Missions CAN be useful!



Fri 29th Aug 2014 - 7:39pm

Missions were introduced along side the new operation breakout patch. At first it brought excitement into people, but slowely many grew tired of even trying to complete them. The odds that you would receive a good item as a reward are so slim you are better off hunting for cases, but I still say you should complete them despite the abysmal drop rates of good items, especially the proficiency missions. After all they are not called "proficiency" for nothing.

If you really think about it these missions are a good and fun way to expand your Counter-Strike: Global Offensive "vocabulary" since generally the missions involve maps you would not normally play or guns you wouldn't normally use (or not as frequently). Missions allow a fun way of practicing weapons you would not normally practice with or practice that much with. For example the mission you can receive are "Win 16 rounds on Cobblestone", this can be a good way to get into the map Cobblestone which has now been (along side of underpass) recognized as a new and official map in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

 Others read "Get 40 kills with the P2000 on Deathmatch", "Get 10 kills with a heavy weapon on Casual" which is, once again, a good way of getting you to warm up with something else than an Ak-47 or an AWP. Generally when you go into death match you pick up and AK-47 or an M4a1-S and aim for the head, but most of the time you almost completely mitigate the use of your secondary and I would like to reiterate that these missions are a good way to shift your focus from the Ak-47/M4a1-s/AWP.

Once you are dropped a mission you should keep it until the next time you log onto Counter-strike: Global Offensive to use it as a warm-up method. To make the missions more fun you should try and set a personal objective along with the mission objective, for instance: "Get 40 kills with the p2000 on Deathmatch" and from that build to either a 100 total kills with the P2000 or 40 headshots, this is a good and fun way to practice more and get a reward for it!

On valves part though it might be smart to increase the kill counts because getting ten kills is a bit too easy, forty kills is getting there. Remember the next time you are dropped a mission do not get angry at at it, but instead use it in a positive way and you never know, maybe that beautiful factory new, stattrak dragon lore AWP might drop!