ULLR Guide - by dignitas/Zapman


   - by dignitas/Zapman (June 2014, Patch 1.0.2188.3)


Ever since his release, Ullr has been a prime pick for hunters - a fact even the nerfs he received since haven't changed. Our world class hunter Zapman is here to help you dominate your lane 




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Ullr, the God of Elo.

Ullr seems to have fallen off just a bit in the current meta due to his recent nerfs. However, he is still very much a top tier hunter. Ullr is strong in all phases of the game: early, mid and late. To truly untap Ullr’s full potential you have to master his difficult-to-hit skill shots very quickly in order to combo effectively. Ullr is very much a do-it-yourself kind of a god. He works well with any support and he also works very well alone and can hold his own in 1v1 and 1v2 situations.




Death's Toll
Devourer's Gauntlet
Warrior Tabi
The Executioner
You sell your Death’s Toll for your sixth item Titan’s Bane.
Titan's Bane




Greater Sprint
Greater Purification
Greater Aegis


Nine times out of ten you will be building Sprint plus Purification Beads or Greater Aegis. In very rare circumstances will you need to build both Purification Beads and Aegis without Sprint. In my opinion if you feel the need to build both, you are doing something wrong.

In order to decide between getting Beads or Aegis, all you have to do is ask yourself a simple question. How many high damaging nukes does the enemy team have (Kraken, Death Gaze, I’m a Monster, etc). If the answer is two or more, I recommend grabbing Greater Aegis over Beads. Obviously if the answer is not two or more, grab Purification Beads.

Note: It is my personal preference to try and not build active items until I absolutely have to. I prefer getting as far down my build as possible. Getting actives too early is a huge money sink and delays your power spike which you want to achieve as early as possible. An example of a power spike in this build would be after you finish your Warrior Tabi or any item after that spike on their own. So once you finish an item from boots and beyond you may want to consider purchasing an active if you need to.




Your Bladed Arrow and Hail of Arrows are interchangeable when leveling your skills. Level your Bladed Arrow if you are trying to outpush your opponents. Level up your Hail of Arrows if push isn’t a problem and you are trying to be aggressive and push out your opponent with poke. Also, I like to level up my stance switch ult at least once at level 5 because I can’t tell you how many times the life steal from the axe stance has saved my life.




Early Game

If you start on the right side, you will normally be doing mid harpies to blue buff which gives you an automatic level 2. In this case I start with my 3 first because it does more damage than your 1, so you can kill the camps faster. If you start on the left side, you normally will only be doing your blue and will be level 1 when you arrive in lane so start with your 1.

Early game is all about outpushing your opponent first and foremost. After you establish push then you can look to poke your opponents and maybe get a kill. This is something Ullr excels at. Not only does he have very strong push but also very strong poke. A little trick you can do to get quick first bloods is you push the melee creeps super fast before the enemy can, you get level 2 if you start on the left side while their support is still level one and you can look to hard engage on the level 1 enemy and usually get a kill.

Also knowing where the jungler is in the early game is very important to not get ganked early. Normally junglers start on the solo lane side and farm the solo lane for a bit. The normal time you should keep in your head is around 2:10 to 3 minute mark the jungler will be heading over to your side to do his red or speed depending on the side before going to either gank you or going to mid harpies. Knowing this will save your life many times.


Mid Game

Mid game is determined by items in my opinion. I would say I am in mid game form once I finish my Executioner. You should be farming as much as possible until you reach mid game form. While in mid game you should look for rotation possibilities more than you would in the early game. Your main thought during this phase of the game should be trying to get gold furies and towers off of rotation opportunities.


Late Game

Late game would be after you finish your Rage and work on your Deathbringer. Once you are in late game form you should be a beast in team fights. This is a point in the game where you do a lot of damage and the enemy team is probably gunning for you. Being conscious of your positioning is especially crucial in this phase of the game.


Team Fights

Ullr in the early game has tremendous burst and can probably do 75% of someone’s HP with a full combo. Knowing this you should be able to be aggressive and look for kills off mid harpy rotations or enemy hunters staying for that one more wave. In full blown team fights look to hit what is in front of you. Most of the time it will be tanks but don’t worry, you will be doing a lot of damage to them with your pen build.

While hitting the tanks look for opportunities to move on and hit the squishies that are out of positioning. With this new patch the tanks are most of the time guardians who don’t do much damage to you, at least compared to the warriors from last patch who could kill you easily. So hit the guy in front of you while looking for opportunities to hit the squishier targets without putting yourself out of position. Even if the tank stays on you, with your life steal and if you are hitting your autos they shouldn’t be able to bring you down.




Ullr is one of the most fun gods to play in Smite. You have so many cooldowns at your disposal and it allows you to make many plays. One way to get really good with Ullr is practicing twitch shooting your skill shots. Especially with your 3, if you master twitch shooting that skill, you will be an amazing Ullr player. I hope you enjoyed this god guide, it was my first one =]