Rainbow Six Operator Overview: Finka



Sun 2nd Feb 2020 - 9:00am

Finka puts the Russian in rushing with one click of her button-glove-thing. She is a two armor, two speed attacker with a unique loadout offering a bunch of different playstyles, but is best suited for the role of a support-esque character. But that doesn’t mean this yellow suited nightmare can’t frag out with enough practice. With a kit that’s designed around her miracle drug, Finka can be a godsend in lower levels of play.

Ability - Nanobot Shots

With a much cooler name than what is ultimately displayed on screen, Finka’s adrenaline nanobots come with a list of effects and like any pharmaceutical ad, some of them can be negative. Her ability gives her and her allies 20 extra health, extremely reduced recoil, and a boost of speed that can turn a Blitz into a full-on Blitzkrieg. That 20 heath may not seem like a whole lot, but it can pick up downed teammates from across the map in a pinch, giving Caveria mains around the world a collective heart attack. The fine print of her ability is that it comes with a fairly loud ambient noise of a heartbeat and some other effects that jumble your hearing. While this may seem like it pales in comparison to the list of benefits her ability provides, a handful of pro players have cited this as a big reason that Finka has one of the lowest pick rates in pro league. Luckily for Finka’s self-esteem, professionals make up a small percentage of the player base, so here’s some insight into her loadout.


Primary: Finka’s given three options in her primary department: The Spear .308 bullpup rifle, the 6P41 LMG, and the SASG-12 shotgun. These choices are the cornerstone to the versatility that Finka brings, as she can be a utility to her team/dominate in close quarters with the SASG-12, she can hold angles and provide non-stop suppressing fire (with reduced recoil) with the 6P41, or she can use her smooth as butter Spear .308 for fragging. That’s obviously not to say these are the only ways you can play Finka when using these guns, but her range is meant to spark creativity in her playstyle. The map is your canvas and Finka’s bullets, the paint.

Secondary: With a slightly less diverse pool to choose from, Finka’s secondary options are the PMM pistol or the GSh-18. With a smaller magazine size and higher stopping power, the PMM is compact and devilishly deadly gun for those with a steady hand. If your aim with sidearms needs work, the GSh-18 has 10 more bullets in its magazine and is not by any means weak. 

Utility: The choice between breaching charges and frag grenades is one that I personally have no issue with (frag grenades all day, every day). But I also just like the chance of getting frag kills, so take it with a grain of salt. Breaching charges have their standard utility of opening up new areas, while also acting as distractions should there be any tense clutch moments that you need to perform. They also allow you to attack from above on soft floors, assuming you didn’t take the SASG-12. But, if after all of that the illustrious frag grenade is still calling you, then pick up the phone because it's time to cock that ‘nade, toss it into the fray, and pray there isn’t a Jager or a Wamai on the enemy team. 


  • As mentioned in the beginning of this article, a Finka boosted rush is the stuff of nightmares. With some cooperative teammates, you can be in the objective before the defending team is even done reinforcing (in some cases). Do be aware though, like any good full team rush, all it takes is one trap and the jig may be up.
  • Speaking of traps, a word of warning to Finka players, if this wasn’t already known. If you find yourself playing against a Smoke, avoid boosting when you or your teammates are in his gas at all costs. There’s an interesting and intentional interaction between Smoke’s gas and Finka’s nanobots that makes all of those boosted by her adrenaline take damage drastically faster than normal. You’ve been warned.
  • Your ability’s role, by nature, is supportive to your team. Even if you’re not communicating with them or vice versa, keep an eye peeled for any low or downed teammates and be the wind beneath their wings.
  • Chaining off of that, you can be a guardian angel to the deaf teammate that didn’t hear your callout of a spawn peek and pick them up before they’re finished. That being said, it doesn’t always save them if the defender is running out, so I’ll throw this tip in as a bonus

Playing Finka has given me some of the most fun and memorable moments in Siege because she’s just so versatile. She can satisfy whatever mood I’m in at any given time. Whether I’m running alongside Ash and Blitz or if I want to bring Mercy from Overwatch into a realistic FPS shooter: she can do it all.