Team Dignitas Classic Hoodie

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  • H14XXLarge $50.95
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Product Description

We are pleased to present the 2014 Team Dignitas Hoodie! We have not changed the design as we think it is awesome and we know everyone that bought the previous versions does too. 

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Your Comments

  • Fri 22nd Jul 2016 - 1:17pm

    Paypal automatically converts to $ for you

  • Mon 18th Jul 2016 - 3:30am

    To order with USD I would try the ESL USA store. And for Jerseys Esports Store 

  • Mon 25th Jan 2016 - 3:47am

    Is there any way to buy with USD?

  • Tue 15th Dec 2015 - 12:25pm

    I would like to buy the Hoodie from your shop, but I cant choose size.
    It just say " H14XXLarge ". What size is that??

    Is shipping to Denmark ( europe ) free?

    Best regards.

  • Sun 19th Jul 2015 - 7:56pm

    Would it be possible to let it get signed by: Scarra, qt, patoy, kiwikid and Crumbz?

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