Overwatch Meta for Late Season 3



Tue 14th Feb 2017 - 12:19pm

With the latest patch ending the dreaded triple/quadruple tank meta, many players are curious as to what is the new meta. This article will detail a strong team composition that you can use while playing Overwatch.

This team composition can apply to many maps, regardless of side or objective.

Our first hero is Reinhardt, who I affectionately refer to as Rekt-Angle Man. Reinhardt continues to be a staple pick for team composition due to his extremely useful 2000 health point barrier, as it can shield your team while defending or pushing a choke point. His hammer continues to offer consistent damage at close range, and he is still a viable Nano Boost target especially when paired with a Graviton surge. This combo allows Reinhardt to do over 100 damage per swing to up to six players and easily wipe a team full of squishies. His Earthshatter is still powerful and can shut down other ultimates, such as Genji’s Dragonblade and Soldier 76’s Tactical Visor.

The second hero that returns to us this meta is Lucio. The Brazilian DJ still offers a great service to his team by use of his Speed Boost ability and Sound Barrier which are great for choosing when to engage in a team fight, with the extra speed to close the gap on the other team and the extra security provided by the shield of Sound Barrier. Lucio is especially useful on King of the Hill maps, due to the often wide open nature of the objective he can often affect all 5 other of his teammates when he uses his Speed/Healing Boost and Sound Barrier. The key to playing an effective Lucio is to play smart and have game sense. Keeping track of the other teams ultimates is also very beneficial for your team.

Our third hero to come to us is Pharah. Her aerial movement proves to be quite an advantage on many maps, especially Eichenwalde and Dorado. She has proven to be a great counter against a Torbjorn, Symmetra and Mei defensive combo by being able to avoid most of the damage these heroes can deal to her, and her ability to make quick work of both Torbjorn and Symmetra turrets is invaluable in these situations. Of course being alone in the air Pharah remains an easy target to hit, meaning she will require a lot of healing as we see with a Pharah and Mercy combo. If your team is playing a Pharah, do ensure that she gets enough healing to keep her alive and well so she can do consistent damage to the likes of Reinhardt barriers and opposing team members.

One of many players' favourites take the fourth spot. Zarya, the ultimate flex hero in the game is back in the meta. Her projected and self-barriers provide endless possibility on how to play the hero with many styles coming out for her, each tweaked to an individual’s particular playstyle. The most common and most simple playstyle for her this meta is the save the barriers, to save your teammates from hooks and other sudden damage. This gives your team and added layer of protection, as even if the opposing teams gets one of your teammates out of position, the Zarya player need only give them a  barrier and save them from peril, combined with maybe some extra speed from a Lucio and some focused healing. Zarya is good for more than that however, her ultimate, Graviton Surge, is still to me the best ultimate in the game. It has the ability to destroy a team's defence, punish poor positioning and trap players within it with no escape, all for the price of usually 2 ultimates, the Graviton Surge itself and one other ultimate to help deal damage to opposing team and kill them. This second ult can be many things but commonly is a Nano Boost on a Reinhardt or Rocket Barrage from Pharah.

For our second DPS spot in this list we have Soldier 76. He has proven over and over again that his consistent damage and long range capabilities are very useful. His basic Pulse Rifle is a great tool for slowly busting down a Reinhardt barrier, but can also be used by tapping it to easily take down an enemy Pharah or out of position enemy who is an easy target. A noteworthy ability of his is the Biotic Field he can place down. This allows him to work independently from his team for a short while as he can go aggressive to try and get a pick relatively risk free, but it can also be used to charge his ultimate very quickly. Placing it down on a payload or where your team is holding a choke point allows it to heal damage taken at the front line, and give Solider charge for his Tactical Visor, another great option for potential Nano Boosts that doesn't require a Graviton to assist. Overall much like Zarya, Soldier has a few different playstyles, all with their own advantages.

The last hero in the meta this time around is a familiar face to most players, Ana. While the Overwatch team has tried to nerf her by lowering her healing done with Biotic Grenade, and lowering the duration of the effect it appears they may have more to do as she still is the dominant healer in Overwatch. Ana is a very powerful hero and at her most basic, her skill set comes down to knowing what role to perform at a certain moment. Her Biotic Rifle does enough damage to kill 200 health point heroes in 3 shots and thus can be used to quickly pick up a kill. Of course, this doesn’t occur too often as most of Ana’s time is spent healing her team, but moments where she has free reign on the map are scary to go up against. Another strong tool in her arsenal is her Sleep Dart. This acts like a long-range Flashbang that lasts for 5.5 seconds, completely immobilizing the enemy it hits, and the only way to wake up is to take damage from an enemy. It is the best Crowd Control ability in the game as it can shut down many ultimates. Her Nano Boost still charges very fast as she does a lot of healing and can normally produce one every team fight.

To recap the team comp I feel works best for most maps is:

- Reinhardt
- Lucio
- Pharah
- Zarya
- Soldier 76
- Ana

This team composition is not perfect by any means, but can be very effective if all players understand what to do. This does not mean these are the only heroes you should play in Overwatch. Roadhog is a very strong pick due to the rework done on his hook and Genji can also be a good pick for many situations.

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