The Importance of Team Communication!



Thu 4th Jan 2018 - 8:18pm

Communication in CSGO competitive is essential to forming strategies and informing your teammates for valuable much-needed information. Communication is something that is overlooked when it comes to 5v5 teamplay and matchmaking. It is something everyone should master when trying to become a better team player.

Keep It Short and Concise

Yes, communication is always good to have in a match, but flooding comms can lead to misplay and not being able to hear the actual game. This can be very frustrating and defeat the entire purpose of communicating in the first place. Keep your comms short and concise. This means telling your teammates what you hear, where they are pushing, and how much they are hit for, and that's it.

Rebinding Your Talk Key

While this doesn't really sound that important, changing your bind from the default (K) will improve your communication tremendously. Having a keybind that you can press quickly will improve your overall communication. This will be crucial during team fights and give you quick communication with your teammates.

The most popular keybind for mic is usually something easy to reach, like a side mouse button or V. If you're playing on a team, another way to improve communication is to use a push to talk feature on your communication device (Skype, Discord, Mumble, TeamSpeak). This will clear comms of anything extra, and only the important callouts will be used. When I used this with my team, I found out very quickly that my team was coordinating a lot more, and we were all able to communicate better and deliver higher quality callouts than before.

Clear Comms/Toxicity

No one likes a mic spammer. When communicating with your team, only give the important information, and leave the extra stuff out. This will not only improve your overall communication but being able to hear in-game sound while giving callouts is a must. Having a mic spammer will stop this. Furthermore, keeping complaints to yourself will improve the overall gameplay. Counter-Strike is a mental game, and having someone yell at you over the mic is going to make you play worse, and flood comms.  If the person made a mistake, 99% of the time they already know they did, so there's no need to remind them, just play the round out!

One rule of thumb is to only have positive or constructive comments during your game. While this does lean more towards 5v5 team matches and not PUGS, they can both be used the same way. Encouraging your team to keep trying or to rethink something is really important when it comes to winning your games. When dealing with toxic players, don't argue with them. This is because both you, and the other player will get tilted. Ignoring them or responding with a "Sorry," is a lot better than arguing with your teammate. You will find yourself becoming a better player when you propose a solution instead of criticising.

Learn Your Callouts

Learning callouts for each map is very important when delivering information for your team. Not knowing the callout to give to your teammate in a clutch round will give you a disadvantage over the other team. The easiest way to learn callouts are to look at these maps online:

This picture gives a description of the most used callouts for the map MIRAGE.

When Calling Out to a Teammate, Use These Rules:

1. How many Terrorists/Counter-Terrorists do you see?

2. Where are they on the map?

3. How much did you hit them for/did you kill them?

After mastering this, it should look like this: "There are 2 Ts on Tetris, and one of them are lit for 95". This is good communication because you are telling your teammate that is holding the site with you that there are two Ts moving into the site and one of them are hit for 95.

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