5 Awesome Cases to Buy in CSGO



Sat 23rd May 2020 - 7:35pm

Checking out the Steam Market for Counter Strike: Global Offensive can remind you of walking into Toys "R" Us when you were a little kid. There is so much to see and buy, and it can get confusing at times. Each weapon case in CSGO has a variety of skins worth different amounts. In general, the chances of making profit are not high, with a majority of players receiving a skin worth less than what they paid for. But many people love the thrill of taking a risk, and opening a case is just fun, even if you do not make all your money back. You might get a skin you never thought of and enjoy it. So, here are my top 5 cases for someone looking to purchase some cases. 

5. Danger Zone

Taking the name of the popular battle royale mode, the Danger Zone case is not one to be overlooked. Coming in at a fair price of $0.08, this case is full of great options when it comes to skins. It's hard to be disappointed with any of these skins. For example, you can get lucky and wind up with an AWP "Neo-Noir", or you can get a cheaper SG553 "Danger Close" which is still a fine looking skin. This case is an all-around good option for someone looking for a fair priced case with nice skins. 

4. Chroma 3 Case

If you're looking to spend the least amount of money on cases, then the Chroma 3 is your go-to choice. There is a handful of other 5 cent cases besides the Chroma 3, but due to its greater diversity of pretty patterns on each skin, I chose the Chroma 3 case over the other ones. It's hard to go wrong with any one of the Chroma 3's excellent skins, even if you do not make a profit from it. So, if it's your first time opening and want a cheap case, the Chroma 3 will be your friend.

3. Prisma 2 Case

The newest case in the game, the Prisma 2 has a lot of great looking skins of all values, from the Glock 18 "Bullet Queen" to the more affordable AWP "Capillary." Since the Prisma 2 is a new case, the value is a bit higher than many cases, starting at $0.84. The Prisma 2 could pay really well; because its new, many of the skins are in higher demand, and the more expensive skins in the case have higher prices compared to some other cases. One downside to new cases is the skins won't always be as high of a price when they first come out, over time more people unbox and receive the case, lowering its value. So if you get an expensive skin and want to make money from it, then sell it right away because it will lose value. Even if you do not get one of those rare skins, you will still fall on a cheaper, but nice looking skin. 

2. Winter Offensive Case

The Winter Offensive Case is an old case not to be forgotten, because it has a lot of potential. Coming in at $2.34, the Winter Offensive case is already an expensive case, even without your $2.50 key (buy your keys in-game from Valve since they are more expensive on the market). But after looking over the prices, there seems to be more skins that can give you a profit in this case compared to many others. Another plus is there is the case's small size with only 13 skins to choose from and only 4 of those are blues. The initial investment may seem like a lot, but you are aiming for profit then this case is an excellent choice. 

1. Shadow Case

My personal favorite, the Shadow case has been my friend when it comes to opening cases. Any profit I made from case opening came from the Shadow case. It wasn't just me either, some people I played with also got lucky with this case as well. Besides luck, this case still is not a bad option. It has many nice options which are actually being appreciated more by the CS community. Some popular skins rising in value from the collection are USP-S "Kill Confirmed", M4A1-S "Golden Coil", and AK-47 "Frontside Misty," but other ones in the case are going up too. With prices on the rise and the case being only $0.10, why not test your luck with the Shadow Case?

What Do You Like?

With 30+ cases available, there is something for everyone. People like different things, and CSGO knows how to spice up their cases with fantastic options in each one. These five will get you started on the right path, but feel free to browse all the listings to better understand how it works. Maybe your luck will pay off and you will get a expensive, beautiful skin to show off to all your friends. Good luck.