Interview with 3sUP’s David 'DAVEY' Stafford



Mon 21st Sep 2015 - 1:22pm

An interview with an up and coming star in NA CS, fresh off their performance at Winout LAN, 3sUP'sDAVEY especially, have been putting up strong results versus numerous Top Tier NA teams, such as Luminosity Gaming, Mythic and compLexity. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to have a short interview with DAVEY, and ask him about his team and his plans for the future.

Hey Davey! Tell us a little about your history in Counter Strike pre-Global Offensive.

DAVEY: Well I started playing Counter-Strike 1.6 when my older brother introduced me to it. I was addicted to the game and played all day when I was about 11 years old. I started watching professional tournaments and because of my older brother's Polish background I was a fan of team Pentagram G-Shock, now the Virtus Pro guys. I fell in love with competitive play and wanted to do it one day like they did.

How did you get into the pro scene of CS initially?

DAVEY: I got into the pro scene of CS how everyone does, by playing up through the divisions with the right people who have the same goals as you do.

How did you get around to joining ex-affinity (now 3sup)?

DAVEY: Well I've been on this roster since its first season in open, obviously the players on the team have changed a lot throughout the 6 seasons of its existence but I have been here since the beginning. Originally it was a team with me, buzza, shroud, deckurin and revolt. Then the season after that is when stanislaw and sidof joined, we used the roster and made it into the first season of premier. After the first season, stanislaw left and it was a team that focs made. Buzza came back and jasonr joined. After that season, we picked up abe and arya. The roster was me focs, jasonr arya and abe. During this off season we made a risky move by removing focs and picking up kiko. So far it has paid off and we have improved over the previous season.

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What were your expectations going into WinoutLAN and how did you feel about the other teams?

DAVEY: Our expectations going into winout lan were to finish in the top 3. We felt like we were a top 3 team at the event and we finished where we expected. We didn't exceed our expectations, we simply played how we were supposed to play. While NME and Method are solid teams, we feel like we are a better team and proved that to people who didn't believe that.

Your team put a strong performance, finishing third overall. Are you guys happy with your performance? You individually put a massive performance, putting up a 1.20 HLTV rating and being the 4th highest rated player at the tournament, ahead of notable players such as Fer and Fallen of LG. How does it feel to perform as such, and what would you attribute your great performance to?

DAVEY: Of course it feels good to play well, but it doesn't feel as good as winning. I don't consider it to be anything special, simply doing my job on my team. My team mates do a great job of giving me opportunities for kills.

What goals do both 3Sup and yourself now have for this season of CSGO?

DAVEY: The goals for us this season is to win, we want to win every match we play. That is the only goal.

What advice do you have to players aspiring to become pro players?

DAVEY: If you want to be a pro player, listen to better players and learn. There's nothing I hate more than watching a good player try to give someone advice in game and the other person getting completely defensive. Just shutup and listen, you can take something from everyone, even if you think they're worse than you. Keep your mind open and keep learning.

What things would you like to see to help further CSGO, both NA and internationally?

DAVEY: I would like to see Valve put more support into our majors. I'm not complaining about the amount of support they have put in so far, they've been great don't get me wrong. I just see how amazing The International was and I want something like that for csgo. We beat them in viewership for our majors so I don't see why we can't have a week long tournament with double elim bo3's.

Who do you think is the most underrated player in CS?

DAVEY: In North America, I would say fugly. Everyone knows he's good, but he's never talked about as a top player in NA, which I think he is.

Who’s your North American dream team with the currently available NA CSGO players?

DAVEY: So obviously my team is my dream team, if we aren't including anyone from my team it would be: nitr0, fugly, skadoodle, shroud, freakazoid, with a nice coach SeanGares. If coaches arent allowed then sub sean in for freakazoid.

Do you have any shout outs? If people are interested in you and your team, how can we find you? 

DAVEY: Huge shout out to 3sUP, Hilton our owner, managers Toms, Nick, Matt and our coach Garett. Shout out to our sponsors scuf and arma centrum. And of course shout out to the fans who support us and also the fans who support other teams, everyone who supports csgo.

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Thanks to DAVEY for giving up his time for this interview, and best of luck to both him and 3sUP for the future!