How To Stop Tilting in CS:GO



Wed 16th Nov 2016 - 11:05am

We all know that feeling. That punch in the gut after a lost clutch, that one moment that completely got you off your game. This article focuses on that feeling, the consequences, and a few possible solutions.

What is tilt?

Even though it did originate from the arcade game Pinball, when we talk about tilt, or tilting, we're talking about us not being able to make clear decisions anymore, mainly because we are angry at the game or at its players, either a teammate or an opponent. When we tilt, we stop thinking about our decisions. Some abandon the current game, some make horrible plays and some aim to make the game hell for their teammates.

Why do we need to prevent tilting?

Tilting takes away almost every chance to win the current game, and if it happens more often, will stop you from progressing and getting better at the game you love. Passion alone is not enough to become one of the best, you also need to have a clear and rational mind, at least when it comes to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. When you tilt, the whole team will have a hard time trying to win the round, and the same goes for the other way around.

What causes tilt?

Tilt is present in all levels of almost every competitive game. You can see professional gamers tilt in their player cameras at events, and you more likely than not have already experienced that someone from your team was tilting at one point or another. Even though it now seems logical to simply blame the game, because you know if professionals tilt it cannot be your fault, it is more than clear that it actually has a lot to do with mindset and pressure. Whenever someone tilts, at least one of these criteria fits the case:

-The player felt superior, but got killed or outplayed
-The player felt superior, but made a mistake
-The player lost multiple clutches
-The player had a toxic moment with a teammate/opponent
-The player blames the game for (his) failure

Prevent others from tilting

First, be careful when you try to help others and do not let others take advantage of your kindness. If you think that your teammate is just having a bad game, had a bad day and his mood can be changed, try to do that. If you get him back on track, your chances of winning will multiply. But first, you need to find out why he was tilting:

Did the player miss a few shots he should not have missed? 

If this happens, you could help that person by keeping him an integral part of your game. If you do not let him get into the action, chances are that he will tilt even further. If you want to keep him from tilting, you need to use positive reinforcement when he does things right. If you are dead and he just clutched the round, thank him or simply tell him how well he played. When you see his name pop up on the left side of the killing feed, you can also give him a brief moment of gratitude ("Nice!"). You just need to be careful to not to overdo it in order to build his confidence.

Did the player lose (multiple) clutches?

If this happens, you need to reward a valiant effort with a "nice try" in voice chat. If he lost the clutch(es) because he gets nervous, tell him that he does not need to be, and that he has no pressure from you, or your teammates. It is a team game after all, not a one man show!

Did the players have a toxic moment towards each other?

If this happens, it is always good to try and calm down the mood in your team. If they start to berate each other, the team will lose focus! To get them back up and running, you need to first calm them down and then tell them (nicely!) to concentrate on your goal. If one guy keeps his attitude, you can simply ask the others if you all want to mute him.

Did the player blame the game for his failure?

These people are the worst to get back on track. They often look for mistakes in others and in the game, never in themselves. If you come across such person, and that person starts to tilt, you need to calm him down on both fronts: Firstly, the game is not at fault. Secondly, it was a nice try, and ultimately a slip-up that could have happened to anyone, which is the case most of the time something happens that causes a person to blame the game. Do not be toxic towards them for being like they are. This is not going to help you win the game!

Prevent yourself from tilting

To fix your mood yourself, you need to actively fight against the tilt. Do not let it get to you and always remember these principles:

- It is just a game
- One round or one game does not define how good you are
- Everyone makes a mistake from time to time
- Everyone can have an off game

If simply reminding you of these points does not help soothe you, then you may try to find out what went wrong in order to fix it.

Did you miss a simple shot?

If that is the case, you need to calm yourself down. More often than not, I see people whiff easy shots because they are either too hesitant, or do not take their time lining up the shot. If you are nervous, take your time. He will not turn around and flick your head off with a 180 degree turn. At least that is not what you should be expecting.

Did you lose your team a round because of a grave mistake?

If you did lose your team the round, simply remember that this game is a team effort. No one can blame you if you lose the 1v2 clutch. If it was an easier situation, or maybe mid round, you can still recover in the following rounds. The game is not over until it is over, and you can fire yourself up with the mistake you just made. You know you can do better, simply do not go for hero plays. It is a team game after all.

Is someone being toxic towards you?

If that happens, you have multiple choices to avert your tilt. The first one is to ignore him and his opinion. They do not matter if you win or you put up a good game. The second is to simply mute him, even though this hurts your chances of playing and winning as a team. If it only happens once, and you want to prevent him from being toxic towards you, you can simply try to say sorry. If he feels like you are upright sorry for missing an easy shot, he will more than likely stop being toxic towards you. Be careful and do not let yourself get berated for a mistake, especially when you said sorry!

Do the randoms not listen to your calls?

This is also one of the worst, most rage inducing things in solo queue. You are trying to take one for the team and concentrate on calling your team to victory and your teammates simply ignore you. First, you should check if you called an overly complicated strategy too soon in the game because this can deter them from listening to your calls. If you tried to keep it simple and they still do not listen, maybe ask them what they want to do. If everything fails, try to call a pick-and-play setup. Most people know how to hold angles and, in my experiences, they will not run out into chokepoints and get killed if you call a pick-and-play.

Are the opponents tilting you?

Tilting your opponent in a competitive game is considered bad form, but not illegal. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gives you the option to mute one or multiple enemies or even teammates. There is a fine line between tactical bad form and abuse. If someone is abusing you or another player, report him using the report function, or at least mute him instantly.

A few things to keep in mind

Tilting is, sadly, part of every competitive game. By following these steps, you may reduce the tilt you and your teammates will experience, but someone, somewhere will tilt at one point or another. If that happens, move on. Also, if you tilt in a premade team, you can talk about it afterwards. People are willing to listen, as long as you do not act like you are a god or their parent. Do not lose sight of your goal! This is what ultimately will decide your fate in a game. You need to keep yourself focused on the objective and play as a team, as one unit. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a team game, this is why teamplay will, ultimately, always prevail in competitive play.

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