Smite Player Guides





- Fenrir by dignitas/FrostiaK
- Serqet by dignitas/Lassiz
- Ullr by dignitas/Zapman
- Aphrodite by dignitas/ShadowQ

- Solo guide by dignitas/AnatoLiy
- Hades by dignitas/AnatoLiy




   - by dignitas/FrostiaK (March, 03, 2015 - Patch 2.1.2598.3)


Fenrir has been making a return to the jungle as attested by a 46% pick/ban rate in Week 3 of the European SPL Qualifiers. Time to ask the pros what makes The Unbound so strong and how he is best utilized. Team Dignitas jungler FrostiaK gives you the details!




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   - by dignitas/Lassiz (October 2014, Patch 1.0.2348.1)


Following her release, Serqet has quickly made the ascension
to being one of the most dominant junglers, due to her great
mobility and assassination potential. Her tricky playstyle has
also made her Lassiz's favorite and he's here today to tell you how
you, too, can make those 2v5 triple kills happen.




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   - by dignitas/Zapman (June 2014, Patch 1.0.2188.3)


Ever since his release, Ullr has been a prime pick for hunters -
a fact even the nerfs he received since haven't changed.
Our world class hunter Zapman is here to help you
dominate your lane Ullr-style.




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   - by dignitas/ShadowQ (May 2014, Patch 1.0.2107.1)


Our next Smite god guide features Aphrodite who has recently made a surprise comeback at the $200k Launch Tournament, mainly thanks to our professional support player ShadowQ.




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Solo Lane

   - by dignitas/AnatoLiy (December 2013, Patch 0.1.1889)


Following his Hades guide, Team Dignitas solo laner AnatoLiy gives you an overview of how to play in the solo lane. He discusses the different roles that can be found in solo lane aswell as their different itemization options.




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   - by dignitas/AnatoLiy (October 2013, Patch 0.1.1807.0)


We present to you our first Smite god guide by our successful Team Dignitas solo laner AnatoLiy who tells you all you need to know about Hades, the Greek god of the underworld!


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