Defending Mirage’s B Bombsite – Tips and Tricks



Sun 2nd Jun 2019 - 1:55pm

Mirage is easily one the most iconic layouts in CS:GO, being one of the most played maps in its history. Being recognized by many as a popular PUG map, it’s only natural that most players are familiar with all its intricacies and secrets. In this article, I’m going to share several tips and tricks on how to defend the B bombsite, ranging from the most default setups to the most bizarre boosts that are sure to catch your opponent unaware and grant you one or more free kills. Note that while most of these apply to the CT side, it can also be applied to post-plant situations on the T-side if enough time to set up is given by the opposite side. 

The bombsite itself is rather simple, with two main entrances that the Ts can normally approach from (Apartments and Short) and one that can serve as a flank (Kitchen), although it is rather impossible for them to get there if your teammates are holding the correct positions in Middle and A. Generally, the Terrorists should only be able to surprise from Apartments, as you can be informed of a Catwalk and Short push really early from our teammates defending Middle. Even if they get smoked and mollied out of their positions, you should be able to adjust rather easily, allowing you to be prepared for a push from Short. You should be extra careful if you notice that the Middle or Jungle are not being covered, as that could allow for one or more players to sneak and get into kitchen, essentially destroying your B defense by catching you unaware from behind. 

Timings on this bombsite are heavily favored to the CTs, meaning that if the defense is well and fast executed, even a rush can easily be stopped or a least managed the best way possible. Although a rush B is a very common strategy in Mirage, especially on the pistol round, you should have no issues stopping it if the correct utility is bought, meaning an Incendiary Grenade and a Flashbang, which will be thrown in the apartment window or balcony, causing either a massive delay on the rush or serious damage to the opponents. 

If you have a good spawn and you’re defending Apartments, you will surely have more than time to position yourself just the way you want. If instead you’re the Short player and decide to play aggressive, have in mind the terrorists will have Top Middle control before you reach your position, unless you do the Middle Window to Short strafe jump, which could grant you precious seconds. Have in mind that if the Ts rush Middle, they’ll reach it at the same time you’re jumping, so be careful. 

2-Man Setups 

Defending B with two players is the most usual setup, generally with one being around the Bombsite and/or Balcony and the other playing around Pillar or Short. When playing like this, setting up crossfires is easier. You can check some of the most usual setups below: 

Forest and Short Corner

Since it’s a very tight angle, that position on Forest is regularly overlooked, allowing for an easy frag. As most players jumping out of window are focused on short, you’ll be able to shut them down with fire coming from both sides. But be careful: these positions are exactly in front of each other, which makes Team Damage very common. 

Balcony and Bombsite

This setup allows for easy trades while the enemy is pushing out. They might take the first player out, but will most surely never take second one without being instantly traded. The player on the Bombsite is also responsible to cover Window, otherwise he might get run over if the Terrorists manage to quickly kill the player on Balcony and drop to Van. This setup requires good coordination and communication between the two defending players. 

Forest and Backsite

You can also play more passive, even allowing the Ts to get Apartments control. When playing on Forest (Bench), you will have the upper hand on the first player that comes out of Apartments. Not only that, but you will most surely have a 2-on-1 confrontation, as the player on the Backsite will be helping you whenever the Terrorist comes out to the Balcony.  

Bombsite and Pillar

Having one player on the Bombsite or in Forest allows for a wider area of coverage, but bear in mind that if a T drops from Window and chooses to engage the player defending Pillar, it might get really hard to set-up trades, leaving both players isolated. Nevertheless, depending on the way Ts choose to approach the site, it could become a very strong wall of defense, as it is very natural for the players to almost immediately start pushing to get control of the Bombsite and even Kitchen. The player on Pillar really needs to use it to their advantage, making sure to always keep fighting 1v1s. Doing this requires good movement and game awareness, while the other player can help locating enemies with good calls. 

There are countless more ways to defend the Bombsite with 2 players, but the ones I described above the most common and effective ones. In my opinion, there is need to overcomplicate things if the basics are not on point. The setups I described can help you improve those basics and allows for more advanced tactics to be put to play. 

3-Man Setups 

Generally, it is not a good idea to defend B with 3 players, as that will leave the other areas of the map way too unguarded. But there are some situations where the risk might be worth it, such as: 

Pistol Round – As I’ve said before, rush B is a very common strategy to run on the T-side during the pistol round. By putting a 3rd player on B, it allows for an easier defense. Not only that, but as the A bombsite is way more open, it is easier to play for the retake on it, as the CT pistols have the long-range advantage. The A player should be careful to not die for free while waiting for their teammates to rotate. 

Force rounds – Generally on force rounds you might not have Rifles available to you, leaving you playing with SMGs that are not good at longer ranges, which makes the B-bombsite perfect for them. As the pistol round, you should play A for the retake, or even save, depending on the situation at hand. 

As for the positions you should be defending, it is very important to always have at least one player covering Short advanced or Pillar. The other two can then focus on the positions I referred to before, with the third player acting as the surprise factor on Short. Again, I don’t recommend this setup except on very specific situations. 

Surprise Your Opponent 

The B bombsite of Mirage is very rich in different ways to surprise your opponent. You have countless boosts and spots at your disposal from where your opponent will surely be caught unaware, at least for the first time you use it in a match. Let’s talk about them: 


Bombsite Box

The most common one, but it is still able to surprise your opponent almost every time. When playing with 3 players on B, this should almost always be the boost to go. You’re almost guaranteed a free frag when standing there, while the Ts are worried with the remaining players defending the site. Having trigger discipline is also important in this position, as it can allow for more than one frag to be done. Be careful not to bait your teammates though!  


Under Window

This one serves as a little surprise, only being usable once or twice each match, as they will start looking for it as soon as you use it. Requires good control of Middle from your teammates, as a push from Short will surely make you give away B for free, as they will be able to easily kill both players. 

Above Forest

Possibly the most overpowered boost on B, also rare to see. Its only disadvantage is if the opponents rush, it’s almost guaranteed both players to die. From this boost, you’re able to control Apartments from the most awkward angle for the T’s to counter, and it’s almost sure they won’t even understand where the first shot came from, allowing you to get two or three shots before being spotted. As the prior, it also requires a good Middle control from your teammates, to make sure you’re not surprised from short. 



Self-Boost on Bombsite

An easy spot to reach, that gives you a relatively good view towards Apartment’s Window and it’s barely discernible from your opponent's POV. Not only that, as soon as you get a frag, you’re in a good position to instantly switch to Backsite, allowing you to safely escape from the trade attempt. 

Apartment's Pixel Gap

A really powerful spot, but really hard to hit from. You have a really tiny gap to peek from, which makes fast reactions crucial. If your opponents cross that gap while walking, it’s a rather easy shot to hit. On the contrary, if they cross it running, not only it’s almost impossible to hit, you’ll also be left in an awkward position, as you will almost have no way to escape. Your teammates help is really important here, as a Flashbang or a Smoke Grenade can be the only way to allow you to run away with life. Use this spot carefully and wisely! 

As you can see, Mirage’s B Bombsite has endless possibilities to be explored and if you’re able of switching up your approach on a round-to-round basis, you’re set to give your opponents a hard time. Remember to try these strategies, boosts and ideas on a private server before taking them out to real situations, as that will allow you to study the different aspects of each one. Demo-viewing is also one of the best ways to improve what you’re already working on, as you can see what you’re doing right or wrong, allowing you to understand what needs to be fixed and how it can be done. This article was written with countless hours invested in this bombsite, but remember that CS is a game where the meta is always changing and improving, so don’t be afraid to try out new things. Who knows, maybe you’re the one to come out with a future master plan for this iconic bombsite. 

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