Melt Your Enemies - An Overpass Molotov Guide



Sat 11th Jan 2020 - 5:59pm

Overpass, once the new kid on the block, is now one of the oldest maps currently in the map pool. This makes it hard to keep coming up with new things on Overpass, which is why I tried but can't guarantee that you've never seen the molotovs and incendiaries in this article. However, the line-ups I'm about to show you are probably the overall most useful ones I can think of and will greatly help you in every type of game that you may play on Overpass in the future.

In this guide, I'll show you 10 molotov/incendiary line-ups, all of which with a corresponding video and context for the usage of the shown line-ups. Please keep in mind that all of these line-ups are performed on 128 tick and some may, sadly, not work on 64 tick.

These molotov and incendiary line-ups will also be rated with a difficulty rating ranging from very easy (intuitively throw-able with no practice) to very hard (you will need to invest some time and be mechanically sound to throw this line-up reliably), but I tried to keep these line-ups in the medium-range to not to publish a guide only with very situational or hard line-ups. Let's start off with the offensive side, the Terrorists!


T-Spawn to B-Short

Difficulty: Medium, Hard if done without stopping

Usage: This line-up is really useful when you're trying to establish a default on the T-side and you need B-Short control, which makes this line-up rather early-round-heavy, but I can also see it be used when you're rotating from A back to B and trying to take B-Short before executing on B later in the round.


  • Incredibly useful and from a safe distance
  • With a good spawn, no CT will make it into B-Short without taking damage
  • Won't hinder the Ts running towards B-Short
  • Can be used to make the CTs get used to not to take B-Short and deprive them of information
  • Can be used to fake after having the CTs get used to the molotov


  • If the CTs extinguish the molotov, your teammates may think they're safe if they don't hear the sound of the smoke
  • Your teammates should be prepared for a boost by the CTs
  • Can be an easy misthrow if you don't get the timing right

B-Stairs to Toxic

Difficulty: Medium, Medium-Hard if done without running

Usage: Can be used whenever you pass the stairs (preferably as the last) to execute onto B, which includes rushes or late-round executes.


  • You take away a great position from the CTs
  • You are pretty safe when throwing this molotov
  • Since it is useful in so many different scenarios, you can use it almost every round if you still have your molotov late-round


  • People like to extinguish the flames and stay in or sometimes leave Toxic, which makes it a guessing game for the executing squad
  • Rather hard and therefore a lot of error possibilities

B-Short to Headshot

Difficulty: Really Easy

Usage: Great tool for mid-round or late-round executes onto B, takes away a great and annoying position for the CTs to hide in and peek around with a flash from a teammate.


  • Incredibly easy and reliable
  • Helps against very annoying CTs hiding in Water and peeking from Headshot
  • You are safe if you have an enemy watching Short and cleared out Connector


  • CTs like to peek Short from time to time, sometimes also like to boost
  • It's not very fast

B-Short to Toxic

Difficulty: Easy

Usage: Just like the line-up above, useful for mid-round or late-round executes.


  • A great non-skill alternative to the walking-Toxic line-up a bit higher up
  • You are OK from a safety standpoint as long as you have teammates clearing and holding the positions around you
  • Important for a proper set-piece


  • You can get peeked from B-Short or surprised by a boost
  • Can take some time if you want to run onto B "right now!"

B-Short to Jungle

Difficulty: Very Easy

Usage: Great for an off-meta bombsite take on B or for countering an annoying enemy always playing in Jungle and harassing you mid-take.


  • Incredibly easy
  • Safer than the other B-Short line-ups, since you're in a corner that isn't immediately visible when checking B-Short or boosting


  • Kind-of situational
  • To be safe, you need to clear out Connector before

A-Long to Truck Corner

Difficulty: Medium (you need to walk just a bit)

Usage: Great asset for taking A after taking Long control, which makes this a good tool for teams that always like to roam around the map or in their defaults. This line-up takes away a strong defensive position.


  • Relatively safe line-up
  • Forces the CT to move and if your teammates are in a good position, they're going to catch him out, no matter if he peeks or tries to jump behind Truck
  • If the CT extinguishes the molotov, you know where to spam
  • Can be used in a variety of A-site takes


  • There is a bit of room for error with the timing
  • Can be seen from quite far away and telegraphs your A-site execute, although at that point it should be too late

A-Long to Green

Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Usage: Just like the line-up above, this one is great for a variety of A-site executes in the mid- or late-round. Especially good in the repertoire of default-heavy T-teams.


  • This molotov is thrown from a safe position
  • Easy to remember
  • Great off-beat molotov to take away a great AWP or AUG position that is hard to deal with
  • If the CTs extinguish the molotov, they're still shut out of the round


  • You might get killed if you run a bit too far or the AWPer at Long hits the shot on your hand showing


Jungle to B-Short

Difficulty: Medium (you need to press and then release both mouse buttons at the same time)

Usage: This defensive incendiary line-up works great for either stopping a default set-up from the Ts towards B-Short and allows your team to take B-Short control before the Ts can.


  • Great cut-off incendiary that will give you the ability to take B-Short
  • If the Ts decide to run through, they will suffer from 40-60 points of damage
  • Pretty simple for the effect that this line-up has
  • Incredibly safe


  • There is a risk of using this line-up when you aren't too used to using both mouse buttons
  • If the Ts are currently rushing A, you just wasted $600 towards B

Jungle to Monster

Difficulty: Easy

Usage: Works great to either stop a B-rush or to interrupt a B-site take when it's already happening, either by shutting the Ts out of B or splitting the players that are coming out of Monster apart.


  • Pretty safe line-up if the Ts aren't out already
  • Can be used to establish that Monster rushes won't work
  • Easy to throw and to remember
  • Great for early in the round


  • If you line this incendiary up too late, you'll be overwhelmed by the executing Ts
  • If the Ts decided to rush A, you just wasted $600 on stopping non-existent Monster aggression

In front of A to Tunnels

Difficulty: Hard (with jumpbind/double-key jumpbind)

Usage: Can be used as an early-round tool to disallow the Ts easy entry to Playground and Fountain and can help you get aggression going.


  • You're safe when throwing this incendiary at the beginning of a round
  • You'll probably land the incendiary before every T left Tunnels
  • Really useful when trying to find an aggressive opening


  • Can be hard to get right in the heat of the moment
  • You can feel safe, although a T could come up from Connector and backstab you and your teammates if you aren't careful

Don't Burn Yourself

Like always, every line-up is situational from a certain perspective. There isn't the single best line-up to defend or attack A or B, no best grenade to throw every match. Every match is different, and you should always be open to new line-ups and new approaches to the same problem in order to always truly stay on top. It is no easy task, but these line-ups may help you get where you want to get.

If you think you're still not prepared enough on Overpass, feel free to check out my Painless Overpass Smoke Guide and arm yourself with even more top-tier utility line-ups!

If you want to show your sick execute, you can head over to #Digscord and share your thoughts there or hit me up on Twitter if you have any kind of feedback regarding this article or any of my other work!

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