a lot of value together with other talents. However, always consider that an Auto Attack build can be countered easier than other ones, for example through Blinds or enemies disengaging to make you lose your Hatred stacks.

- Level 4 -

  Puncturing Arrow - Q. [(Quest) Hitting an enemy Hero with the initial impact of Hungering Arrow increases its damage by 5, up to a maximum of 100. Reward: After gaining 100 bonus damage, gain an additional 75 bonus damage and Hungering Arrow also bounces 1 additional time] Puncturing Arrow is a great powerspike for Valla that can be stacked quite easily and is not a Quest talent that needs as much time as others to be finished. The additional damage will not only help with the high health objectives, as it will also give you the great single target burst damage mentioned earlier. 
  Punishment - W. [Each stack of Hatred increases the damage of Multishot by 4%] Punishment is the main powerspike for Valla's Multishot build. From this point on, you should not engage with your Multishot first. Stack your Hatred before, as it allows you to waveclear faster and apply great damage to clumped up enemies. 
  Creed of the Hunter - Trait. [Increases Attack Speed by 10%. (Quest) Use 100 Basic Attacks against Heroes. Reward: Hatred grants an additional 2% Basic Attack Damage per stack] Creed of the Hunter is the talent to pick if you consider an Auto Attack build. It increases your Basic Attack damage by 20% when maxed and allows you to kite enemies easily when combined with the Attack Speed and the Movement Speed at level 1. 

- Level 7 -

  Arsenal - W. [Multishot also fires 3 grenades which deal 120 (+4% per level) damage. Each enemy Hero hit by a grenade reduces the cooldown of Multishot by 2 seconds] Arsenal is another great tool to improve Valla's W damage output in clumped up fights. As it might be hard to hit a grenade against 1 or 2 heroes, for the grenades are moving a bit slower than your Multishot arrows, it will automatically get value with a good setup (like Mosh Pit) or in tight spots, enabling the great damage potential of the Multishot build.
  Death Dealer - E. [Increases Vault Basic Attack damage bonus from 6% to 14% per stack of Hatred. If this attack kills its victim, the Mana cost and cooldown of Vault are refunded] Death Dealer can be a great tool to finish off low Health targets with an Auto Attack build or pressuring a single opponent, releasing a huge crit when stacked. The additional possible reset you can get makes it a tinier version of Genji's Swift Strike, but you should really be careful if using it aggressively and try to avoid possible Stuns or other lockdowns. 
  Repeating Arrow - E. [The cooldown for Hungering Arrow is reset when Vault is used] Repeating Arrow is a great tool to improve your single target burst potential by a lot. Before Puncturing Arrow is finished, it will also help you to complete the Quest faster. Afterwards, you can release two improved Hungering Arrows within seconds, combined with an automatic Critical Auto Attack that you get with using Vault. The Q build is mostly finished after these 3 talents, as you will just make slight improvements and adjustments after level 10, which will not be as significant as the early game talent choices. 


- Level 10 -

  Strafe - R. Both Ultimates of Valla are really viable picks. Under certain conditions Strafe is a better pick as Rain of Vengeance and vice versa. Of course, the most obvious choice is to pick it if you do not need the stun of Rain of Vengeance, but it has some other benefits too. Strafe itself can deal good damage that should not be underestimated and therefore can be a great zoning tool to secure successful disengages as well as deny enemy follow-up and creates space for your team. It also has great advantage of generating Hope for an Auriel you are playing with. An additional benefit is that Strafe resets the countdown of your Hatred stacks until you have to attack something to retain them and they also will not count down while using it. Also do not forget that you are able to use Vault while strafing, where Rain of Vengeance locks you into a certain spot for a short moment.
  Rain of Vengeance - R. Rain of Vengeance is a great ability that can be used in various situations. Since Valla is an easy target for enemies, if you position yourself too exposed on the battlefield, Rain of Vengeance can interrupt enemy engages quite effectively. Also when matched against a dive composition or certain Heroes, it is a great tool to keep yourself safe. Additionally, you will be able to interrupt Heroics of your opponents as its range should not be underrated. It also gives you a great follow-up stun on abilities like Void Prison or Apocalypse, as well as a resource to set up combos for your team.


- Level 13 -

  Siphoning Arrow - Q. [Valla heals for 75% of the damage dealt to Heroes by Hungering Arrow] Siphoning Arrow is a great source for self-sustain if you play the Hungering Arrow build. The healing amount is good and the possibility to get it with 2 arrows nearly immediately can heal you up in no time. However, when facing high amounts of spell damage, Gloom might be the better choice.
  Tempered by Discipline - Trait. [While at 10 stacks of Hatred, Basic Attacks heal for 25% of the damage dealt] Without the Q build, the possible healing amount of Siphoning Arrow is not big enough to be better than Tempered by Discipline. This Auto Attack talent is a must pick for the Auto Attack build if you want some extra healing. It should also be considered in a Multishot Build, as you also try to be on max Hatred stacks and will get more value out of it than with Siphoning Arrow, even though you are not improving your Auto Attack damage in the first place. Nevertheless, Gloom can also be an option, as already said, when facing high amounts of spell damage.
  Gloom - Additional talent. [Activate to consume all Hatred, granting 3 Spell Armor per Hatred consumed for 5 seconds. Passive: Permanently gain 20 Spell Armor, reducing Ability Damage taken by 20%] Gloom is the best spell shield in game! You gain passive Spell Armor of 20 and be able to increase it by another 30 for 5 seconds. Although you have to give up on your Hatred stacks, this talent can oftentimes save your life! The stack loss can hurt the Auto Attack and Multishot builds, but it doesn't harm the Hungering Arrow build as much. 20 Spell Armor for the rest of the game can also be really good, as it is permanent and will not go on a short cooldown when triggered. You don't have to activate it to get good value out of it, but Gloom is more of a situational choice.


- Level 16 -

  Frost Shot - W. [Increases the range of Multishot by 20% and it also slows by 25% for 1.5 seconds] Frostshot is another great talent to catch up on previous improvements. With increased range and additional slow you not only get some crowd control, it also increases your overall damage a bit and can enable teammates that go for Executioner as one of their talents.
  Seething Hatred - Trait. [Basic Attacks now grant 2 stacks of Hatred and the time it takes before Hatred expires is increased by 2 seconds] If you are pretty new on Valla and you have some troubles to keep your Hatred stacks up, Seething Hatred can be a tool to take you by the hand and help you a bit. Normally, Manticore is a better talent to pick and thereby is more recommended as a choice. I'm just saying that Seething Hatred can find a spot in the beginning as you lack way more damage and value if you permanently run out of stacks.
  Manticore - Passive. [Every 3rd Basic Attack against the same Heroic target deals an additional 5% of their maximum Health as damage] Manticore is not only a great tool to improve your single target damage output with an Auto Attack build. As the damage of this talent amplifies on the basis of the target's maximum Health and not on previous taken talents, it is also a great pick for the Q build to give you the slight increased damage you might need to secure a kill.


- Level 20 -

  Death Siphon - R. [Strafe also fires penetrating bolts in a line for 34 (+4 per level) damage every 0.25 seconds. 25% of the damage dealt with Strafe is returned as Health] The increased damage on Strafe as well as the heal you receive are not bad at all, but not as good as other talents at this tier. It is more of a Quick Match pick if you will not have a healer on your team or find yourself oftentimes in a situation where you do not receive a heal in teamfights (which normally should not be the case).
  Storm of Vengeance - R. [Basic Attacks reduce the charge cooldown of Rain of Vengeance by 5 seconds] Storm of Vengeance might only be considered if you really have to rely on your Rain of Vengeance in fights to gain the upper hand with your team. Overall it is not as strong as other talents on this talent tier.
  Rancor - Trait. [Each stack of Hatred also increases Attack Speed by 2%. While at 10 stacks of Hatred, gain an additional 30% Attack Speed] Rancor looks amazing first. You can spam your Basic Attacks into opponents and pierce them in every body location. Combined with Manticore it can shred tanks to pieces but you will give up a bit of movement as well. Since you want to attack between moving, the steps you can make are way shorter as your Attack Speed rises. Therefore you only have two options in fights: Move slower to excel with this talent choice but also be more vulnerable, or make bigger steps but lack on damage. This is one of the main reasons why I would not recommend this at first and should only be considered if your team really has your back.
  Farflight Quiver - Passive. [Increases Valla's Basic Attack range by 2.2] Since kiting and stutter-stepping are, as already said, the best aptitudes of Valla and she can be caught off-guard quite simple if she has to get closer to a certain target, being able to increase her overall Basic Attack range is a great bonus. Keeping your playstyle but doing so from a greater distance makes it way harder for opponents to lock you down in teamfights. Other talents on this tier are also not that bad but more of a situational choice. As Farflight Quiver is the best in most (or more) scenarios, it will be the recommended one.


To summarize the above mentioned: Multishot and Hungering Arrow are the recommended builds for Valla, as the Auto Attack build can be strong but also be countered easier. Hungering Arrow helps against high health objectives or Mercenaries and grants great single target burst damage, while Multishot is better for waveclear and overall damage output in clumped up fights and tight areas on the battlefield. The shown builds are only recommended and, as always, might be changed on certain talents due to enemy talent picks, compositions or playstyle.

Keeping your Hatred stacks up is one of the main keys to excel on this Hero. Position yourself well and try to use single shots on structures or Minions to retain them. Ongoing teamfights will benefit you, as Valla will improve her damage output if Hatred isn't at max stacks at the beginning. 

Valla and Auriel are a really strong combo and often times picked together, as Valla is one of the best Hope generators for Auriel. Do not get split from her in teamfights and try to keep her safe, as continuous fights do not only benefit you, but also Auriel who can heal for days.

Know your limits! Of course this means a lot of practice and should be considered with every Hero, but Valla, as a hypercarry, is also able to deal massive amounts of damage to the enemy team while being in frontline for a second and vaulting into the backline afterwards. But it's always the question when you can or cannot do these kind of actions. In general you would say: Do not position yourself too aggressively as distance is to your advantage. Valla is quite mobile with her increased Movement Speed and her Vault, but if the enemy team follows up a stun or any other type of crowd control, because you were a bit too far out, you will be dead. Kiting and stutter-stepping are the best tools for Valla to be safe and increase her potential.

Valla's Hungering Arrow doing great damage to a boss on Sky Temple with
the Q build.

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    Thanks for such a great guide of valla the arsenal and repeating arrow can be really useful in level 14.and this guide is also useful for getting succusesfull in all levels with great combinations. <a href="">roadside assistance service</a>

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