The Ultimate Grenade Guide - Train's A Site



Thu 10th Aug 2017 - 10:23am

Train proved to be one of the more favoured maps at the PGL Major in Krakow this July, and this guide will help you nail down your grenades for both T and CT Sides on Train's A Site.

T-Side Smokes

A Site is particularly crowded due to the many trains placed around the bombsite, so smokes are crucial for a more effective execute onto the site.

To execute this first smoke onto A Site, jump up onto the large orange container by T Spawn, facing the edge of the first brown box on the left. Look towards A Site and place your crosshair on the left hand chimney, as shown below. Make sure your crosshair is placed on the top right corner of this first chimney and simply left click throw. This will go over the trains on A Site and land to the right of Bomb Train, smoking off anyone holding from Connector and close to Bomb Train, allowing for a safer push onto A Site.

For this second Smoke, place yourself on the corner between stairs and entrance to the A Main. Make sure you are lined up with the vertical edge of the wall and turn around to face A Site. Place your crosshair on the corner of the roof as shown below, making sure that your crosshair is around the same height as where the pipes to the right end. Left click throw, and your Smoke will land between Red and Green Train, allowing your team to push through.

These two smokes can also be used in conjunction with this third T-side Smoke Grenade, which smokes off an enemy approach from Green Train, as well as anyone holding towards A Main from Ivy with an AWP. Hug close towards the orange container, where the panel is leaning up against it. Aim up and place your crosshair just above the beam visible on the side of the brown box, as shown below. Simply left click throw, and this smoke will arch over the building, bouncing off of Blue Train, and smoke the whole area off.

For this final T-Side Smoke, we will be focusing on smoking off Connector. Jump up onto the large orange container in T Spawn and face the edge of the first box to left as shown below. Move your crosshair up and place it on the top right edge of the windowed building. Then simply left click throw, and your grenade will bounce off of Bomb Train into Connector, smoking off any enemies who are holding this angle.

T-Side Molotovs

Stand on the corner of the wall in A Main, turn towards A Site, and aim for the number two which can be seen on the wall at the back of A Site. Start running while slowly dragging your crosshair up until it reaches the first overhead wire and then throw. This will then Molotov off the back of bomb train, and mean that CT players are unable to use this area to cross to a different part of A Site.

Ivy is also another area of the map that can be hugely affected by a Molotov, particularly as it's a very thin space, meaning that players will have to fall back quickly to avoid getting burned. Firstly, you will need to cross to the left side of Ivy, which can be done with a Flash or with the help of a teammate. Aim up towards the wall on the right hand side, just above the door, as shown below. Move your crosshair slightly down while beginning to run and then throw.

This final T-sided Molotov is not necessarily just for use when executing an approach onto A Site. It can be used to create pressure in Popdog too. Walk along White Halls, and shoot out the first window on your left just by the ladder down to Popdog. Place yourself on top of the tile on the floor, as shown below. Look up and slightly to your left to face the window that you have just shot out. Aim halfway along the horizontal beam and simply left click throw. This will then Molotov off the entrance to Popdog, and force any enemy players out into the open on A Site, or further up into Ladder Room. This is particularly useful if you have a teammate holding Popdog from the top of the ladder, as they may come into view and provide an easy kill.

T-Side Flashbangs

Flasbangs are hugely important when taking a bombsite and A site on Train is no exception.

This first flash will allow you to push down Ivy, and when used in conjunction with your Ivy Molotov, can wreak havoc upon the enemy team. Stand facing the grey edge of the wall just before the glass panel on the left side of Ivy. Turn face down Ivy, looking at the box in front of you. Place your crosshair on the tip of the top triangle on this same box and simply left click throw. This will blind enemies holding down both left and right side of Ivy.

If you want to flash off any enemies that may be peeking down Ivy, then stand to the right hand side of the entrance just behind the barriers. Look up and place your crosshair on the bottom right edge of the security camera. Left click throw and turn away. Once the flash has popped, peek down Ivy where any enemies holding this position will have been blinded.

CT-Side Smokes

To execute a Smoke for Ivy, place yourself on top of the grey beam on the floor, making sure your crosshair is aiming at the rivet. Aim up towards the edge of the door and place your crosshair at the point where the rim of the door and the window would intersect. Then finally throw your smoke with a simple left click, which will bounce off of the wall and completely smoke off the approach to Ivy, stalling any enemies.

This second smoke allows you to block off Popdog, meaning that any enemy players aiming to rush down this area will be stalled. To execute this smoke, walk up to the back corner of Red Train. Place your crosshair in the corner of the brick wall as shown below and simply left click throw. This will bounce off of the wall and land covering the exit from Popdog.

This final smoke is extremely useful if you are anticipating a Terrorist approach to A Site through A Main, as it will again delay their approach, wasting precious time. Walk into the corner of the boxes just in front of Ivy, and turn around to face A Main. Bring your crosshair up and aim it at where the leads are connected to the yellow beam which runs above A Site, as shown below. Then left click throw, and your smoke grenade will bounce off of the top of Blue Train into A Main, completely blocking off the Terrorist's view onto A Site.


CT-Side Molotovs

For this Molotov, jump up onto the middle of Bomb Train and make sure that you are standing directly over the cross. Look up towards A Main, and aim your crosshair at the second beam from the right. Then simply left click throw, and your Molotov will completely cover the exit from A Main onto the A Site, meaning the terrorist's approach will be stalled.

CT-Side Flashbangs

This Flashbang can be used on both CT and T side, but is incredibly useful to know as a CT when retaking A site after rotating from B. Stand to the side of Upper Ladder and look towards the wall in front of you. Aim your crosshair up until you reach the edge of the vents on the ceiling, as shown below. Simply right click throw and your Flashbang will fall down the ladder, blinding any enemies holding this position in Popdog.

Ivy is also an important place to hold effectively, as T-sided players can overwhelm you if they rush down this area. This Flashbang will help to stall their approach, blinding any enemies and making them easier to neutralise. Stand to the right side of Ivy and face up towards the beam on the left, as shown below. Aim your crosshair at the short horizontal beam running across it and left click throw, making sure that you turn away just before it pops.

We hope you enjoyed our selection of grenades for attacking A Site as a Terrorist and holding as a Counter-Terrorist. Next time, we will be delving even deeper into Train, moving over to B Site.

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