Carolyn 'artStar' Noquez is a professional gamer for Team Dignitas, an esports team owned by Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment, which also owns the Philadelphia 76ers among other teams. As a professional gamer, Carolyn has competed in tournaments across the globe including Denmark, France, China and Poland. With her team, Carolyn has earned a number of gold, silver and bronze medals in esports' premier women's tournaments. Carolyn is a partnered Twitch streamer with almost 20,000 followers. She and her team were featured in several documentaries including Morgan Spurlock's Inside Man on CNN, Tom Brady and Michael Strahan's Religion of Sports, Sports Illustrated, Player's Tribune, the Wall Street Journal, among other outlets. artStar is frequent speaker at esports events including the famed SXSW and the Biz Esports Summit.

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