Dignitas Brand Refresh

A New Name

Fifteen years ago, two esteemed Battlefield 1942 teams came together to form a super team named Team Dignitas. Founder Michael ‘ODEE’ O’Dell hoped to create a team and team name that would embody the traits the group would strive for: Merit, Prestige, Dignity and Worth. Thus, Team Dignitas was born.

Throughout the next 15 years, Team Dignitas would earn eighteen world championships and house thirty-four world champion gamers. The historic brand later became the first esports team to be acquired by a major North American sports property in the Philadelphia 76ers. Team Dignitas cemented itself as one of the most storied brands in the esports industry.

As we look ahead to the coming years, the esports industry is entering a new era - an era where an esports team is an aggregate of professional athletes and streamers, fans are both global and localized to the team’s home base and content goes well beyond gameplay.

Just as our athletes have worked habitually to develop their talents and brands, Team Dignitas is also leveling up to best position ourselves for continued esports growth. With Michael Prindiville as CEO, founder Michael O’Dell as General Manager and the support of Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment (Philadelphia 76ers, NJ Devils, Prudential Center, Crystal Palace Football Club, among others), Team Dignitas will enter this new era under a shorter, but more inclusive name - Dignitas.


Seize The Night

With a new name comes a new logo. While our storied “Digi” has cemented itself as one of the most recognized logos in esports and our dear Digi will always be part of our history, our new identity and exciting future demand a logo that will represent our direction.

The word Dignitas is rooted in Roman history. While there is no direct translation to English, the word most closely reflects the definition of “worth”. At the time, a Roman’s dignitas was the sum of their moral standing, ethics, rank, leadership abilities, personal reputation and achievement. For the great Julius Caesar, his dignitas was worth fighting for. His dignitas was more important to him than life itself.

To reflect those traits that the Romans held so dear but also encompass our fierce and unwavering competitive history, we conceived our new team logo. A blend of both the Owl of Ancient Rome and our own rich history and character, the Dignitas owl embodies our new identity.

"The esports ecosystem is changing rapidly. Evolving and broadening our name from ‘Team Dignitas’ to ‘Dignitas’ provides us the strategic breadth to best execute our competitive team business, but also pursue new verticals in the gaming world,” said Team Dignitas CEO Michael Prindiville. “Our fans were constantly asking about the root of the word ‘Dignitas’; the refresh has been the perfect vehicle to explain. We were drawn to the concept of ‘prestige,’ and the connectivity between an individual’s actions and successes in life and the success of the greater organization. In striving for excellence as individual players, teams, influencers, brands and executives - we lift our collective self."

Left: Official Crest of Dignitas; Top Right: Head Only (Informal); Bottom Right: Head Only (Formal)


The new Dignitas brand will debut at three of our most prestigious tournaments - the Rocket League World Championships, the Heroes of the Storm HGC Finals at BlizzCon and the SMITE World Finals at the Dreamhack Atlanta Hi-Rez Expo. Our World Champion Women's CS:GO team will sport our new branding at the Dreamhack Atlanta. Super Smash Bros Melee player Lucky will show off our new look at the Game Tyrant Expo and later The Mango tournament, joined by HugS.


Fly Our Colors

We are also excited to unveil the new official Dignitas player jersey, as well as the Dignitas Launch collection, brought to you by Champion. All items are available in the Champion shop.
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Check back during the week of November 5 for another exciting announcement that will include a new Dignitas branded item for sale!