League of Legends Player Manager Intern

Dignitas - (Bi-lingual in Mandarin) League of Legends Player Manager Intern 

Location: Playa Vista (Los Angeles), CA

We are looking to hire a League of Legends Player Manager Intern to assist with Dignitas’s team management. This position is uncompensated. The intern should anticipate being an understudy of Dignitas’s League of Legends Player Manager. The ideal candidate is a self-starter with a passion for esports and motivated to participate in the daily life of the competitive teams. Spoken fluency in both Mandarin and English is a must for this position.

This position will report to Dignitas’s Player Manager and General Manager.


- You will learn from Dignitas’s League of Legends Player Manager how players live and operate

- You will learn how to properly schedule and manage players’ duties and responsibilities

- You will learn how to integrate into an organization, especially around working with Dignitas’s Partnerships and Marketing divisions

- You will gain interpersonal management experience 

- You will have direct access to player scrims and practices



- Love of League of Legends and a desire to be on the frontlines of the scene

- Strong understanding of social media platforms in China, including Weibo and WeChat

- Fluency in spoken Mandarin

- Fluency in written Mandarin is beneficial as well

- Proficient working in not only autonomous capacities but also in collaborative environments

- Strong organizational skills especially with attention to detail for deadlines 

- Strong communication and interpersonal skills

- Knowledgeable about newest social media video trends and content series, especially in regards to esports teams, sports teams or influencers

- Ability to work with quick deadlines and outside of normal 9-5 hours

- Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and Mandarin



- Resume

- Respond to the following question in Mandarin in your application email: 

    • 英雄联盟中,你最喜欢的英雄是谁


APPLY: Email the preceding information to [email protected] and include "Player Manager Intern” in the subject line.



Dignitas is one of the most storied and most recognized brand names in esports.  Formed in 2003, the team has gone on to produce thirty-five world champions and eighteen world championships. Dignitas is the renowned esports franchise owned by Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment, which also includes the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers and NHL’s New Jersey Devils, the Houston Rockets and Delaware North.